Costa Cruises from Rome

For those looking to visit Rome Costa Cruises is a terrific choice.

Costa cruise lines came from humble beginnings; in the 19th century the company hauled fabrics and olive oil from the Italian port town of Genoa to Sardinia. With Costa Cruise Rome was soon added to their itinerary, but at the time likely no one would have guessed Costa would still be around over 150 years later, much less that it would be the largest Italy-based cruise line.

For any Costa cruise Rome and other port destinations in the Western Mediterranean have been home for over a century; they bring to cruises in this region an unparalleled level of experience and knowledgeability. Those planning such a vacation can do no better than Rome Costa Cruises.

Costa Cruises from Rome - Costa Cruise Rome / Roam

Costa cruises from Rome are round trip, departing from Civitavecchia, a small port town that dates back to the earliest days of the Roman Empire. Over the course of the week, passengers go north from Civitavecchia to Savona (also in Italy), then follow the coast west to Barcelona and Mallorca in Spain. From the island of Mallorca, passengers head to the North African capital city of Tunis, then to Malta before heading back to, on their Costa cruise Rome, or Civitavecchia.

Quite a lot to see in the span of seven days, but Costa Cruise Rome ensures their guests make the most of their trip, offering numerous excursions.

Costa Cruises from Rome - Savona

Savona's inhabitants have a storied history with the sea , what else would you expect from the birthplace of Christopher Columbus? As a result, many Savona excursions involve the ocean, making Rome Costa Cruises indispensable:

-Visit former Genoese arsenal that was converted into the world-class Museum of the Sea, the four floors of which each testify to Genoa's longstanding ties with the sea.

-Also while in Genoa, tour their aquarium ' the largest in Europe ' then enjoy a tour of the port city by boat.

-Finally, drive east along the Italian Riviera to the little port of Santa Margherita, a world-famous tourist resort.

Costa Cruises from Rome - Barcelona

Barcelona is the 2nd largest city in Spain and one of the Mediterranean's premier port cities. It's a must-see destination for Rome Costa Cruises. Smack in the middle of Catalans ' a region culturally distinct from the rest of Spain ' Barcelona is a must-see European destination. With Rome Costa Cruises you'll be able to do the following:

-Stroll along in the world-famous Guell Park, home to the many masterpieces of the Modernist artist Gaud, with one of Costa's knowledgeable guides.

-Take an architecture tour of Barcelona, through the history-steeped Medieval Quarter, and end up at the Picasso museum.

-Visit some of the city's most famous tapas restaurants and savor the unique flavors of Spanish cuisine.

Costa Cruises from Rome - Palma De Mallorca

Mallorca is the largest, most popular island in the Baleares , a definite point of interest for all Rome Costa Cruises. Settled since at least 1000 BC, the island is a historical and architectural treasure trove. Given the year-round climate weather, you'll be able to tour the island either by foot or bike.

One feature in particular you won't want to miss are the island's expansive caves, which extend for many miles and contain numerous underground lakes.

Costa Cruises from Rome - Tunis

Tunis is a very ancient city - not far from the site of Carthage, a city whose grandeur rivaled Rome during the Classic age. Given its age, Tunis's culture is a blend of Punic, Roman, Pagan, Paleochristian and Arab-Muslim influences making it a most unique port.

While in Tunis cruisers are strongly recommended to take part in one of the many culture tours offered by their Rome Costa cruises.

Costa Cruises from Rome - Malta

Like the other destinations on this trip, Malta's history is a long one, mentioned even in Homer's Odyssey.

While on Malta, Costa Cruise Rome makes available all sorts of activities, from sightseeing, to horseback riding.

Rome Costa Cruises & Cruise Network

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