Costa Cruise Food

Costa Cruise Food can be found in just about any setting aboard these Italian style ships, in formal and casual settings, open air decks or inside gorgeously appointed restaurants, poolside or bedside. That's right. You can even have this delicious cuisine brought right to your cabin any time, day or night. Midnight buffets, cozy bistros, gelato, cappuccino and espresso, do you hear the warmth of Italy calling you? These Italian style favorites can be found on board with Costa whether you're cruising the Mediterranean or the Caribbean! Costa Line Cruises welcome you to experience Costa Cruise Line food in its traditional, casual or spa style restaurant or in the cruise line's world-class Specialty restaurants. If you don't already speak Italian, you'll leave with at least the knowledge of how to pronounce your favorite dish!

Costa Cruise Food - Costa Cruise Lines Food - Restaurants

Costa cruise food comes in a wide variety of dining experiences:

Costa Cruise Food - Costa Cruise Lines Food - Specialty Restaurants

Travel the world and you won't find anything like Costa cruise food and choices are plentiful when you're cruising Italian. In addition to the regular options, for a nominal fee you can dine for an evening at one of the ship's specialty restaurants. Operated by highly acclaimed chef's Gualtiero Marchesi and Giampaolo Belloni de Zeffirino, these restaurants are truly superb. Along with an extensive wine selection, the restaurants boast their own very unique, intimate atmosphere right down to live music, candles and fresh flowers. Impeccable service makes this dream all the more impressive.

Costa Cruise Food - Costa Cruise Lines Food - Gualtiero Marchesi

Gualtiero Marchesi is one of the world's best known Italian chefs. After opening his own restaurant in Milan, food critics for the New York Times rated him one of the top fifteen chefs in the world. Marchesi is renowned for developing a unique mixture of 'avante garde' and traditional Italian cuisine.

Costa Cruise Food - Costa Cruise Lines Food - Giampaolo Belloni de Zeffirino

Zeffirino's staff has gained world-wide recognition for their great culinary skill but also their introduction of pesto sauce all over the world. Having cooked for the famous palettes of Frank Sinatra, Liza Minelli, Burt Lancaster and even the Pope, Giampaolo Belloni di Zeffirino is truly remarkable.

Costa Cruise Food - Costa Cruise Lines Food - Family

Costa knows how important family is. That's why Costa Cruise Lines food is designed not just to please the most discerning gourmet connoisseur but also the most sensitive tastebuds onboard-Kids! Specials menus and menu items designed just with kids in mind make family vacations all the more enjoyable for the whole family!

Costa Cruise Food - Costa Cruise Lines Food - Reservations

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