Cruise West Alaska Cruises

Cruise West Alaska Cruises transports the kinds of people who would rather be outside snapping photographs of amazing scenery and whales spouting than stuffed inside of a smoky lounge room. Cruise West Alaska Cruises sails with cruise vacationers who relish in the small ship atmosphere and want a socially inviting ship environment. Cruise West Alaska Cruises welcome adventurous people who want to tackle outdoor sports or those who simply desire relaxation with a multitude of serene vistas as their backdrop. Are you one of the 114 guests Cruise West Alaska Cruises transports on this journey.

Cruise West Alaska Cruises - The Advantage

Because you're on a small ship, Alaska Cruise West focuses on the natural splendor outdoors instead of any artificial ones that could be created indoors. You'll not find any casinos aboard this ship, which means you'll be forced to do without the discordant sounds of their bells and whistles. You'll not find smoky, crowded bars and loud-playing music. No, what you'll find is the purest of cruise experiences that any one person could enjoy.

When you come aboard Cruise West Alaska Cruise ships, you are signing up for flexibility rather than rigidity. Other cruise lines get stuck into arriving at certain ports of call at certain times, so much so that they wind up chopping to pieces the whole cruise experience. Cruise West Alaska Cruises does just the opposite. If there is something fantastic happening at a certain port of call the captain shuts off the engine and lingers until guests are satisfied the port of call has been thoroughly explored.

Cruise West Alaska Cruises - The Destinations

Speaking of exploring, because Cruise West Alaska Cruises ships are small they are able to easily navigate through narrow passageways and visit small ports that bigger ships can't. Cruise West Alaska Cruises sail you into the underbelly of Alaskan society, meaning you?re going to be immersed in culture, landscape and close enough to touch. You?ll feel the spray of a gushing waterfall as it mists your cheeks, or witness the mischievous antics of a baby sea otter when he?s entertained with play. Opt for a Cruise West itinerary and see why Alaska sightseeing is a Cruise West specialty.


Cruise West Alaska Cruises has great cruise itineraries. One marvelous cruise itinerary is In Harriman's Wake. Aboard the Spirit of Oceanus you'll sail the way of the railroad mogul Edward Henry Harriman. You'll journey between Vancouver, British Columbia and Nome, Alaska for a 25-day cruise. See the Great Bear Rainforest and observe some of the largest and oldest trees in existence anywhere on earth. Or you could go whale and seal watching.

If you choose the northbound itinerary (from Vancouver to Anchorage) you'll visit Glacier Bay, Unalaska, the Pribilofs, the Shumagin Islands, Kodiak, Sitka, and Metlakatla. If you choose the southbound cruise, you'll travel from Anchorage to Vancouver stopping along the same destinations as the abovementioned.


The Spirit of Oceanus takes you to view the enormous fjords of Kenai Fjords, and sails you to Admiralty Island to observe bears feeding. You'll also go into interior Alaska to visit the Denali National Park and spend a night in Fairbanks. You can choose from a 13-day, 12-night cruise voyage to a 16-day, 15-night voyage. Either cruise you choose still allows you the great opportunity to go see awe-inspiring totem poles, spectacular glaciers and fantastic wildlife. The northbound cruise on the Coastal Odyssey Cruise departs Vancouver arriving in Anchorage. Southbound departs Anchorage and sails to Vancouver.


In addition to the two Alaskan small-ship Cruise West destinations already mentioned, Cruise West Alaska Cruises also sets sail for the Bering Sea, four itineraries for the Inside Passage?Alaska?s Inside Passage, Wilderness Inside Passage, Gold Rush Inside Passage and Inside Passage Daylight Yacht Tours?, a Glacier Bay Highlights cruise, which is a combination of yachting and overnight cruising, and a Glacier Wonderland tour that takes you to College Fjord, Cordova, and more.

Cruise West Alaska Cruises - How to Book

Choose to sail with Cruise West to Alaska destinations. To inquire about more Alaska Cruise West destinations contact a Cruise Network Cruise Specialist. Cruise agencies know the best cruise deals and discounts so call and get your discount or deal today.

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