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An Alabama cruise from Mobile aboard a spectacular Carnival Cruise ship will take you sailing across the glistening waters of the Gulf of Mexico to the gorgeous Western Caribbean, and give you the opportunity to see and experience some of the most beautiful, exciting, and fascinating destinations in the world!

Step aboard your Carnival Alabama cruise "Fun Ship" and set sail towards the vibrant white-sand beaches and lush tropical vistas of Mexico. From breathtaking destinations like Calica/Playa del Carmen, Costa Maya, Cozumel and beyond, on a Carnival Mobile Alabama cruise, you'll get to take in all the stunning natural scenery, captivating cultures, exhilarating activities and endless Caribbean sunshine that each of these incredible places has to offer!

Carnival Alabama Cruise from Mobile - Destinations


Just about all Carnival Alabama cruises will take you to the Mexican island paradise of Cozumel. Cozumel is one of the cultural epicenters of Mexico, populated with an estimated 90,000 inhabitants. When you arrive in Cozumel, an onslaught of retailers is waiting to try and sell you their precious goods. You will also be met by vendors offering you the chance to do all sorts of exciting activities while on the island.

Your options for fun and exhilarating adventure while in Cozumel on your Carnival Mobile cruise are virtually endless! You could go snorkeling or scuba diving to explore a colorful coral reef. You could go parasailing. You could even view the thousands of tropical fish that call the nearby reefs home from a glass bottomed boat. And this is all found within a few feet of each other! There's also endless shopping, great restaurants and miles and miles of gorgeous white-sand beaches to explore!

Calica /Play del Carmen Mexico

A Carnival cruise from Mobile Alabama will also most likely take you to the thriving port city of Playa del Carmen, Calica. The relatively small port, which can accommodate no more than two cruise ships at a time, is approximately six kilometers south of the actual city of Playa del Carmen. Think of Playa del Carmen as a modern city. It is a place full of an endless array of restaurants and shopping markets to buy beautiful Mexican jewelry and clothing. And there are several Internet café and phone booths at every corner!

Playa, as Playa del Carmen is affectionately called, means beach. This is certainly a beach town. There are big and beautiful white-sand beaches bustling with loads of tourists. And what's a beach town without its many bars. The more famous bars are the in Albatross and Limon's.

Costa Maya

The frequent Carnival Alabama cruise destination of Costa Maya is certain to take your breath away with its positively stunning natural beauty! Costa Maya spans from Tulum, Mexico to the shoreline of Belize. Costa Maya has a landscape perfect for 4-wheel vehicles and hiking excursions. It is great for fishing in its charming, tiny villages.

When you're in Costa Maya while on your Carnival Mobile Alabama cruise, 'Laguna de Siete Colores' (The lake of seven colors) is definitely worth a visit! Rumor has it that seven different colors appear throughout the lake. The water is warm, which means you can slip off your shoes and slip your feet right into the lake. In addition, there are numerous spectacular sights to view, such as the rock formations jutting out of the water, and many gorgeous tropical birds!

Carnival Alabama Cruise from Mobile - Ships

There are numerous incredible 4 and 5 night Mobile Alabama cruise itineraries currently being offered aboard magnificent Carnival cruise ships including the Carnival Fantasy, Elation and Holiday, all sailing to the fantastic Western Caribbean Carnival Alabama cruise destinations mentioned above!

From first-class accommodations and delectable dining options to rousing onboard activities, a rejuvenating spa and salon, expansive pool deck, casino, fitness center, exciting live onboard entertainment and so much more, there's truly something for every one to enjoy aboard every Carnival cruise ship. Getting to your Alabama cruise destinations will be half the fun!

Carnival Alabama Cruise from Mobile - How to Book

There is still space available aboard a number of spectacular Carnival cruises from Mobile Alabama! Here at Cruise Network, we are proud to offer an extensive range of unbeatable cruise specials, including amazing deals available now for several incredible Carnival Alabama cruises from Mobile!

Book your thrilling Carnival Cruise from Mobile Alabama today before these deals are gone, and prepare yourself for the vacation experience of a lifetime!

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