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Cruise Network offers great deals on extraordinary cruise vacations to some of the most breathtaking cruise destinations in the world! From cruises to the Caribbean and the Bahamas to Hawaii cruises,cruises to Canada/New England, Alaska cruises, Europe cruises, as well as cruises to Asia, Australia, South America, Africa and even Antarctica-from short weekend cruises to exotic month-long excursions, your cruise destination options are virtually endless!

Choose from spectacular cruise itineraries aboard countless incredible, luxurious cruise ships from today's most popular cruise lines including Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America, Disney Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Crystal Cruises, Cunard Cruises, Costa Cruise Line, Windjammer Cruises, and many, many more!

Cruises Destinations - Where to Begin?

New to cruising and not sure where to even begin? With all the choices out there today when it comes to planning a cruise vacation we can certainly understand how it may seem a little overwhelming to someone that's never done it before. But fear not! We're here to help you select the perfect cruise destination itinerary for you and your family!

The first thing to do when selecting a cruise vacation to book is to first choose your cruise destination. Before making this decision, first ask yourself, "Why am I cruising? What experience do I want to get out of this?, Adventure? Relaxation? Warm weather? Fun with the kids? Exploration? Wildlife? Romance?" Answering these questions first can help to significantly narrow down your list of possible cruises.

Some answers are more obvious, clearly if you're going for warm weather, Antarctica and Alaska wouldn't be first on your list of cruise ship destinations. Also, you won't get a chance to see much wildlife at cruise itineraries that include a lot of larger cities. And, if simply lying on the beach with a drink and a good book is more your style, you might want to avoid cruise destinations with ports of call that require a lot of walking around and sightseeing.

For example, Carnival cruise destinations, as well as the Carnival ships themselves, are all about fun, whether it's with a family, sweetheart, or a group of friends. A cruise line such as Cruise West, on the other hand, goes to cruise ship destinations that are all about exploration and discovery, perfect for the inquisitive type of traveler.

Cruises Destinations - Variety

Keep in mind that many of these cruise destinations to which you can travel are great in that they offer lots of things to lots of people. The Caribbean, for example, is one of those cruise ship destinations that has energetic hot spots; quiet, sandy solitude; and everything in between. Whether you envision yourself sipping daiquiris under a palm tree, dancing into the wee hours at a club, or shouting, Wheeee!, on a zip line in the jungle, you can find it here. (The Caribbean is one of the most popular Carnival cruise destinations.)

Another example of a cruise ship destination that offers lots of different options is Europe. Countless histories, a stunning array of architecture, many different foods, and more make Europe a place that has almost no limits to its attractions. (Europe is also another one of the most popular Carnival cruise destinations in the world.)

Cruise Destinations - Special Destinations

Many cruise destinations, however appealing, do not offer the same variety of activities. A cruise to the Galapagos Islands, for example, would probably be one of the most amazing cruise vacation experiences you could ever have, yet this is not an itinerary to choose if crowded beaches and extensive activity options is what you're looking for. If this is the case, you'd probably be happier with a cruise to the Bahamas of the Caribbean.

Only Celebrity Cruises visits the Galapagos. You get to see wildlife that is completely indigenous to the Islands, a site that few people will ever get to see up close! Still, seeing as you are visiting what is for all intensive purposes a wildlife sanctuary (wear sunscreen, too, as these islands are located right on the equator), you won't be riding ATVs or dancing at any clubs; instead, you'll be exploring the natural habitats of a variety of plants and animals.

The Galapagos, therefore, is one of the cruise destinations that does not offer a wide variety of things to do, but does offer one fascinating and unique activity.

Cruise Destinations - Booking Your Cruise Vacation

Cruising is one of the most popular vacation options in the world today, and space always fills up fast. Once you've selected a cruise destination, be sure and book it today! Cruise Network is proud to offer a vast array of some of the most incredible cruise deals available anywhere to the most extraordinary cruise destination on the planet! Book your cruise vacation with us today and save more than ever before!

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