Bermuda Cruises

Bermuda Cruises offer passengers a chance to experience a taste of everything the quaint and colorful islands of Bermuda have to offer! Sail aboard a Bermuda cruise ship out nearly 600 nautical miles from the coast of North Carolina. The small, yet lively island of Bermuda is known for its pastel painted houses, brilliantly colored gardens, cricket matches, and charming natives. Its unique pink-sanded beaches, world-class shopping, and close proximity to the U.S. make it an ideal destination--a Bermuda cruise vacation is exciting for the whole family! Cruise Network can offer you a great Bermuda cruise discount, Celebrity Cruise Bermuda, and cruise Boston Bermuda specials. Call a Cruise Specialist who can help you choose from the following:

Bermuda Cruises - Cruise Lines

Bermuda Cruise discounts are available between the months of May and October, due to the island's relatively temperate climate. A Boston to Bermuda cruise and New York seems to be a popular choice for many people due to its high accessibility, although a Bermuda Cruise NY doesn't fall too far behind. Cruise Boston Bermuda is a great option if you want a short getaway to somewhere tropical and not too far. Cruise Bermuda at great values. You can find Bermuda Cruises from Boston, cruises to Bermuda from New York, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. For Boston to Bermuda cruise and cruises to Bermuda from New York, choose from these popular cruise lines:

Bermuda Cruises - Cruise Boston Bermuda

A Boston to Bermuda cruise may be the best vacation you ever have. Your Cruise Boston Bermuda vacation will transport you to the historic capital city of Hamilton and the quaint island of St. George. Norwegian has a great 7-day Boston to Bermuda cruise that will give you ample time to enjoy all the island has to offer. The Bermuda Cruise from Boston gives you approximately three days on the island so spice up the trip with exciting shore excursions.

Bermuda Cruises - Onboard Experience

It is guaranteed that you will be pampered with a Bermuda Cruise from Boston on the Norwegian Majesty as its Bermuda Cruise from Boston offers amazing amenities such as the Vanity Fair beauty salon, Monte Carlo casino, and the intimate Le Bistro dining room. For those who just want some relaxation, Cruise Boston Bermuda is just the vacation for you. Guests on a Bermuda Cruise from Boston can usually enjoy a relaxing day at sea. Many people cruise Bermuda for its great value. The port is so convenient that many people will cruise Boston Bermuda as an annual vacation. It's never too early to start planning that Bermuda cruise from Boston for next year. Cruise Boston Bermuda is a perfect getaway for everyone.

Bermuda Cruises - Celebrity Cruise Bermuda

Celebrity Cruise Bermuda has one of the best itineraries out there. The ports of departure for a Celebrity Cruise Bermuda are Philadelphia, PA and Bayonne, NJ, in close proximity to cruise Bermuda on a Boston to Bermuda cruise or cruises to Bermuda from New York. A Celebrity Cruise Bermuda vacation invites you to relax on pink-sand beaches meeting with turquoise blue waters, take a stroll on the cobblestone streets lined with colorful pastel-painted cottages. Try shore excursions such as snorkeling, a horse-drawn carriage tour, golfing, and more to enhance your Celebrity Cruise Bermuda. Celebrity Cruise Bermuda ships include Zenith and Horizon. You may want to book Celebrity Cruise Bermuda early for the best Bermuda cruise discount.

Bermuda Cruises - Ports of Call

Hamilton, Bermuda

Hamilton is the hub of Bermuda, serving as both its capital and commercial center. Great places to visit during vacation cruises to Bermuda include the Bermuda Cathedral, the Bermuda Historical Society Museum, and the Bermuda National Gallery, which displays works by Winslow Homer, among many others. Visit Fort Hamilton, a substantial hilltop fort with a bird's-eye view of Hamilton Harbor. It's not only an historic site but also a great place for pictures!

King's Wharf, Bermuda

Travel to hilly Ireland Island at the western tip of Bermuda, you'll find an historic port town that served as a dockyard facility and supply depot for ships heading between Nova Scotia and the British West Indies. It later served as a North Atlantic base during both World Wars but was abandoned in 1951. Since then the buildings have undergone renovation for its new life as a visitor friendly port town. The Bermuda Maritime Museum is now located there as well as an atmospheric pub, a movie theatre, a craft market and the Bermuda Snorkel Park.

St. George's, Bermuda

St. George's got its name from British Admiral, Sir George Somers, who shipwrecked near the site in 1609. St. George's went on to become a thriving British capital. Although it is no longer the capital, it holds true to British traditions like cricket matches and afternoon tea and charming colonial streets.

Bermuda Cruises - More Information on Cruises to Bermuda

Bermuda Cruises from Boston sail most commonly between the months of May-October. For the best selection of itineraries and hot Bermuda cruise discounts, be sure to book your cruise Boston Bermuda, Celebrity Cruise Bermuda, or cruises to Bermuda from New York early. A Boston to Bermuda cruise and cruises to Bermuda from New York are favorite picks because they are easy ports to reach, have great Bermuda cruise discounts, and fulfill your need for a tropical, relaxing vacation. Celebrity Cruise Bermuda, as well as Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean, are the cruise lines of choice for the ultimate cruise Bermuda vacation. For some most outstanding Bermuda Cruise Discounts, visit our Bermuda Cruise Discounts page or call and talk with one of our experienced and certified Cruise Specialists and begin your Cruise Bermuda today!

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