Costa Cruise Line

Get a sumptuous taste of the Mediterranean when you sail one of the Costa cruises! Costa Cruise Line is one of the premier cruise lines that provide you the most thrilling European Costa cruises you'll ever experience. Laying claims to its roots as an olive oil transportation company in the 1800's, Costa Cruise Lines has a veritably authentic Italian feel. Their firmly-rooted tradition and commitment to excellence in quality of service make them the ideal choice for your next European vacation.

Costa Cruise Review - Costa Cruise Line - Destinations and Itineraries

Costa Cruise Line offers several European and transatlantic journeys to and from the Mediterranean, North Europe, The Baltic Sea, Scandinavia, Russia, the Caribbean, and South America. Costa cruises offers the opportunities to join one of their exciting and unique European itineraries.

Legs on their Mediterranean journey include the Western Mediterranean, which includes intense nightlife of the Spanish Balearic islands of Mallorca and Ibiza, the serene beauty and history of Corsica, the rolling hills and olive gardens of Sicily, the ancient walls of Malta, the dusty, noisy bazaars of Tunisia, and the fertile chateau of France's vineyards; or the Eastern Mediterranean, where you can get a taste of Slavic culture in Croatia, immerse yourself in ancient Hellenic history in Greece, lounge at one of the many resorts in Cyprus, and experience the juxtaposition of East and West in Turkey. A Costa cruise vacation will provide you with an unforgettable cruise experience.

Costa cruises depart from several international locations, including New York, Ft. Lauderdale, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires. All of its Mediterranean cruises depart from the Italian city of Genoa, steeped in deep history and European charm. Spending a few days and absorbing this city would be an excellent package to go along with your Costa cruises. Costa also offers several shore excursions to various popular attractions and picturesque sites, allowing the opportunity to soak up a range of culture and history.

Costa Cruise Review - Costa Cruise Line - Fleet

The 10 vessels that make up Costa Cruise Lines fleet are some of the finest to tackle the seas. Each has its own unique personalities and features that offer travelers something new each day onboard. For example, the Costa Romantica provides some architectural aesthetics with its ceiling to floor windows that provide stunning ocean views, rare wood finishes, and overall modern feel. On the other hand, Costa Tropicale offers a graceful, intimate European influenced atmosphere, ideal for its explorations of Cyprus, Turkey, Tunisia, and Greece. The Costa Allegra gives that charming, personal "small-ship" ambiance that radiates with friendliness and hospitable service. There is a unique and diverse quality for each of the unique and diverse passengers onboard one of the Costa cruises.

Costa Cruise Review - Costa Cruise Line - Onboard Accommodation

What kind of classy trip around the Mediterranean would be complete without classy accommodation? Read any Costa Cruise review, and it will show that a Costa cruise ship provides the finest in spacious, premium living quarters. The essentials are all there: warm showers, air-conditioning, spacious beds, televisions, and telephones. There are also many other added creature comforts, such as a majority of the rooms being facilitated with a balcony. Leisure is a top priority on one of the cruises Costa, and it is provided through these comfortable facilities. Living in pure comfort has never been better than with a Costa cruise vacation.

Costa Cruise Review - Costa Cruise Line - Onboard Activities

There are a wide variety of leisure activities aboard a Costa Cruise vacation ship. There are a selection of fine shopping areas to pick up souvenirs and other trinkets. For those who are health-conscience, there are innovative fitness centers, outdoor tracks, swimming pools, and rejuvenating Caracella Spa to answer all your health and fitness needs. There is also a library with a large collection of acclaimed works for those who want to kick back for something a little less rigorous and a little more intellectually stimulating. With so much to do onboard, you might actually might never want to leave the ship.

Costa Cruise Review - Costa Cruise Line - Entertainment

After the daytime activities, be sure to take advantage of the evening entertainment onboard. From live bands, a full-size casino, night clubs, and drinking lounges, Costa cruises have all the nightlife options. Check out a show at the Caruso Theatre aboard the Costa Atlantica; dance to your favorite tunes at Romantica's Diva Disco; or, try your luck at cards onboard Tropicale's Habana; the activities of the night will pass by so fast on your Costa cruise vacation, you'll wish you could rewind and do them again, and again, and again...

Costa Cruise Review - Costa Cruise Line - Dining

A Costa cruise review will show that Costa Cruise Line serves the finest Italian and regional cuisine on the ocean. With a core of chefs from finest culinary institutions in the world, Costa Cruise Line has the tools to make your dining experience a remarkable one. The Italian cuisine is without a peer; just take a bit out of a traditional Pizza at Romero's, or feast on an entire meal at Boticelli's; whatever you choose, expect the premium in freshness and quality. Costa Cruise Line also gears a good portion of its menu to region-specific cuisine. So if your heading to Spain, expect to dine on some paella; munch on some crepes for breakfast when you sailing past France; or dine on some authentic Jamaican jerk chicken during your endeavor in the Caribbean. The Costa cruise vacation dining event will leave your stomach asking for more.

Costa Cruise Review - Costa Cruise Line - Teen & Children's Programs

There are several programs aboard Costa cruise vacation ships for both kids and teens, which include a fully-furnished recreation center that contains ping-pong tables, billiards, and an arcade; a daycare center run by fully competent, trained staff; interactive social programs geared towards age-groups that include enrichment exercises and ice-breaking activities; and kiddie pools onboard some ships. The youngsters are sure to be entertained aboard a Costa Cruise vacation ship.

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