Carnival Alaska Cruises

Carnival cruises to Alaska conjure images of icy blue water, glaciers looming in the sky, and some of the most unbelievable and abundant wildlife on the planet, including whales, polar bears, caribou, and much more. There are three Carnival Alaska Cruises available each offering different itineraries and different experiences. Each Carnival cruise to Alaska gives guests the opportunity to not only see some of that wildlife, but also visit ports of call that are the perfect combination of natural beauty and man-made diversions. Carnival Alaska Cruises are adventures in many senses of the word. Alaska cruises and Carnival have something for everyone. You can do as much or as little as you want with Carnival cruise lines for Alaska.

Carnival Alaska Cruises 7-Day Glacier Northbound/Southbound

Carnival cruise lines for Alaska travel from Vancouver, B.C. to Anchorage, Alaska or vice versa. Sailing during a Carnival cruise to Alaska through the Inside Passage, the longest sheltered inland waterway in the world, you'll get a chance to stand on the deck of your Carnival cruise Alaska ship and admire the brilliant scenery along the way. Of course, you'll visit magnificent port cities and have the chance to see Alaska's nature in full bloom during Carnival cruises to Alaska.

Carnival Alaska Cruises 7-Day Glacier Bay

These Carnival Alaska cruises take much of the same route as the Northbound and Southbound, except they turn around at Juneau and head back to Vancouver, British Columbia. With ancient glaciers that seem to move and shift in the water like a cold heartbeat, and 100-million-year-old mountains that jut 15,000 feet into the sky-passengers are actually looking back in time when they enter this place. Yet there is more recent life here as well; diverse plant and animal life are part of Glacier Bay's ecosystem.

Carnival Alaska Cruises Destinations

Carnival Alaska cruises stop in some of the most exciting destinations, from small fishing villages to metropolitan cities. Vancouver is the largest city in the province of British Columbia, and is nestled along the Coastal Mountain Range and surrounded by water on three sides. During a Carnival cruise to Alaska, you will find that Vancouver has the best of natural scenery as well as lively metropolitan attractions, such as more than 190 parks and three different civic theatres.

Carnival cruises to Alaska also travel to Anchorage, the state's largest city, boasting a population of over a quarter million people. It has all the attractions any major city would have, you only have to look up to remember that this place is not like anything else on earth. With the backdrop of Mount McKinley and Denali, the Tordrillo Mountains, and the Aleutian Mountain Range, plus the fact that it sits right on the water, there is as much to do outside the bustling city as there is in, with Carnival cruise lines for Alaska.

Alaska Cruises and Carnival - Juneau

Originally a fishing community of the Tlingit Indians, Juneau was flooded by thousands of settlers during the Gold Rush in the 1880s. Today, the capital of Alaska is one of America's most beautiful cities, with scenery among the most breathtaking in the world. With Alaska cruises and Carnival, you can walk through any one of the dozens of hiking trails or visit Juneau's Alaska State Museum and its exhibits and artifacts.

Guests of Alaska cruises and Carnival can also experience the state's favorite sport - dog sledding! First, Carnival cruise lines for Alaska takes cruisers "flight seeing" via a spectacular glacier helicopter flight over a rainforest and glacier carved peaks. The flight tour for Carnival cruises to Alaska stops at the dogsled camp on Mendenhall Glacier. Relax with Alaska cruises and Carnival as you sit in a dogsled and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Or add more excitement to your Alaska cruises Carnival vacation by driving Alaskan sled dogs! Carnival cruise lines for Alaska also allow you to chat with "mushers" and take pictures with the dogs.

Carnival Cruise Lines Alaska - Ketchikan

Ketchikan is a popular destination for Carnival cruises to Alaska, along the state's famous Inside Passage.

You will not be treated like the low man on the totem pole during Carnival cruises to Alaska. Many Alaska cruises for Carnival offer a tour of Totem Bight State Historical Park, just outside of Ketchikan. The park is the site of a former native summer fish camp set along the Tongass Narrows in the Tongass National Forest.

During Carnival cruises to Alaska, learn about the site's replicas of original totem poles that have been carved and painted to reflect the rich cultures and traditions of the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian Indians. Your Carnival cruise lines Alaska driver/guide can explain the significance of the myths and legends depicted on the poles.

Carnival Cruise Lines Alaska - Other destinations

Along the northernmost point of Alaska's Inside Passage sits Skagway. Travelers on a Carnival cruise to Alaska can also charter a fishing boat or explore downtown Klondike Gold Rush National Historic District. In fact, there are many Carnival cruise Alaska tours you can join-everything from hiking, to horseback riding, to boating expeditions.

Once the commercial and cultural center of Russians in North America, Sitka's architecture rivals in beauty the natural scenery encompassing the city. St. Michael's, the first Russian Orthodox Cathedral in America, has a subtle beauty that blends right in with the canvas of mountain mist that frequently lies upon Sitka.

Carnival Alaska Cruises - Carnival Spirit Alaska Cruise

Alaska cruises Carnival-style aboard Carnival Spirit give passengers a thrilling opportunity to explore the Northwest Territories. The 88,500-ton Carnival Alaskacruises vessel has been cruising in and around the Pacific waters for years. Although over 2,000 guests can sail her at one time, there is plenty of space to whale watch from the deck of the Carnival cruise Alaska ship. Onboard features include the Louis XIV Casino, the show-stopping Pharaoh's Lounge, the elegant Empire Restaurant, and much more.

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