Cruise West Cruise Destinations

Created with the quintessential explorer in mind, Cruise West cruise itineraries are unique in a market that caters primarily to large ports and super destinations. The diminutive size of the Cruise West ships allows for navigation of narrow channels and smaller bodies of water that the larger ocean liners are unable to sail through. It is with this special capability in mind that the Cruise West cruise Destinations were conceived, granting you exclusive access to waterways lesser traveled and bringing you face-to-face with exotic global destinations.

Cruise West Cruise Destinations - Itineraries

Cruise West sails to both popular destinations and smaller channels with itineraries classified into the following categories: Alaska, Costa Rica & Panama, Baja Mexico's Sea of Cortes, Japan, South Pacific, California Wine Country, Columbia & Snake Rivers, and British Columbia. Itineraries are geared towards intimate exploration of these areas, maximizing your experience and affording you a proximity that is otherwise impossible on a larger ship. Following is a brief look at some of the most popular Cruise West cruise destinations and itineraries to select locations.

Cruise West Cruise Destinations - Alaska

Forget cruising into a massive port and remaining docked in one or two places for the duration of your cruise. Cruise West cruise itineraries are designed specifically for intimate discovery; imagine as the ship engines are cut off and the vessel glides through a narrow glacial channel, allowing you to experience the icy wilderness without binoculars. You are close enough to feel the spray as a whale slaps the flat side of his fin against the surface of the water. Close enough to see the darting eyes of a wet seal as he forages for food. This is the Alaska accessible to you through Cruise West, with itineraries ranging in length from 4-25 days.

Cruise West Cruise Destinations - Baja Mexico's Sea of Cortes

Watch in awe as a welcoming committee of sleek gray dolphins poke their heads above the water in greeting. Take a kayak out later and paddle over friendly rays and schools of black-striped sergeant majors. A destination unlike any other, you have arrived in the style of Cruise West at the Sea of Cortes. An 8-day Whales and Wildlife cruise offers round-trip service to and from Cabo San Lucas and sails through Isla Espiritu Santo, Loreto, Los Islotes, Isla Partida, and La Paz. Swim with sea lions and watch for whales in this uncommonly spectacular body of water.

Cruise West Cruise Destinations - Columbia & Snake Rivers

Discover the Pacific Northwest as you have never seen it before as you wend through narrow waterways on a Cruise West ship. With round-trip service to and from Portland, Oregon, the 8-day River of Discovery Voyage cruises the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and the Snake River with stops in Hells Canyon, Walla Walla, Astoria, and Fort Clatsop. Cruise West brings you close enough to photograph the stunning beauty of natural waterfalls and view the historic forts that once silently witnessed the development of a new frontier.

Cruise West Cruise Destinations ? How to Book

To obtain more information regarding Cruise West cruise destinations and to book your vacation today, contact one of the certified cruise specialists at Cruise Network.

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