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Cruise West Cruise Lines Activities

Cruise West cruise lines activities offer the traveler a vacation that gets up close and person with natural wonders, wildlife, and native cultures. Far away remote locations are now close to the touch. The advantage of cruising aboard a Cruise West small ship is the ability to cruise into narrow and remote waterways where other cruises ships are unable to venture. Small ships are able to sail down channels just a few 100 feet wide and tie up to the inner piers in tiny villages. Share these rare shipping channels with village fishermen and a few private yachts.

Small-ship cruising aboard a Cruise West vessel is flexible and provides cruise passengers with high quality life experiences. Special local guests and field experts give on-board narratives and lectures to allow you more insight into these intriguing destinations.

Cruise West ships venture to exciting destinations such as: Alaska, Costa Rica, Panama Canal, the Caribbean, Baja Mexico Sea of Cortes, Japan, South Pacific, California wine country, Columbia, and British Columbia.

Transit the most exciting regions of the Panama Canal, go whale watching in the Sea of Cortes, sample different varieties of wine in California, retrace the path of Lewis and Clark in Columbia, or tour the 17th century Matsue and Himeji Castles of Japan. There are so many discounted Cruise West cruise lines activities and opportunities for exploration. The choice is yours!

Cruise West Cruise Lines Activities - Alaska

Cruise through the lesser known waterways of the famous "Inside Passage" where larger cruise ships are unable to travel. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the majestic mountains and spruce forests on each bank. Onion domed churches remind you of the days of Russian settlers and the remote fishing villages along the way are sure to charm small-ship travelers.

Get a close-up view of 6 tidewater glaciers in Glacier Bay and witness big chunks of ice break off and crash into the water below a process known as 'calving'.

Marvel at the 16 crystal glaciers that line the 20 mile long stretch of College Fjord. Each glacier is named after renowned colleges on the east coast of the United States like Harvard and Yale.

Cruise West Cruise Lines Activities - Hawaii

Cascading waterfalls and bubbling volcanoes await you on your next Hawaiian cruise vacation. Take a helicopter excursion over the craters and volcanoes of the Hawaii Islands. Discover the natural wonders surrounding you on a hike up the rugged trails of Kauai or step softly across a lava field. A visit to the Haleakala Crater is a tourist favorite. This 3,000 foot deep crater, which last erupted in 1790, is a fascinating natural wonder.

Cruise West Cruise Lines Activities - Japan and other countries

Tour the 17th century Matsue and Himeji Castles of Japan. These former homes of feudal lords are two of only a handful of remaining wooden castles in Japan. Cruise West cruise lines activities also include hiking the ruins of the Shilla Kingdom and visiting the many temples, shrines, and pleasure gardens of this exotic country.

Cruise West cruise lines activities in other exciting ports of call like Costa Rica, Baja Mexico, British Columbia, California wine country, Columbia, and the South Pacific are available to cruise passengers.

Cruise West Cruise Lines Activities - Entertainment

The majority of entertainment takes place outside on the deck with a 24-hour wildlife show around you. Cruise West cruise lines activities are geared for the adventurous and eco-minded traveler in mind. For those of you who wish to venture down the road less traveled, a discount Cruise West cruises vacation is ideal for you. Cruise West had you and like-minded travelers in mind when they focused on the destination's scenery, wildlife, natural history, and culture rather than the usual cruise fare. Cruising on Cruise West is a life enriching experience that will create memories to last a lifetime. Feel the mist from the spraying curtains of water as the ship noses beneath a majestic waterfall in Hawaii or snap a photo of a passing humpback whale in Alaska. Professional tour guides and experts in the fields of wildlife and culture are on hand to give port lectures.

Cruise West Cruise Lines Activities - Self Enrichment

Cruise West cruise lines activities also include opportunities for self-enrichment including onboard lectures and port lectures. Experts in eco-tourism, anthropology, zoology, and many other fields often speak on topics such as whale watching in Alaska or native traditions in Hawaii.

Cruise West Cruise Lines Activities - Dining

Enjoy gourmet cuisine in the elegant setting of the ship's restaurant. Discuss the day's sightseeing highlights in a cozy dining room with fellow explorers. Each entree is an aesthetic presentation as well as a sumptuous dish. Those in search of a less formal setting will enjoy dining either inside or out at the cafe.

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