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When it comes to small-ship cruising, American Cruise Lines and its American Eagle ship soars to mind. With accommodations reserved for no more than 49 guests, the American Eagle ship offers both privacy and interaction when sailing to a variety of destinations on the East Coast of the United States of America during the year.

The American Eagle sails to Maine's coast and harbors, the New England Islands, the Hudson River, the Chesapeake Bay, the Great Rivers of Florida and the Historic Antebellum South. Other American Eagle explorations may include visits to the Mid-Atlantic Inland Passage, the East Coast Inland Passage and the bold wonders of the Okeechobee and Southern Waterways.

The American Eagle ship offers comfortable and friendly settings, which are enhanced by special naturalists and world class guides. With abundant dining space and quality staterooms that provide much more onboard intimacy and service, the American Eagle provides a grand time and an educational vacation experience of the eastern United States that is truly special and unlike any other cruise line.

American Eagle - Ship Facts

Built in 2000, the American Eagle has been providing quality vacations to America's east coast for over five years now! Cruising at a speed of 13 knots, the American Eagle ship often involves travel itineraries which can range from eight day and seven night packages to grand 15 day and fourteen night expeditions.

As a smaller vessel, the American Eagle is able to navigate narrower waters and thus, provide more intimate adventures, interactive services and top shore excursions to destinations which are not even attainable for larger cruises and vessels. Inspected by the U.S. Coast Guard after being designed by Chesapeake Shipbuilding in Maryland, the American Eagle proudly travels with the U.S. flag onboard.

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American Eagle - Itineraries and Destinations

With nine different cruises to choose from, American Cruise Lines provides some of the most extensive cruises of the Eastern United States. Most of these cruises last eight days and seven nights, with the exception of the "East Coast Inland Passage" cruise, which is designed for two weeks of luxury, fun and entertainment while sailing on the American Eagle Ship.

This unique excursion will begin in Baltimore, Maryland and then travel to Norfolk, Virginia, Wilmington, North Carolina and popular South Carolina destinations like Myrtle Beach and Charleston. Site of where Francis Scott Key wrote the "The Star-Spangled Banner," Fort McHenry is a popular Baltimore destination. On the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, Norfolk is a combination of modernity and antiquity with its modern buildings and historic, restored homes.

Like Norfolk, Wilmington is known for its classic style, with its Georgian, Victorian and antebellum-style homes. Bustling with dazzling shops and theaters on Broadway on the Beach, Myrtle Beach remains a popular family vacation destination in the summer. With its many Revolutionary War battle spots, Charleston intrigues many historians while concluding the "East Coast Inland Passage" cruise.

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American Eagle - Accommodations

The American Eagle has 31 staterooms, with some featuring private balconies. All staterooms on the American Eagle ship have an interior entrance and face outside while also containing private baths, large picture windows and a satellite television. Providing unequaled views of the Atlantic Ocean, these large picture windows are especially cherished by passengers on the American Eagle ship. Staterooms can be found on three of the ship's four decks, on the Carolina Deck, the Main Deck and the Lounge Deck, and may be accessed by the ship's elevator.

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American Eagle - Activities and Onboard Experience

The American Eagle Ship provides a nice mixture of entertainment and education aboard. After a long day of exciting shore excursions, guests are encouraged to wind down with complimentary cocktails before dinner. Guests may also meet with fellow passengers in the many comfortable lounges and recount their amazing day.

Unlike many cruise lines which feature abundant entertainment facilities like casinos and spas, the American Eagle lacks such features. Rather, American Cruise Lines understands that its small numbers of guests are more interested in learning about the cities and landmarks on the Eastern Coast. With this in mind, American Cruise Lines provides many guest lecturers, historians and naturalists to provide information and presentations on every destination. The American Eagle Ship utilizes its library, four lounges and amazing observation decks for such presentations. With a friendly, all-American crew, the American Eagle Ship provides a casual and informal atmosphere.

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American Eagle - Dining Experience

The American Eagle features diverse menus and meals which highlight the specific area of visit on the East Coast. As an example, American guests may indulge in clam chowder while in New England or crab legs and lobster while in Maine. The American Eagle Ship stresses an informal dining atmosphere in its elegant dining room. American Cruise Lines asks it guests to not wear gowns or tuxedoes while eating. With a comfortable atmosphere already established, American Cruise urges its guests to sit wherever they please because every seat in the dining room contains a wonderful outside view.

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American Eagle - Discounts

Let the American Eagle be your link to the U.S. East Coast and the birthplace of inalienable rights and many other founding principles of this great nation of ours. For free information and news on the latest discounts, deals and specials for cruises with the Eagle ship or American's other two ships, visit Cruise Network's web page at Book online.

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