Caribbean Windjammer Cruises

Caribbean Windjammer Cruises travel to one of the most popular cruising and family vacation destinations in the world. A Caribbean Windjammer Cruise usually sails with four, five or eight day itineraries to the beautiful Bahamas during the summer while also providing seven day voyages to the Caribbean in the winter. Furthermore, the S.V. Mandalay ship sets sail on a 13-day Windjammer Sailing Caribbean cruise to the Eastern Caribbean in both the winter and the spring. Besides sailing to diverse ports of call and stimulating excellent shore excursions, Caribbean Windjammer Cruises are noted for an intimate onboard experience characterized by a casual atmosphere and top dining.

Caribbean Windjammer Cruises - Bahamas

A Windjammer Sailing Caribbean cruise may embark on four, five or eight day journeys while visiting many ports of call on the way. Sailing from Miami on the S.V. Legacy ship, these Caribbean Windjammer Cruises visit such destinations as Bimini, Gun Cay, the Berry Islands, Great Abaco, Freeport and Nassau.

A favorite island of the great Ernest Hemingway, Bimini is also famous for its waters, which are excellent avenues for diving. While in Bimini, get up-close-and-personal with spotted Atlantic dolphins in the afternoon and then relax in the evening at The Complete Angler, one of Hemingway's favorite watering holes in the 1930's. The very small islet of Gun Cay provides excellent opportunities for guests on a Caribbean Windjammer Cruise to lie on the beach or hit the crystal clear waters. The Berry Islands and Sea of Abaco are also blessed with idyllic waters for guests to sail, snorkel or scuba dive in.

Located in Grand Bahama, Freeport is famous for Xanadu Beach and Silver Beach, two of the most popular beaches in the world. Guest here often parasail, windsurf and jet-ski in the nearby, crystal-clear waters. Located in New Providence, Nassau bustles with diverse marketplaces which are sure to intrigue guests on a Windjammer Sailing Caribbean cruise. Take a horse-drawn carriage past the various sights in Nassau and get a unique look of the local culture.

Built in 1959 and serving as a meteorological research vessel for the French government for a long time after that, the S.V. Legacy ship was purchased by Windjammer in 1989 and restored with custom interiors, spacious accommodations and modern navigational systems. Unlike large vessels often seen with more popular cruise lines, the S.V. Legacy ship offers more comfort, privacy and intimacy for smaller numbers of guests during a Windjammer Sailing Caribbean cruise. And with a casual and relaxed atmosphere, the S.V. Legacy makes guests feel like they are at home while sailing on a Caribbean Windjammer Cruise.

Caribbean Windjammer Cruises - Winter Caribbean Windjammer Cruise

Winter Caribbean Windjammer Cruises are typically seven-day affairs that travel on the M.V. Amazing Grace. These Caribbean Windjammer Cruises may depart from Trinidad or Tortola with a final stop in Antigua, or work in reverse order with a start in Antigua. The Caribbean Windjammer cruise from Trinidad travels to Grenada, Tobago Cays, Bequia, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Nevis and of course, Antigua. Popular excursions on this trip include a free tour of the botanical gardens in St. Vincent and a trek through the Rainforest Reserve in St. Lucia. Other popular activities on this Windjammer Sailing Caribbean cruise include strolling past the shops, restaurants and gingerbread homes of Bequia's lovely harbor and swimming to and along the coral reef in Tobago Cays.

The exceptional Windjammer Sailing Caribbean cruise from Tortola sails to Virgin Gorda, Anguilla, St. Barts, St. Kitts, Montserrat and Antigua. Popular excursions during this Caribbean Windjammer Cruise include exploring the caves of The Baths in Virgin Gorda and experiencing the French and Dutch cultures of St. Martin.

With 92 berths, the M.V. Amazing Grace offers a much smaller cruising experience. Built in 1955 in Scotland and called the PHAROS, this ship used to sail the North Sea and deliver supplies to isolated lighthouse keepers. Today, this 257-foot vessel delivers passengers on a Windjammer Sailing Caribbean cruise to exotic destinations once thought possible only in dreams.

Caribbean Windjammer Cruises - 13-Day Caribbean Windjammer Cruise

The 13-day Windjammer Sailing Caribbean cruise sets sail from Antigua on the S.V. Mandalay and include voyages to Grenada, Dominica and many of the previously mentioned destinations. While in Grenada, Windjammer Sailing Caribbean guests visit the farmer's fruit market in St. George. Guests may enjoy the diverse scenery, from lush waterfalls and wild rivers to exotic rainforests, while in Dominica during this Caribbean Windjammer Cruise, With 72 berths, the S.V. Mandalay ship takes the idea of small-ship cruising to a whole new level.

Caribbean Windjammer Cruises - Onboard Experience

Caribbean Windjammer Cruise ships request a casual and relaxed atmosphere while aboard. Guests do not have to dress up when dining and are encouraged to sit wherever they please. More importantly, Windjammer's onboard activities are centered on the main deck, where guests can even bring their bedding at night and sleep under the stars. While sailing with older vessels, Windjammer's fleet of ships often stirs feelings of adventure, romance and a connection with nature via a much smaller and intimate setting.

Caribbean Windjammer Cruises - Discounts

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