Adventure Cruises

Adventure Cruises

Nowadays, cruises are not just reserved to life aboard some beautiful ship grazing across the sea. Geared to thrill seekers,

Adventure Cruises have marked a new age of cruising and travel activities. Rather than just capturing the vacation experience through a camera, Adventure Cruises allow people to physically experience and explore exotic islands, cultures, and wildlife once possible only in dreams. From snorkeling with stingrays off an island in the Bahamas, hiking in Alaska, or white-water rafting and kayaking in Mexico, Adventure Cruises have stirred sensations and memories within people that can only be attained through the spur-of-the moment, tangible experience of a lifetime.

With this in mind, Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Holland America are just some of the many cruise lines which have diversified their travel excursions, trips, and tours by incorporating Adventure Cruises. Adventure Cruise destinations range all over the world with many different ports of call. Destinations include the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, Alaska, the Caribbean coast, the Bahamas, Mexico, South America, and the Transatlantic. Adventure Cruise itineraries have become more specialized, with unique excursions geared for adult passengers and other activities suited for the kids and family.

Adventure Cruises : Carnival Cruise Lines

When it comes to Mexican bay and Caribbean Adventure Cruises, Carnival Cruise Lines provides great options. One of Carnival's most popular adventure cruises is a white-water rafting expedition in Acapulco. This exhilarating six hour trip zigs-zags down an uninhabited river in Mexico and includes a training/orientation program. The white-water rafting expedition is for ages eight and up.

If you're looking to take your exploits to the air, then swing into Carnival's Lost World Canopy Tour. After a special safety training program, tourists become aerial acrobats as they swing from platforms in the forests of Belize, walk across traverses ranging from 100 to 500 feet high in the Lost World Cave, and encounter various rock walls along the way. This fantastic adventure is intended for small kids ages eight and up.

Another popular Carnival Adventure Cruise involves a two and a half hour swim with nature's friendliest creatures, majestic dolphins, in Ixtapa. Carnival's "Adventure Alaska" program also provides a myriad of top Alaska Adventure Cruises. Popular excursions during Carnival's Adventure Alaskan cruises include canoe safaris, helicopter rides over Juneau, and humpback whale expeditions and quests.

Adventure Cruises: Holland America's Adventure Alaskan Cruises

Holland America Lines provide extensive Luxury Adventure Cruises and tours of majestic Alaska itself, from expeditions involving Denali National Park, Mount McKinley, the Inside Passage, and Glacier Park. Holland America's Alaskan Adventure Cruises range from 12-19 days. Popular excursions during these Alaskan Adventure Cruises include a dog sled adventure in Juneau, a rock climbing and rappelling escapade in Skagway, and a salmon fishing trip in Ketchikan's Knudson Cove.

Adventure Cruises: Royal Caribbean Ships

Royal Caribbean International is another major player when it comes to Adventure Cruises and shore excursions. Royal Caribbean's portfolio includes Alaska Cruises, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Bermuda. For example, Royal Caribbean Maui Adventure Cruises include four-wheel adventures inside Hawaiian rainforests and outside its waterfalls and volcanoes. Other interesting Royal Caribbean Adventure Cruises include explorations of ancient Mayan temples in the Caribbean and mountain biking treks in Bermuda.

Royal Caribbean also provides a "Young Adventurer's" program that caters to a younger audience, from as early as six months to 17 years old. These "water-themed" exploratory programs blend educational lessons with fun adventure day activities for an overall exhilarating time.

Adventure Cruises: Discounts

With destinations expanding, Adventure Cruises are fast becoming another luxury of cruising. When planning your dream adventure expedition, make sure to get as much pricing and discount information by visiting