Costa Cruise Lines Activities

Besides traveling with diverse vacation itineraries to such world destinations as Italy, Greece, Egypt, Brazil, the Panama Canal, the Canary Islands and the Bahamas, Costa Cruises are renowned for an incredible onboard experience. Fashioned in Italian style and tradition, Costa cruise line ships offer boatloads of entertainment, dining and exercise activities. For example, Costa Cruise Lines Activities abound with top fitness facilities, dazzling casinos, inviting lounges, spacious movie theaters, beautiful atriums and numerous swimming pools and Jacuzzis on Costa ships. Furthermore, Costa Cruises emphasize a special family cruising environment at no extra costs, giving the impression that Kids Cruise Free with Costa Cruise Lines.

Costa Cruise Lines Activities and clubs have been developed for children as young as three years old to teenagers nineteen years of age. Besides incorporating interactive activities for parents and their children, Costa further instills this vision that Kids Cruise Free with Costa Cruise Lines by including a baby sitting service which is free of charge. Instead of having to worry about spending exorbitant amounts of cash onboard to take care of their children, parents can feel at ease while cruising since it really seems like their Kids Cruise Free with Costa Cruise Lines.

Costa Cruise Lines Activities are perfect for those travelers seeking unforgettable family vacations or excellent group excursions to South America, Mediterranean Europe or the Eastern and Western Caribbean. And with wonderful services which feel as if Kids Cruise Free with Costa Cruise Lines, Costa Cruises do not dent the wallet while onboard.

Costa Cruise Lines Activities - Kids Cruise Free Costa Cruise Lines

Costa Cruise Lines Activities cater to family vacation cruising and thus offer a variety of children's clubs and activities. Costa's Kids Program includes treasure hunts, sports tournaments, costume parades, board games, video quizzes, theme parties, dance competitions and karaoke. Costa's main children clubs are geared for kids as young as three year olds to teenagers as old as 19. While offering an arcade and other age-specific activities, these aspects of Costa's family cruising do not include any extra costs, making it seem that Kids Cruise Free with Costa Cruise Lines.

For example, a stellar feature of Costa's family cruising program is a parent's night out, in which couples can enjoy some privacy and luxury cuisine while the kids engage in various activities while being supervised or babysat. In this circumstance, parents would not have to pay any money for a babysitter. Thus, this instance certainly validates a popular feeling among Costa guests that Kids Cruise Free with Costa Cruise Lines.

Costa Cruise Lines Activities - Costa Cruise Free Kid Line

With different clubs and activities, Costa Cruises cater to entertaining children. Even more important, these services and entertainment programs do not cost any additional money while on board. As an example, the Costa Kid's program is included in the price of the vacation package. In other words, all of the previously mentioned activities are free as well as the babysitting services. With activities, clubs and babysitting for kids at no extra costs, these ships create a wonderful atmosphere for children and parents, who feel as if their Kids Cruise Free with Costa Cruise Lines.

Costa Cruise Lines Activities - Onboard Entertainment and Exercise Options

Costa Cruise Lines Activities are enhanced by multiple entertainment options while on board. Costa Cruises are renowned for housing casinos, dance clubs, libraries, numerous swimming pools, Jacuzzis, arcades and Internet cafes. Take the Costa Europa as an example.

With two adult swimming pools and Jacuzzis, the Costa Europa covers people of all ages, from kids just looking to get wet to serious swimmers seeking to start their day with a couple of laps. Besides providing relaxation in a beauty salon and two different solariums, the Costa Europa offers friendly competition in the form of tennis, basketball and volleyball courts. And guests can always work out on treadmills or hit the weights in the Costa Europa fitness center.

For those travelers looking for different entertainment activities, the Costa Europa features the Atlante Theater and the Orfeo Cinema to catch a show or movie. Costa guests can also read text on the Mediterranean in the ship's library or play cards with fellow travelers in the card room. The Costa Europa also includes the Ladonte Disco, Lema Casino, the Argo Lounge and Golden Apple Club for the high-energy crowd.

Costa Cruise Lines Activities - Cruising Italian Style

Costa's Cruising Italian Style, program provides the very best foods, menus and wine lists around. With many ships which travel to European ports of call on the Mediterranean Sea, it is only fitting that Costa Cruises place such an emphasis on offering the finest Mediterranean gourmet cuisine through elegant specialty restaurants, world renowned chefs and a quality dining atmosphere.

As an example, visitors on the Costa Europa ship can eat in an Italian specialty restaurant named Giampaolo Belloni di Zeffirino, which is headed by renowned chef Gualtiero Marchesi. Passengers can reserve tables at this classy restaurant for a romantic evening with the spouse. With soft candlelight, abundant flowers and live music, Costa's specialty restaurants exude romance.

Other Costa cruise ships are also noted for maintaining a tradition of dining excellence. Popular restaurants on the Costa Fortuna ship include the Michelangelo Restaurant, Raffaello Restaurant and the Restaurant Buffet Cristoforo Colombo. Costa Cruises also offer casual, traditional and deluxe dining options from buffets and bistros to specially created spa menus.

Costa Cruise Lines Activities really pick up at the numerous lounges and bars on each ship. The Costa Fortuna includes such popular hangouts as the Piano Bar Conte Rosso 1921, Bar Classica Roma 1926 and the Grand Bar Conte di Savoia 1932.

Costa Cruise Lines Activities - Discounts

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