Celebrity Cruise Europe

Celebrity Cruise Europe

A Celebrity Cruise to Europe may travel to popular destinations in England, Norway, Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland and Germany. In fact, Celebrity Cruises offer a variety of European trips with different motivations spelled out in the name of the cruise. A Celebrity Europe Cruise varies in terms of the length of its travel itineraries, with some vacations lasting as short as seven days to other voyages enduring anywhere from 10 to 14 days! Regardless of length, a Celebrity Cruise to Europe most often combines these top destinations in beautiful cities like Paris and London with exhilarating shore excursions for a special Mediterranean experience unlike the rest.

Along with the Caribbean, Europe is a popular travel destination for Celebrity and other cruise lines. Once you consider an on-board environment which features exquisite dining restaurants, diverse entertainment facilities and gracious service accommodations on the Celebrity line of ships, it is no wonder why a Celebrity Europe Cruise would be even more appealing. Most often, a Celebrity Europe Cruise results in an ultimate family vacation and group outing that will stand out in time!

Celebrity Cruise Europe - 13-Night Best of Europe Cruise

The 13-night Best of Europe Cruise provides a great example of what to expect during a Celebrity Cruise to Europe. This cruise sets sail on the Century ship with a departure port from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. This Celebrity Europe Cruise then visits Brussels, Belgium, Paris, France, Vigo, Spain, Lisbon, Portugal, Gibraltar in the United Kingdom, Malaga, Spain, Rome, Italy and Nice, France. This Celebrity Cruise to Europe then wraps up in Barcelona. A scheduled date for this European cruise is geared for early September 2009.

This 13-night cruise offers great excursions in these most popular European destinations. While in Brussels, head to the Brewery Museum to sample some of the finest Belgium beer. Explore the beaches of Normandy and the Versailles Palace and Gardens while in France or just take a romantic sightseeing lunch tour in mesmerizing Paris. Take a bicycle expedition through the quaint and historic town of Sintra while in Lisbon or examine the 1400 foot Rock of Gibraltar when in Gibraltar, which is the only link between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Roam through Renaissance Rome via a special walking tour or just marvel at this city's historical, architectural and artistic culture. Make nice in Nice by visiting its pristine beaches, which are a hot spot for the rich and famous.

As stated earlier, this Celebrity Europe Cruise takes place on the Century ship, which can accommodate over 1700 guests. This 815 foot vessel was first inaugurated on December 20, 1995. Furthermore, the Century can move at a speed of 21.5 knots. Noted for its dazzling floor-to-ceiling windows and sweeping staircases, the Century also houses its own online Internet stations and Aquaspa'. In terms of staterooms, the Century contains suites, verandas, ocean views and inside cabins. A Celebrity Europe Cruise on the Century is also characterized by exquisite dining, with the elegant two-story dining room, the Grand Restaurant, serving as a nice example.

Celebrity Cruise Europe - 14-Night Scandinavia and Russia Cruise

The 14-night Scandinavia and Russia cruise is one of Celebrity's more interesting European cruises. Sailing with the Constellation ship from Dover in England, this cruise visits ports of call in Oslo, Norway, Stockholm, Sweden, Helsinki, Finland, St. Petersburg, Russia and Tallinn, Estonia before spending a day at sea. This Celebrity Europe Cruise then picks up and sails to Warnemunde, Germany, Copenhagen, Denmark and Helsingborg, Sweden before cruising back to Dover. This Celebrity Cruise to Europe is scheduled to set sail in late May of 2006 with some popular excursions in mind.

Visit the White Cliffs of Dover and the Dover Castle while in this passageway to London and then go hiking in the Nordmarka Forest in Oslo a few days later. Check out one of the 80-plus museums in Stockholm and then hike or bike the Finnish countryside while in Helsinki. Explore the vast palaces and cultural arts scene while in St. Petersburg and then observe the medieval architecture of Tallinn, a city which is in the process of transforming into a successful Western economy. Catch a ride to Berlin while in Warnemunde or just cast out your lines in this small fishing village. Experience the big-city and small town aspects of Copenhagen during a walking tour and be amazed by the hospitality of the Danes.

This Celebrity Europe Cruise sails on the Constellation ship, which can accommodate over 2,000 people. First inaugurated on May 12, 2002, this 965 foot vessel features its own conservatory, specialized library, internet stations and Aquaspa'. And with the Ocean Liners Restaurant on-board, this ship which can move at a speed of 24 knots guarantees a deluxe dining experience.

Celebrity Cruise Europe - Mediterranean Cruises

The Mediterranean remains a popular option for a Celebrity Europe Cruise with itineraries lasting anywhere from 10 to 14 nights. These Celebrity Cruises include separate voyages to the Black Sea and the Eastern and Classical Mediterranean. With this in mind, the 12-night Classical Mediterranean cruise provides a nice example of what to expect with this line when cruising to this magnificent region of great mysticism, romance and history.

Sailing from Barcelona, Spain on the Millennium ship, this cruise travels to Nice, France, Florence, Rome and Naples, Italy, Santorini and Athens Greece before spending a day at sea. This cruise then visits Dubrovnik, Croatia and wraps up in Venice, Italy. As the name of this cruise suggests, these visited destinations are often what comes to mind when one thinks of adventures in Europe.

Take a tapas testing tour while in Barcelona and then board up on the Millennium as you prepare to sail to France and Italy. While in Rome, visit the famous Basilica of St. Peter or take a walk past Renaissance artifacts in this city. Examine Corinthian, Hellenistic and Minoan architecture like the Acropolis, the Parthenon and the Temple of Olympian Zeus while in Athens and further explore such antiquity in Dubrovnik. Comprised of 120 islands in the Adriatic Sea, Venice is best experienced via a romantic gondola ride.