Celebrity Repositioning Cruises

Celebrity Cruises repositioning itineraries occur as the weather changes. That is, the winter itineraries that have been sailing the bright blue Caribbean waters hunt for cool Alaskan waters in the summer. The beauty of Celebrity Repositioning Cruises is that they offer passengers the chance to sail in a new seasonal direction that is only offered a few times a year.

Celebrity Repositioning Cruises-Why a Repositioning Cruise?

Perhaps you have been working too hard and it seems to have drained you of your energy. When this happens, it probably means that your body is screaming at you trying to get you to recognize that you're in emergent need of relaxation. The good news is Celebrity Repositioning cruises provide you with all the relaxation you'll ever need.

Most of the time Celebrity Repositioning Cruises depart from a Floridian port and cruises to Europe, or departs through the Panama Canal to USA's western coast or Hawaii before making its way to Alaska. Most of these cruises feature Celebrity Cruises Repositioning Itineraries that are lengthier than your average cruise vacation with fewer ports of call. Thus, cruisegoers will find that Celebrity Repositioning Cruises the onboard activities are the cruise travelers' major source of entertainment. The good news: Celebrity Repositioning Cruises enhance their ship's onboard activities to make up for the lack of ports.

Celebrity Repositioning Cruises'Ship Itinerary

Celebrity Cruises Repositioning Itineraries include a 13 Night Repositioning cruise aboard the Celebrity Zenith. It starts out in Florida's Cape Liberty Cruise Port and makes stops in Miami, Oranjestad, Willemstad, Montego Bay, Key West and Tampa.

Celebrity Repositioning Cruises'Some Destinations

Miami is still pretty much the resort - town that it is famous for. With golden beaches such as South Beach and sapphire waters steadily attracting tourists each year, Miami is a hotbed of excitement that should definitely not to be overlooked on a cruise vacation. Add in the spicy flavors of American, Latin and Caribbean cultures and you've got yourself one seriously perfect Celebrity Cruises Repositioning Itineraries destination.

Montego Bay
Montego Bay is located on the northwest coast of Jamaica and is the second largest city in Jamaica. Jamaica has a thriving port, beautiful Georgian architecture and breathtaking beaches. All of which have helped Jamaica to earn its place as one of the best Celebrity Cruises Repositioning Itineraries destinations, as well as one of the most popular vacation destinations in the entire Caribbean.

Montego Bay is populated with busy craft markets where street merchants trade their goods and happily bargain with tourists. And right outside Montego Bay rest a number of impressive plantations and beautiful homes. Most cruise vacationers travel around these sites to see where Jamaica's large landholders generated their sugar.

Key West
The Celebrity Cruises Repositioning Itineraries destination Key West is a serene blend of indigo waters skimming flaxen-colored beaches and verdant landscapes. Key West is home to several interesting attractions. One notable attraction is Duval Street, which features popular dining establishments such as "Sloppy Joes" and "Hogs Breath Salon," and "Capt. Tony's Saloon," which was once a favorite neighborhood establishment of Ernest Hemingway.

Ernest Hemingway's home is also a main attraction of a Celebrity Cruises Repositioning Itineraries Key West destination. And daily sight-seeing tours are available for the Hemingway House. Another excellent attraction in Key West is the Key West Aquarium. The 50,000-gallon Atlantic shore Exhibit offers you hands-on experiences with aquatic animals like petting a shark. The Aquarium also provides guided tours to reveal all the mysteries of the water flowing through the Florida Keys.

Celebrity Repositioning Cruises -How to Book

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