Cruise Excursions

Turn your cruise vacation into a thrilling adventure by adding one or several exciting shore excursions!

Cruise excursions are a great way to make the most of your limited time in each port of call, offering an enhanced experience you would be hard-pressed to top venturing out on your own! And with more spectacular shore excursions offered now than ever before in cruise destinations all around the world from the Caribbean to Europe, Alaska, Asia, South America, Australia and beyond, you can customize your cruise vacation and turn it into whatever you want it to be!

Shore Excursions - Endless Options!

While available cruise shore excursions will vary by cruise line and destination, if you can imagine it, you can probably do it! Choose from a vast assortment of shore excursions and cruise tours ranging in difficulty levels and including everything from snorkeling and scuba diving to quiet historical tours, exhilarating whitewater rafting adventures, sailing, horseback wiring, ATV tours, and even zip-lining through the South American jungle-your opportunities for fun, excitement, adventure and relaxation are virtually endless no matter where your cruise takes you!

Shore Excursions - Guided Tours

Every cruise excursion will be led by knowledgeable, professional guides who have studied the intricacies of the destination including history, culture, wildlife, and geology. With only one day to spend in each port, it is important to make a plan and organize your sightseeing so you can get the most out of your travels. Cruise excursions are very well planned, timely and professional. Thinking ahead can ensure that you have an opportunity to see your preferred sites and still get back to the ship on time!

Shore Excursions - Difficulty Levels

Shore excursions vary in difficulty levels. While some people enjoy zip lines, scuba diving, cross-country bike rides and the like, others would prefer a day of shopping or a guided tour via climate controlled motor bus. Any cruise excursion booked through your cruise line will have an indicated difficulty level to make selecting your excursions simple, while ensuring your safety and enjoyment at all times.

Shore Excursions - Tipping Guides & Drivers

Planning your shore excursions in advance becomes most important when your ship docks at a port that is not located in the city center, or if you have to travel a distance from the city to get to your excursion location.

For the convenience of their guests, some cruise lines and cruise tour companies will offer a shuttle bus service to take passengers to the city center, where all the action is typically located. When this is the case, extending a gratuity to your guide or driver is strictly optional. If you would like to reward your guide or driver for all of their help, a commonly accepted guideline is $1 per person for a half day and $2 per person for a full day.

Shore Excursions - What To Wear

Proper cruise excursion attire will depend solely on where you are and what you're going to be doing. A general rule of thumb is to wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes, while dressing accordingly for your specific destination and activity. So, if you're snorkeling in Cozumel, a bathing suite and some sunscreen is really all you need. If you're scaling a glacier in Alaska, on the other hand, warm pants and shoes and a thick jacket should be the attire of choice.

Also, when dressing for a cruise excursions, it is important to take the culture of your destination into consideration. For instance, cruise lines suggest that you dress conservatively when visiting places of worship-avoiding shorts, sundresses and the like so as not to offend the local residents. Port lectures usually offer some further insight into this. Also, when visiting ruins or walking on cobblestone streets, wear rubber-soled shoes. It's also smart to wear a full coverage hat in sunny locations if you are at all sensitive to burning. If you have additional questions, simply ask your onboard shore excursion coordinator.

Shore Excursions - Book Early

Signing up early for these cruise tours is very important. Some excursions can accommodate only a limited number of participants and since they are sold on a first come, first serve basis, it is recommended that you purchase tickets as soon as possible in order to avoid being disappointed. If you have already booked your cruise you can book shore tours online. To book a cruise or for more information, call one of our experienced Cruise Specialists now!

Shore Excursions

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