American Cruise Line Review

American Cruise Line Review finds that small ship cruising with American Cruise Lines is unlike any experience to be found on a major cruise line. Small vessels, like American Cruise Lines, can offer more adventure, more occasions for friendship building, and more destination areas that seem virtually out of reach for larger cruise ships. That's why American Cruise Line Review suggests that you're in luck when you book a cruise on a small ship. Small ships are designed to explore the narrow waterways and hard-to-reach ports that a larger ship will never see.

American Cruise Line Review - What to Expect Onboard

American Cruise Line Review states that you should expect a refreshingly casual, liberated and unstructured atmosphere onboard. American Cruise Lines provides cruise passengers with an ambiance favorable for socialization. With only 100 passengers onboard, it will be easy to find all sorts of nooks and crannies where you can curl up with a good book such as in the library, where you can laugh with new and old friends like in one of the lounges, or sit back and observe the oceanic scenery from one of the open observation decks.

American Cruise Line Review suggests that you can also expect incomparable personal attention service from your American Cruise Lines staff. This all-American crew is gracious, respectful and enthusiastic to cater to your cruising needs.

American Cruise Line Review - Dining

Each night, highly skilled chefs treat passengers to delectable feasts, masterfully prepared with the utmost in care and quality, highlighting the flavors of the local regions. Passengers relive the day's adventures over complimentary cocktails and hors d'oeuvres before dinner. The atmosphere for dining is informal - no gowns or tuxedos, please - but do sit with whomever you like. Each table has an outside view, so take your time - meals are cooked to order and this is a great time to build new friendships.

The typical breakfast offered on your American Cruise Line adventure is assorted hot and cold cereals, an omelet, bacon, sausage, ham, pancakes, fresh melon slices, freshly baked muffins and rolls, assorted juices, and hot coffee or tea. You may snack on freshly baked cookies for an afternoon snack, each a delicious crab roll sandwich for lunch, dine on Fresh Maine Lobsters dinner, and enjoy an evening drinking at complementary cocktail hour and gobbling up hors d'oeuvres.

American Cruise Line Review - Where to Sleep

Widely hailed in the American Cruise Line Review are the spacious staterooms. All staterooms are outside accommodations, which mean you are guaranteed and grand view when you step aboard. And the staterooms are the largest in their class. Each stateroom contains a private bath and large picture windows. Some staterooms even have private balconies for supreme visions of the passing scenery. Enjoy every amenity as you travel in comfort and style with American Cruise Lines.

American Cruise Line Review - Booking Information

The American Cruise Line Review insists that you'll find great itineraries sailing for wonderful ports along the eastern seaboard. If you'd like more information about American Cruise Line itineraries or want to book a cruise, contact a friendly Cruise Network Cruise Specialist.

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