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Costa Cruises Lines got its start in the 1850s as a fleet of freight vessels sailing with fabrics and olive oil between the Italian port destinations of Genoa and Sardinia. Fast forward to the present - Costa Cruises is Italy's largest most modern cruise fleet, sailing under the motto, "cruising Italian style" Costa ships travel all over the world;  there's even a Costa Cruise to Bermuda.

Especially for those with families, the best way to enjoy the decadent paradise offered by the Eastern Caribbean and Atlantic islands is with a seven night Costa Bermuda cruise.

Costa Cruise Bermuda - The Costa Magica

There is perhaps no better way to sail to Bermuda than with a Costa Bermuda cruise. This is due to their fleet's newest edition, the marvelous Costa Magica, which now sails Bermudan waters.

Traveling on a Costa Cruise to Bermuda, you'll be in the lap of luxury. The most able designers and architects have spared neither effort nor expense in creating the Costa Magica, the sister ship of Costa Cruise Bermuda's most popular vessel, the Costa Fortuna. Costa Magica is one of the largest Italian cruise ships ever built.  Despite a capacity of over 2,600 passengers, the ship's population is spread over seventeen decks; even a full boat retains a private and intimate feeling.

A Costa Bermuda cruise offers numerous amazing excursions at various ports of call:  Hamilton, Nassau, and Ft. Lauderdale. That these are the only harbors a Costa Bermuda cruise visits means that over the week cruisers have the opportunity to get the most out of their stays on shore.

Costa Bermuda Cruise - Artist's Excursion

The beaches, diving, food and nightlife are a given on Bermuda and a prime draw to a Costa Cruise to Bermuda. A gallery tour, however, may surprise the artistically curious travelers on a Costa cruise to Bermuda as the local artists and artisans on Bermuda continue to move beyond traditional watercolor landscapes.

Although the island boasts some talented landscape artists - a favorite of passengers aboard Costa Cruise Bermuda - also thriving is a community of adventurers dappling in mixed media, poetry-paint-photography, metal and wood sculpture. Galleries themselves are also varied, from the larger National Gallery to the more intimate Interim and Masterworks Galleries.

Visitors from a Costa Cruise to Bermuda have the option of purchasing directly from artists or from studios, which are open to the public. What better way to save memories from your Costa Cruise to Bermuda than by purchasing and displaying a piece of art.

For art lovers looking to go on a Costa Cruise Bermuda is the perfect destination!

Costa Bermuda Cruise - For Family Cruising, Costa Cruise Bermuda

The Costa cruise to Bermuda is renowned for its family friendliness with activities for the young and old alike; a Costa Bermuda cruise is an ideal place for a family reunion.

The Costa Bermuda cruise offers specific cruise itineraries available for four different age groups: 3 to 6; 7 to 10; 11 to 14; and 15 to 19 year olds.  Itineraries include: A sail away party, treasure hunts, sports tournaments in ping pong, basketball, Velcro darts and ring toss, parades in costumes, video quizzes, theme parties, poolside games and discos, and dance competitions and Karaoke as well; children of all ages will adore a Costa Cruise to Bermuda!

Costa Bermuda Cruise & Cruise Network

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