Cruise Weddings

Cruise Weddings

Plan the wedding of your dreams with a cruise wedding ceremony. Whether you want a small, private wedding or an extravagant event with all of your friends and family, there is a cruise wedding package available for you.

Few things are more romantic than wedding cruises. Not only do cruise weddings offer a special wedding venue, but they also allow you to travel to any number of hot honeymoon destinations. Whether you want to sail to Europe or escape to the Bahamas, our professional wedding travel planning services can make that happen. With several packages to choose from, you have the freedom to plan your events exactly the way you want them.

Cruise Wedding and Beautiful Memories

Dedicated staff and planning coordinators are here to help you plan your dream wedding. From choosing a port location to mapping out your destinations, no task is too large or small. If you prefer a private beach wedding followed by a romantic honeymoon vacation, we can handle the planning and make that happen. Or if you decide to get married on the ship, you can exchange vows at sea before setting sail.

Once your wedding cruise has been reserved, you can begin planning the details of the event. If you are having an island wedding, you may choose to have the reception celebration on the cruise ship. Your company and guests will enjoy an amazing view and world-class dining options on-board the ship. In addition to top-notch service and delicious dining options, we also offer video service. This allows you to have your special day professionally recorded for you to enjoy again and again. Following the reception, you and your sweetheart can set sail for your honeymoon destination.

With cruise lines, we make every effort to create your home away from home. Cruise ships provide world-class accommodations and lots of fun activities and entertainment options. Once you reach your port, you can take advantage of a number of planned excursions that are available at your destination.

There are a number of reasons that couples choose to have cruise weddings. Many find that wedding cruises offer them the privacy they need to enjoy their special day. Others enjoy the ability to travel to some of the hottest destinations on the map for their honeymoon. No matter what the reason, couples consistently find that our professional wedding services make for an unforgettable experience.

Express your love to your partner with a beautiful cruise wedding. Our affordable wedding cruises allow you to plan an event that is sure to be memorable. Give us a call and book your wedding cruise today.

By Joseph George