Caribbean Princess

People say cruise ships are practically floating cities these days and well, the Caribbean Princess cruises sure fit the bill. The Caribbean Princess Ship is the largest vessel in the Princess Fleet. With her many innovations, this ship offers everything you could imagine to find at sea while onboard Caribbean Princess Cruises. Caribbean Princess cruise reviews reveal a clipper which sails from Florida on regular trips, trolling the waters of the Eastern and Western Caribbean. A Caribbean cruise on the Princess Ship sails these crystal-clear waters year-round, looking for high times in the blue seas.

With room for as many as 3,110 passengers to travel in comfort and luxury, the Caribbean Princess cruise ship also has many new public features. There are seven bars and lounges, ten dining options, indoor and outdoor movie theatres, a gymnasium, spa, swimming pools, 9-hole putting links and two golf simulators, an art gallery, dance club, Internet Cafe and much more. A review of cabins will tell you that a Caribbean Cruise on the Princess Ship offers some of the best accommodations at sea today.

Accommodations Review

A redesigning of the Caribbean Princess cruise ship has afforded the space to create more than 900 suites with private balconies, unheard of in the cruise line industry. The Family suites on the Caribbean Princess Ship are exceptional and consist of two staterooms connected by a large living room, and sleep up to eight people during Caribbean Princess Cruises. The Grand suite has a queen-sized bed, a separate sitting room, wet bar, and a whirlpool tub. The interior double has two twin beds making a queen, refrigerator, and a private shower. The Caribbean Princess cruise ship also has mini suites with balconies, oceanview doubles, and double suites with a balcony. All staterooms have televisions and private showers for your own privacy during a Caribbean Cruise on the Princess Ship.

Dining Review

Dining options on board the Caribbean Princess cruises are so plentiful you won't have time to try them all. It all starts in the Palm, Coral, and Island Dining rooms, which offer the famous Princess Personal Choice Dining, which means you don't have to arrive at a certain time to eat. While Princess cruises Caribbean blue waters with you on deck, the Caribbean Princess cruise ship offers the options and choices you deserve while on vacation.

Twenty four-hour room service is available when you feel like staying in during Caribbean Princess Cruises. The Ultimate Balcony Dining Room, a poolside pizzeria, a burger grill, ice cream parlour, a casual bistro are all available for casual meals when you don't feel like dressing up. For a more elegant affair, the Caribbean Princess cruise ship has two up scale restaurants, Sabatini's and the Sterling Steakhouse, where guests can enjoy elegant cuisine.

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Activities Review

As the Caribbean Princess cruises the Caribbean Sea, there isn't a dull moment-that is, unless that's what you're looking for. The Caribbean Princess cruise ship has a nine-hole putting green, a golf simulator that allows you to play the great courses of the world, scuba certification classes, swimming pools, a jogging track, and a basketball and volleyball court. There is even a full-service gym and fitness program offering aerobics classes and access to personal trainers for guests on Caribbean Princess Cruises. Princess cruises Caribbean waters with your rejuvenation in mind-check out her on-board spa for facials, massage therapy, body wraps, and salon services-during your fantastic Caribbean Cruise on the Princess Ship.

Entertainment Review

As Princess cruises Caribbean waters, the stars aren't the only things shining bright at night! See a Broadway-style musical or dance act; check out a themed party like a reggae or country and western social; or lie low in one of the ship's several cozy lounges. Caribbean Princess Cruises boast an outdoor movie theatre that shows new feature films viewable from poolside. If you feel like cutting loose, there are always dancing options with various styles of music during your Caribbean Cruise on the Princess Ship.

Eastern Caribbean Princess Cruise Reviews

From Florida's exciting Space Coast, the Caribbean Princess cruise ship strikes out for three different weeklong cruise tours of the exotic ports of the Caribbean. As the Caribbean Princess Ship sails on waters in the east, you get a sense of the diversity of this region. In a sea full of beautiful waters, those around St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, with their deep indigo color lightening to a softer hue as it shallows near the beaches, are among the most striking. Small hilly islands dot the forest fringed bays, and both the waters and the forests are inviting during Caribbean Princess Cruises. You can spend the day in the waters, taking many aquatic tours, take Skyline drive across the mountains to get an extraordinary view, or enjoy the duty-free shopping in Charlotte Amalie during a Caribbean Cruise on the Princess Ship.

While the Caribbean is known for its layered cultures, St. Maarten is divided almost in half between the French and the Dutch influences. This adds depth to the food, architecture, and culture. A stop at the Butterfly Farm, where many species of beautiful and rare butterflies are raised in sculpted gardens, makes for an enchanting excursion during your Caribbean Cruise on the Princess ship.

Princess Cays Cruise Reviews

After Princess cruises Caribbean waters on a day at sea, the Caribbean Princess ship stops at a unique port of call: Princess Cays. If you're looking for a true getaway, this is it. This nearly completely undeveloped island, owned by Princess Cruises Caribbean, allows you to see what the islands around the Bahamas looked like before they were settled. Explore the island, get involved in some beach games and water sports, or snorkel around on the nearby coral reef during Caribbean Princess Cruises.

Western Caribbean Princess Cruise Reviews

Western Caribbean Princess cruises are an eight day romp between islands with diverse histories, ethnicities, and terrains. The first stop out of Ft. Lauderdale is Princess Cays, then after Princess cruises Caribbean waters on a fun-filled day at sea, she pulls into port at Montego Bay. Known locally as "Mo Bay," this spot is known for white sand beaches, light blue waters, and bright green forests rising dramatically up mountainsides. Known far and wide for its easygoing style, spicy tropical cooking and seafood, and the hot reggae rhythms, this place is rich with Jamaican culture and natural beauties.

One tour on the Caribbean Princess ship opts instead for the Jamaican port of Ocho Rios, which means eight rivers. This mountainous spot on the north part of the island boasts the breathtaking Dunn's River Falls, a cascade of water dropping six hundred feet from the mountain heights and plunging into the sea below.

Yet another fun spot during a Caribbean Cruise on the Princess Ship is the port of Grand Cayman, best known for its incredible undersea life that makes for extraordinary diving and snorkeling. Warm, gentle waters also make this a safer place for water activities. The Cayman Turtle farm is an educational stop, and a trip on Caribbean Princess ship to visit the unusual rock formations at the town of Hell shows the geological diversity of the island. Snorkeling the Stingray Sandbar is a favourite activity, and horseback riding and mountain biking give great opportunities for exploring after so much adventure on the Caribbean Princess Ship.

Just off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula lies an island paradise rich with history and beauty, Cozumel. Once belonging to the Mayan civilization, the ruins of the city of Tulum still looks out onto a broad vista of the seas. There is a fascinating labyrinth of caves worth spelunking around in, and there are sea lion and dolphin shows. For a unique experience, get into an excursion that allows you to swim with the dolphins.

How to Book a Caribbean Princess Cruise

For more information or for reservations on the Caribbean Princess Ship, give one of our certified Cruise Specialists a call today. Join the Caribbean Princess Ship on one of her memorable tours of the Caribbean.

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