Costa Transatlantic Cruise

Costa cruises lines got its start in the 1850s hauling fabrics and olive oil between the Italian ports of Genoa and Sardinia. Fast forward to the present - Costa Cruises is the largest most modern cruise fleet from Europe. Sailing under the motto "cruising Italian style," Costa ships travel all over the world, and on a Costa cruise transatlantic voyages are first rate!

Costa Transatlantic Cruise - The Costa Magica

There is perhaps no better way to sail across "the pond" than via a Costa transatlantic cruise. This is due to their fleet's newest edition, the marvelous Costa Magica.

Those considering a Costa cruise transatlantic itinerary will likely be swayed by the most recent edition to the company's fleet. The most able designers and architects have spared neither effort nor expense in creating the Costa Magica, the sister ship of Costa's most popular vessel, the Costa Fortuna. Despite a capacity of over 2,600 passengers (its largest Italian cruise ships ever built), that this population is spread over seventeen decks, even a full boat retains a private and intimate feeling.

Costa Transatlantic Cruise - New York & Your Costa Cruise Transatlantic trip

There could be no more fitting place to start or finish your Costa transatlantic cruise than New York City, capital of the world.

Being a terminus or point of departure for your Costa cruise transatlantic adventure allows the traveler to spend as much time as desired in the Big Apple; those preferring a structured excursion are bound to find one of Costa's offerings to their liking:

-Travel up the lush Hudson River Valley. Sail all the way to West Point Military Academy and enjoy a guided tour of the school, the Academy museum and its expansive parkland.

-If games are your thing, head to Atlantic City, New Jersey, 'the Las Vegas of the East Coast' and press your luck in one of Donald Trump's world class casinos.

-Those preferring to stay in New York while ashore could take Costa's 'best of New York in half a day' tour, which takes you to, among other places, the Lincoln Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Chinatown, and the Empire State Building.

-Art lovers won't want to miss out on the guided tour of the 'Met' ' the Metropolitan Museum of Art ' the largest museum in America, a great destination on your Costa cruise transatlantic excursion.

Costa Transatlantic Cruise - Dover & London

For centuries the White Cliffs of Dover have stood as symbol of defense for the British. In fact more than just a symbol, the real strategic significance of Cliffs is evident as they served some military purpose from the days of Julius Caesar through to the Nuclear Age, when the Cliffs were the site of an atomic bunker reserved for the Royal Family.

From Dover, Costa cruise transatlantic cruisers will be able to travel to London, visiting that city's many treasures ' the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and the British Museum.

Costa Cruise Transatlantic - Paris & Le Havre

On a Costa cruise transatlantic travel will take you to Le Havre, a port city in the northwest of France, the country's principle maritime port. Many cultural activities and exhibitions are organized in Le Havre year-round, making it an ideal portal to the rest of France's costal area - Besan'n, Angers, Nantes, and Caen , then, on to Paris!

Costa Transatlantic Cruise - Copenhagen

The Danish capital of Copenhagen is either the beginning or end of your Costa transatlantic cruise, and as such, again there are many different excursion packages from which to choose:

-Absorb the long, rich history of Demark on a cruise up and down the Copenhagen canals.

-See the sights with a Costa-organized city tour, visiting Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid, the spectacular Town Hall 'the Bourse,' the Amalienborg Castle, and Christianborg Palace, the Queen's residence.

-Voyage northward to Frederiksborg Castle, the elegant brick building that's served as Denmark's royal residence since 1859. From there guests of Costa will proceed on to Elsinore Castle, which was made famous in Shakespeare's 'Hamlet.'

Costa Transatlantic Cruise & Cruise Network

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