Carnival Legend Cruise Ship

The Carnival Legend cruise ship is in a class all its own. One of the fastest cruise liners on the water (22 knots), this magnificent sailing vessel has the ability to compress long 10+ day journeys to exotic Caribbean locations into 8-day tours. This offers a variety of flexibility in traveling options to some of the most exotic places such at Belize, Barbados, Cozumel, and the Virgin Islands. On top of that, these Carnival Cruise lines Legend cruises offer premium cordial service, commodious accommodations, and a matchless atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. Step aboard this magnificent vessel today, and see what a true "legend" it is.

Carnival Legend Cruise Ship - Statistics

Total Staterooms: 1,062
Private Balcony Staterooms: 750
Decks: 12
Passenger capacity: 2,124
Total crew: 930
Officers nationality: Italian
Tonnage: 88,500
Ship length: 963 Ft
Registry: Panama

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Carnival Legend Cruise Ship - Destinations and Itineraries

If you want to see crystal-clear waters, walk across a sandy beach, and experience vibrant new cultures, then hop onboard the Carnival Cruise lines Legend. The Carnival Cruise Legend ship has perhaps the most extensive itineraries to the lush, exotic Caribbean, as well as selected trips to Bermuda. So whether you want to explore the colorful hues of the Palacar Reef near Cozumel, the hustle and bustle of the culturally diverse and cosmopolitan San Juan, the unspoiled beauty of Virga Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, the unique , dress shirt, tie, and Bermuda short, combination of Hamilton, or the authentic French Creole cuisine in Martinique, the Carnival Legend cruise ship can offer you an exciting journey to discovery.

Carnival Legend Cruise Ship - Eastern Caribbean
The Carnival Legend cruise ship sails on a series of eight-day round-trip Eastern Caribbean tours from New York City from April through October of each year. These cruises call at such ports as San Juan, Puerto Rico; St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands; and, Tortola, The British Virgin Islands.

Now you can experience many of the beautiful, unspoiled sights of this subtropical area. Visit the rich fertile El Yunque rain forest of Puerto Rico; take a pleasant night horseback ride near the shores of San Juan; snorkel around the reefs of the famous Buck Island in the U. S. Virgin Islands; witness the mesmerizing Baths city of stone in Virga Gorda, The British Virgin Islands; whatever your destination may be in the Eastern Caribbean, be assured that the Carnival Liberty will let you see some of the best the islands have to offer.

Carnival Legend Cruise Ship - Southern Caribbean
Another very popular destination aboard the Carnival Cruise Lines Legend is the Southern Caribbean. Cascading over South America, the islands in these waters have all the necessities: gleaming turquoise waters, lush, green tropical forests, and a mish-mash of Amerindian, African, Hispanic, American, Spanish, and French cultures.

The Carnival Cruise Lines Legend cruises on a several eight-day round trips to the Southern Caribbean from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida from January to April and October to December of each year. The ship calls at St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles; Bridgetown, Barbados; and, Martinique, The French West Indies. This is a great way to experience such Southern Caribbean wonders as St. Maarten's unique butterfly farms, the wild beach Carnival of Barbados, or the French chic of Martinique. You'll experience a visual swirl of tropical fun, exotic culture, and an amiable atmosphere aboard Carnival Liberty's Southern Caribbean cruises.

Carnival Legend 7-Day Southern Caribbean Cruise

Mon Ft Lauderdale (Pt Evrglds), FL 4:00pm --
Thu St. Maarten, NA 7:00am 4:00pm
Fri Barbados 12:00pm 10:00pm
Sat Martinique, FWI 7:00am 2:00pm
Tue Ft Lauderdale (Pt Evrglds), FL 8:00am --

Carnival Legend Cruise Ship - Western Caribbean
Take a few photos when the Carnival Cruise Lines Legend travels to the Western Caribbean, and you will be amazed at what your eyes see. The Western Caribbean has been the perhaps the top tourist destination in recent years, and it's easy to see why. A virtual eddy of tropical warmth, friendly people, lavish resorts, and rich culture, this destination is certainly a welcomed escape from taxing daily rigors. The Carnival Cruise Lines Legend embarks on eight-day round-trip tours every other Saturday from January to April, and once in October and November.

