Antarctica Cruises

Antarctica Cruises provide passengers with the unique chance to experience a land that, until recently, was untouched by human hands for centuries. A raw Antartic cruises land that most people will never have the opportunity to see. A harsh and wondrous land full of mystery and enchantment, that virtually can't be put into words.

Antartica cruises is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Head south to this vastly uncharted land of snow and ice, and discover for yourself the indescribable beauty that makes the Antartic cruises region so special. Antartica cruises has attracted tourists, explorers, and scientists for years, and now thanks to several of today's top cruise lines, including Holland America Cruise Line, you too can experience the undeniable beauty of this great land!

Antartica cruises allows guests to escape the ordinary and experience something truly extraordinary. Marvel at the majestic peaks atop massive Antartica cruises glaciers, or take in the calm and serenity of the icy blue water that appears to go on forever. Witness an immense variety of some of the most magnificent species of wildlife on earth on Antartic cruises. Though limited by harsh weather conditions, there are a number of species that thrive here. From penguin colonies and majestic whales, to playful fur seals and dolphins, you will see and experience things here that you will never be able to see anywhere else!

Antarctica Cruise Ships and Itineraries

Antartica cruises, the Great White Continent, is perfect for exploring from November through March (late fall to early summer), due to the extra long days of the Austral summer. The exact itineraries of Antarctica Cruises are hard to predict far in advance due to constantly changing ice and weather conditions. Some destinations that Antarctic Cruises commonly visit include: Argentina, the Drake Passage, Elephant Island, Weddell Sea, Antartic cruises Sound, Antartic cruises Peninsula, South Shetland Islands, and Cape Horn.

Though not as common as most other cruise destinations, Antartica cruises are significantly growing in popularity. Holland America's 105-day World Voyage is an Antartic cruises option that includes a stop at Palmer Station, Anvers Island, Antartic cruises.

Antarctic Cruise Reservations

Antartica cruises are strictly seasonal, so reservations should be made well in advance. Antartic cruises itineraries are also affected by the constantly changing ice and weather conditions. Due to the small and powerful nature of the icebreaking Antartic cruises ships, they cannot hold very many passengers, so space is extremely limited.

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