Celebrity Transatlantic Cruise

A Celebrity Transatlantic Cruise most often sails the Atlantic Ocean with travel itineraries lasting anywhere from eight to 16 nights. A Transatlantic Cruise with Celebrity may depart from a port of call in the United States of America or Europe. Common American departure ports for Celebrity Transatlantic Cruises include Galveston, Texas, Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the Cape Liberty Cruise Port in New Jersey. Common European departure ports for Celebrity Transatlantic Cruises include Barcelona, Spain, Dover, England and Rome, Italy. As an example, a Celebrity Transatlantic Cruise to Halifax visits destinations in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Scotland, Ireland, England, and Newfoundland.

Besides offering a wonderful travel experience featuring incredible destinations and exhilarating shore excursions, a Transatlantic Cruise with Celebrity is further enhanced by an excellent onboard time via some of the finest luxury ships in the cruise line industry. Featuring elegant dining restaurants, diverse entertainment activities and gracious service accommodations, Celebrity's line of ships often translate into the most memorable family vacations, group outings or solo expeditions. Whether it's sailing on the Century, Galaxy, Millennium or Constellation ships, a Celebrity Transatlantic Cruise will make your European fantasies come true.

Celebrity Transatlantic Cruise - Eight Night Celebrity Transatlantic Cruises

The eight night eastbound vacation provides a great example of a more standard Transatlantic Cruise with Celebrity. Sailing on the Constellation ship from the Cape Liberty Cruise Port in New Jersey, this Celebrity Transatlantic Cruise includes six days at sea before visiting Le Havre and Paris, France and Dover England.

Located at the mouth of the Seine River, Le Havre displays beauty which is similar to its neighbor, Paris. Visit the Eiffel Tower or take a romantic stroll along the Champs Elysees while in Paris via Celebrity Transatlantic Cruises. As for Dover, this popular English city is located on the coast of the English Channel. Dover is famous for the White Cliffs of Dover and the Dover Castle, two popular sites during Celebrity Transatlantic Cruises.

In the past, eight-night Celebrity Transatlantic Cruises have sailed on the Constellation, a vessel which can accommodate over 2,000 people. Cruising at a maximum speed of 24 knots, this 965-foot ship travels the sea with great motivation while establishing a comfortable and leisurely pace.

Celebrity Transatlantic Cruise - Celebrity Transatlantic Cruise to Halifax

A Celebrity Transatlantic Cruise to Halifax is incorporated in a 15-night westbound cruise aboard the Constellation ship. After departing from Dover, this Celebrity Transatlantic Cruise to Halifax travels to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Brussels, Belgium, Paris, France, Glasgow, Scotland and Dublin and Cork, Ireland. After a visit to St. John's, Newfoundland, this Celebrity Transatlantic Cruise to Halifax visits this desired destination in Nova Scotia. After a great time in Halifax, this Transatlantic Cruise with Celebrity winds down by traveling to the Cape Liberty Cruise Port in New Jersey.

A Celebrity Transatlantic Cruise to Halifax bustles with some exciting excursions and activities. For example, downtown Halifax booms with art galleries, museums, nightclubs, cafes and historic churches. A Celebrity Transatlantic Cruise to Halifax also provides guests with an opportunity to enjoy the sandy beaches and rugged shorelines of this municipality of Canada. Passengers on a Celebrity Transatlantic Cruise to Halifax can kayak in the Atlantic Ocean or beachcomb for treasures in the sea. For those guests more geared to the land, these people can enjoy some fine dining and culture in Halifax's diverse downtown setting via this Transatlantic Cruise with Celebrity.

Celebrity Transatlantic Cruise - 16-Night Celebrity Transatlantic Cruises

16-night Celebrity Transatlantic Cruises travel to some unique destinations. Setting sail aboard the Galaxy from a departure port in Galveston, this Transatlantic Cruise with Celebrity has visited Key West, Florida, Nassau in the Bahamas, Ponta Delgada, Azores and Lisbon, Portugal. This Transatlantic Cruise with Celebrity then visits Palma De Mallorca, Spain before wrapping up in Rome.

With accommodations for just under 1900 people, the Galaxy provides an incredible onboard experience during Celebrity Transatlantic Cruises. Inaugurated on December 21, 1996, this 866-foot vessel contains such unique feature's as Michael's Club, an Aquaspa' and the Orion Restaurant, which serves up award-winning cuisine while providing an intimate dining setting with ocean views, flowers and fine china. A Transatlantic Cruise with Celebrity on the Galaxy ship will also afford guests the opportunity to take advantage of a golf simulator, the Cova Cafédi Milano and the Rendezvous Lounge, where guests can interact with fellow passengers while cruising the sea.

Celebrity Transatlantic Cruise - Discounts

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