The ship calls at Colon, Panama; Puerto Limon, Costa Rica; and, Belize City, Belize. So experience something distinctly Central American, such as witnessing the awe-inspiring manmade wonder of the Panama Canal, traveling through the world famous Costa Rican coffee plantations, and visiting the ancient and mysterious Mayan ruins of Altun Ha in Belize. A Western Caribbean tour aboard the Carnival Cruise Lines Legend is sure to stir vivid images that will last for a lifetime.

Take a look at the following example of a Western Caribbean itinerary with Carnival Legend and see if it's what you're looking for.

Carnival Legend 7-Day Western Caribbean Cruise

Tue Ft Lauderdale (Pt Evrglds), FL 4:00pm --
Fri Colon, Panama 7:00am 5:00pm
Sat Limon, Costa Rica 7:00am 3:00pm
Mon Belize 7:00am 4:00pm
Wed Ft Lauderdale (Pt Evrglds), FL 8:00am --

Carnival Legend Cruise Ship - Cruise to Nowhere
Finally, there is the pleasant "Cruise to Nowhere" which departs once a year from New York City. A 'Cruise to Nowhere' is a term in the cruise industry that refers to any journey the does not travel to a specific destination. Rather, the ship will sail out into the water for a couple of days and then back to port. This type of cruise is popular among vacationers who want a simple weekend getaway and expect the luxury-level amenities of a cruise ship. Those who want a Carnival last minute cruise on the Legend will also find this a convenient option because of its short duration. The Carnival Cruise Line Legend departs on this 2-day cruise on October of every year.

It's obvious that a journey aboard the Carnival Legend will take you to some of the most brilliant destination on this planet. From rich Central American cultures, to clever Bermudian colonial charm, there's a never-ending amount of wonderful places you can see aboard a Legend cruise. Come aboard today and experience the magic and myth of this veritable "legend" of the waters.

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Carnival Legend Cruise Ship - Onboard Accommodations

The Carnival Legend reviews can't be wrong - these accommodations are possibly the best in the business! Each cabin has an average area that's nearly twice the size of the average for the competitors, so you'll know you will have comfortable and spacious living quarters.

Each cabin also has the all the amenities, including carpeting, a color television, a telephone, and ample closet space. A majority of these staterooms also have windows with an ocean-side view, giving you a striking view of the sunrise if you make it up in the morning.

If you're thinking about upgrading to a deluxe stateroom or suite, be prepared for even more spacing and a private viewing balcony. Even if you book a Carnival last minute cruise on the Legend, you can be assured you'll still find comfortable living quarters. You're sure to be pleased by the Carnival Legend's ample accommodations.

Spirit Class Suite

Carnival Legend - Suite
These extra-large accommodations have a separate sitting area and a private balcony. Special features include a large vanity/dressing table, refrigerator and entertainment area, VCR, whirlpool bath and walk-in closet. There's a spacious balcony that's ideal for sunrises and sunsets.

Spirit Class Balcony

Carnival Legend - Balcony Stateroom
The Balcony Stateroom has plush carpeting, lots of drawer and closet space, private facilities (shower, basin and toilet), telephone, and color television showing first-run films. Of course, it will be hard to find a drama on TV that's as compelling as the view from your balcony!

Spirit Class Ocean View

Carnival Legend - Oceanview Stateroom
All staterooms have carpeting, ample drawer and closet space, private facilities (shower, basin and toilet), telephone and color television showing first-run films. Carnival Cruises' SuperLiners all feature staterooms above ocean level for a more comfortable cruise.

Carnival Legend - Inside Stateroom
Two twin beds that can be combined into a queen, carpeting, ample drawer and closet space, private facilities, a telephone and a color television showing first-run films'in fact, besides a window, there isn't much that the Inside Stateroom doesn't have!

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Carnival Legend Cruise Ship - Onboard Activities & Entertainment

They don't call the Carnival Legend a "FunShip" for nothing. Crammed full of exhilarating Carnival Legend activities for all age ranges, the Carnival Legend is almost a floating resort.

