Celebrity Cruise Panama Canal

Celebrity Cruise Panama Canal

A Celebrity Cruise of the Panama Canal offers itineraries lasting anywhere from 11-16 nights in length. A Panama Canal Celebrity Cruise visits popular ports of call in destinations like Aruba, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Curacao. Frequent departure ports for a Panama Canal Celebrity Cruise may include Galveston, Texas, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, California and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Besides offering flexible travel itineraries with diverse shore excursions throughout the day, a Celebrity Cruise of the Panama Canal is noted for an incredible experience on-board the Mercury, Summit or Galaxy ships. This ultimate line of ships prioritizes exquisite dining venues, excellent entertainment facilities and gracious service accommodations during Panama Canal cruises.

From cruising through one of the Gatun Locks to crossing the Continental Divide, a Celebrity Cruise of the Panama Canal explores this amazing passageway and its surrounding regions unlike other cruise lines. From the days of Magellan, the Panama Canal has intrigued. Satisfy your curiosity by taking a Panama Canal Celebrity Cruise during your next family vacation, group outing or solo excursion. Just as the Panama Canal revolutionized life and world trading in the Western Hemisphere, a Panama Canal Celebrity Cruise will also produce a most memorable, incredible and revolutionary vacation time for its guests.

Celebrity Cruise Panama Canal - Review of the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is a 51 mile (82 km) canal which cuts through the Isthmus of Panama and connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean in Central America. While it is speculated that the groundwork for building the Canal began in the 1500s, the Panama Canal was not officially opened until August 15, 1914. Not only does the Panama Canal save some 18,000 miles at sea from a trip to San Francisco to New York, but it also affords ships the luxury of not having to sail the dangerous route between the Drake Passage and Cape Horn in South America. Servicing over 12,000 ships per year, the Panama Canal has seen an approximate 800,000 ships pass through it since its completion.

Celebrity Cruise Panama Canal - 14 Night Eastbound Panama Canal Cruise

A popular Panama Canal Celebrity Cruise includes the 14 night eastbound trip that departs from Los Angeles. This Panama Canal Celebrity Cruise travels to Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco and Huatulco, Mexico before visiting Puntarenas, Costa Rica and then cruising the Panama Canal. From here, this cruise visits Panama's Cristobal Pier and Oranjestad, Aruba before wrapping up in Fort Lauderdale. With this in mind, a Celebrity Cruise to the Panama Canal is characterized by fantastic shore excursions. Here is a sampling of what lies ahead of you during a sensational Panama Canal Celebrity Cruise.

While cruising the Canal, immerse yourself in a Gatun Lake kayak and eco adventure or just go fishing at this lake. Or take part in a monkey watch, a cool excursion indeed. After a 30-minute speedboat ride on the Canal, this excursion slows down and takes guests through the jungle-covered islands of Lake Gatun, where capuchin and howler monkeys roam in the wild. Or spend your time on a 5- hour rail road journey to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and take in some inspiration scenery.

This Panama Canal Celebrity Cruise will also visit Cabo San Lucas. Once a small fishing town, Cabo San Lucas has grown into a popular resort and hangout. Over the years, many photographers have travelled here to take pictures of Cabo's unique rock formations on the coasts. This unparalleled country side is also marked by hidden coves and rolling sand dunes, which can be explored via excursions.

With plenty of luxury resort hotels and beaches, Acapulco continues to be one of the most visited places in Mexico during a Panama Canal Celebrity Cruise. Acapulco's thrilling demeanor is defined by the cliff diving at La Quebrada. Thrill seekers here captivate onlookers below by diving from this steep formation into small coves.

Located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Puntarenas is an excellent surfing spot. While here, grab your long boards and take advantage of the challenging and inviting waters. Located in the Caribbean Sea, Oranjestad is a great place for water adventures. Go jet-skiing or parasailing in the Caribbean Sea or explore sunken treasure ships while scuba diving in these waters.

The 14-night Panama Canal Celebrity Cruise has been offered in the past during the month of November.

Celebrity Cruise Panama Canal - 16-Night Westbound Panama Canal Cruise

Departing from Fort Lauderdale, this Panama Canal Celebrity Cruise visits many of the same destinations as the 14-night eastbound trip. However, this Celebrity Cruise to the Panama Canal also visits Willemstad, Curacao and Fuerte Amador, Panama. This Panama Canal Celebrity Cruise sets sail in December of 2006 via the Mercury ship.

Once strictly used for military purposes, the island of Fuerte Amador is now used by cruise travellers and passengers. Popular excursions here include night tours of the Panama Canal and Panama City. Boasting many open-air markets, Willemstad is also home of one of the world's largest ostrich farms. Popular excursions here include a Curacao mountain bike adventure and an animal encounter scuba adventure.

Celebrity Cruise Panama Canal - Ships

A Celebrity Cruise to the Panama Canal sets sail on the Mercury, Summit or Galaxy ships. With accommodations for over 1800 guests, the Galaxy is also can cruise at a speed of 21.5 knots. The 866-foot Mercury can also accommodate similar numbers while possessing several unique features, such as the Manhattan Restaurant and the Navigator Club, where visitors can take ballroom dancing classes. Accommodating over 2000 guest, the Summit is appropriately named. This 965 foot vessel houses its own conservatory while also serving some of the finest food around at the Normandie Restaurant.

In addition to offering many entertainment and dining options, these ships provide a variety of staterooms, from suites and verandas to ocean view rooms and inside cabins. Simply stated, a Celebrity Cruise to the Panama Canal is an incredible experience featuring a family-friendly environment and pleasant service.

Celebrity Cruise Panama Canal - Discounts

For more information on the latest discounts, deals and prices on a Panama Canal Celebrity Cruise or cruises to the nearby Caribbean and Bahamas, visit www.CruiseNetwork.com. Book online or call to speak with an experienced Cruise Specialist.

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