Cruise West Cruise to the Caribbean

Cruise West offers a variety of trips to the Caribbean region with popular destinations being Costa Rica and Panama. For example, Caribbean Cruise West trips such as the 'Between Two Seas' and 'Coast to Canal' cruises involve small ship cruising on the Panama Canal. With travel itineraries for these various cruises lasting anywhere from seven to ten days, Caribbean Cheap Cruise West trips are a great time characterized by top destinations, a pleasant onboard experience and exciting shore excursions led by friendly and knowledgeable exploration leaders. Sailing on the five star Pacific Explorer ship to various ports of call and cities, a Cruise West Cruise to the Caribbean marks a comprehensive vacation and travel experience unlike any other.

Other Caribbean Cruise West cruises include the "Gems of Costa Rica" trip, which explores islands and remote jungles of this area, and the 'Family Adventure' cruise, which provides jungle excursions and shore side adventures in different Caribbean lands.

Cruise West Cruise to the Caribbean - 'Between Two Seas' Cruise

A popular Cruise West Cruise to the Caribbean is the 'Between Two Seas' cruise, which is a ten day exploration of some different places in Costa Rica, a paradise which is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. After arriving at the Panama City airport and boarding the Pacific Explorer on day one, this Caribbean Cheap Cruise West voyage will begin to visit various destinations like the San Blas Islands, Portobelo, the Panama Canal, the Darien Jungle and two different national parks. With these destinations in mind, this Caribbean Cheap Cruise West expedition includes a lot of exciting excursions and activities.

For example, Caribbean Cruise West guests can visit Kunas Indians while in Panama's San Blas Islands or retrace the history of various pirates in the destination of Portobelo. After crossing the isthmus through the Panama Canal and stopping at a port, Caribbean Cruise West guests can explore the greenery of the Darien Jungle and go swimming in the inviting waters off the Isla de Coiba. Caribbean Cruise West passengers can also get up close and personal with over 100 different mammal species, from monkeys and iguanas to the rare white ibis, in the Manuel Antonio National Park.

Caribbean Cheap Cruise West trips offer northbound and southbound 'Between Two Seas' cruises which have sailed in February, March and December in the past and plan to travel from January through April and also December in 2006.

Cruise West Cruise to the Caribbean - 'Coast to Canal' Cruise

Cruise West's wonderful 'Coast to Canal' cruise is very similar to the 'Between Two Seas' cruise trip with a few differences. This Caribbean Cheap Cruise West voyage travels to the same destinations with the exception of the San Blas Islands and Portobelo. And instead of lasting ten days, this Caribbean Cruise West cruise is completed in eight days and seven nights. Beyond these differences, this Caribbean Cruise West trip includes many of the same excursions as the 'Between Two Seas' voyage.

The Caribbean Cruise West 'Coast to Canal' Cruise includes popular activities like watching for capuchin monkeys and macaws in the Darien Jungle, catching and releasing colorful butterfly species at Casa Orquidas and snorkeling with sea turtles and tropical fish in various waters of the coasts. This Caribbean Cheap Cruise West voyage sets sail in June, July, November and December of 2006.

Cruise West Cruise to the Caribbean - 'Gems of Costa Rica' Cruise

Cruise West's 'Gems of Costa Rica' cruise travels for eight days to some unique locations and a couple of the same destinations as the previously mentioned cruises. After arriving at the San Jose Airport and being transferred to the Pacific Explorer at Los Suenos Marina, this Caribbean Cheap Cruise West voyage will tag new destinations like the Curu Wildlife Refuge, Tortuga Island, Corcovado National Park, Drake Bay, Cano Island and Isla de Coiba in Panama. This Caribbean Cruise West cruise also visits Golfo Dulce and Manuel Antonio National Park.

The Curu Wildlife Refuge is a royal wildlife sanctuary which features five different habitats while Tortuga Island is marked by miles of shoreline, pristine beaches and ideal waters for snorkeling and swimming. The Corcovado National Park is home of some 350 species of birds which can be viewed on a special bird walk. Drake Bay is named after Sir Francis Drake, who first sailed to this remote destination in 1579.

This Cruise West Cruise to the Caribbean has set sail in April, November and December in the past.

Cruise West Cruise to the Caribbean - 'Family Adventure' Cruise

Cruise West's premium 'Family Adventure' Cruise is a seven day and six night roundtrip which sails from a point of return in San Jose. This Cruise West Caribbean voyage visits many of the above destinations listed above. Besides offering similar exciting excursions, this cruise provides interactive activities for people of all ages. For example, parents and their children can participate in sand castle contests at the beaches of Tortuga Island. These cruises also provide and foster lessons for children in Spanish, snorkeling and kayaking.

The 'Family Adventure' Cruise has sailed in the past during the prime summer months of June and July.

Cruise West Cruise to the Caribbean - The Pacific Explorer Ship

A Cruise West Cruise to the Caribbean will take place on the Pacific Explorer. With a maximum capacity for 100 guests, the Pacific Explorer offers the finest in small ship cruising. This ship creates a relaxed atmosphere onboard with casual dress and open meals. Unlike larger cruise lines, Cruise West places heavy emphasis on the destination rather than a policy stressing onboard amenities and entertainment. Thus, this ship lacks casinos, swimming pools or exercise facilities.

However, the Pacific Explorer is noted for elegant staterooms and an inviting library for travelers to read up on different Caribbean cities or cultures. Most importantly, this vessel allows more privacy and flexibility with a potential to cruise many waterways in the Caribbean and the Panama Canal. Cruise West's onboard experience is also enhanced by various exploration leaders who request guests to ask them questions about the destination without worrying about inconvenience.

Cruise West Cruise to the Caribbean - Caribbean Cheap Cruise West

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