Carnival Legend - Mind, Body, and Lots of Fun
Guests can take advantages of a number of exciting and enriching Carnival Legend activities on board, such as breaking a sweat at the Fun Ship Fitness Center, abundant with the latest and most high-tech aerobic training and weight-training equipment.

Take a dip in Camelot Pool, Avalon Pool, and Unicorn Pool (slide down the exciting 115-ft slide if you're feeling young at heart). Relax at the acclaimed Spa Carnival, where they can get an enriching and rejuvenating treatment for their body and soul. You'll never have a lackluster moment aboard the Carnival Legend.

Of course, you can just find a quiet spot in the shade in Holmes Library; crack open a good book and escape into another world for a while.

Carnival Legend - Nightlife and Entertainment
No matter what you do, your nights are bound to be eventful aboard the Carnival Legend. There are several night options to keep the fun going even as the sun goes down. Packed with 16 bars and lounges, and a larger than life casino, every single one of your entertainment needs are certain to be met.

The Medusa's Lair dance club offers a playful twist on the mythological legend of the mysterious gorgon Medusa. The poignant Russian folktale of a talented seamstress from a small village who is turned into a bird by an evil sorcerer is the inspiration for the Firebird Lounge. See if your friends will talk you into karaoke in the Cabaret Lounge.

Catch a spectacular musical at the 1167-capacity Follies Showlounge; put down a few drinks and catch a game at the Dream Team Bar; sing along to some of your favorite tunes at Billie's Piano Bar; and, continue the merriment late into the night at Satchmo's Club, named after Louis Armstrong. Try your luck at Club Merlin casino where you can see if you have the magic touch at poker, blackjack, roulette, or the $1,000,000 slots.

Carnival Legend - Camp Carnival
There's plenty of fun for teens and children too. There's a wide variety of enriching and stimulating Carnival Legend activities that will make sure the kids enjoy their Carnival Legend experience. Teens can join in a variety of social programs at Carnival's Club O2, which includes anything from physical Carnival Legend activities such as basketball, volleyball, and ping-pong to exciting fully-chaperoned parties at the nightclub and pool.

Younger kids can also entertain themselves with stations that provide computer and videogame access, board games, a talent show, trivia matches, and even Karaoke. Each Carnival cruise ship also has a fully-functional day care center to take care of your toddlers. All of the staff are highly trained and experienced in child-care, so you can rest assured that your child will be in good hands. Even if you're booking a Carnival last minute cruise on the Legend, you don't have worry about your kids having fun because there's no doubt that your entire family will enjoy the benefit of a Carnival cruise!

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Carnival Legend Cruise Ship - Dining

Read any Carnival Legend cruise review, and you will see that Carnival Legend cruise ship menus are some of the finest in the sea. The Carnival Legend's highly trained chefs will provide you with some of the best dining you might ever have.

You can try their traditional dining options and saturate your taste buds with the finest flavors at the first-class Truffles Restaurant, the exclusive Golden Fleece, or the casual Unicorn Cafe

You could also try Carnival's signature Total Choice Dining option, where you can eat what you want, where you want, and in whatever you want. Total Choice Dining gives you the option of eating in informal attire at a variety of locations, such as sushi bars, European-style bistros, ice cream parlors, and even 24-hour pizzerias. The staff at Carnival Legend is sure that your dining experience aboard will be a delectable treat.

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Carnival Legend Cruise Ship - Cruise Reservations

A trip aboard the Carnival Legend can truly be a grand occurrence. This vessel sails to some of the more serene, picturesque locations in the Caribbean and Bermuda, all while providing the finest quality in service and accommodation. Now, that's something that's distinctly Carnival.

To learn more about the Carnival Legend, or any other Carnival ships and destinations, please call one of's friendly and experienced cruise specialists. They can answer any of your questions, and guide you into booking the right reservation, even if you want to book a Carnival last minute cruise on the Legend. Come aboard today and take part in a "legendary" Carnival experience.

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