Cruise West Cruise Packages

Just because it's a small-ship cruise line doesn't mean Cruise West Cruise Packages don't encompass a wide array of destinations. This small-ship cruise line sails you to fantastic destinations such as Alaska, Costa Rica and Panama, Baja Mexico, Japan, the South Pacific, California Wine Country, Columbia and Snake River, and British Columbia. Each destination gives you the choice of several different Cruise West cruise vacation itineraries. You could set sail for as little as three days or as much as 16 days or more!

Cruise West Cruise Packages - Alaska

An Alaskan cruise package includes a choice of 10 Alaska Cruise West cruise vacation itineraries aboard the Spirit of Oceanus. You might book the In Harriman's Wake itinerary and cruise from Vancouver, B. C. to Nome, Alaska. Or choose to go on the Coastal Odyssey itinerary and explore the entire Inside Passage, which means you'll experience such places as Kenai Fjords and Glacier Bay. Choose the Voyage to the Bering Sea itinerary and get prepared for dark tundra, prolific wildlife and enormous grizzlies.

You could also choose the Alaskan Inside Passage itinerary that takes you between Ketchikan and Juneau where you'll have the chance to observe humpback whales and colorful seabirds. You could also choose one of the following itineraries: the Wilderness Inside Passage, Gold Rush Inside Passage, Glacier Bay Highlights, Inside Passage Daylight Yacht Tours, Best of Both Worlds and Glacier Wonderland.

Cruise West Cruise Packages - Costa Rica & Panama

Costa Rica and Panama Cruise West Cruise Packages includes a choice of three, 8-day itineraries and a 7-day itinerary. Cruise West's 100-passenger Pacific Explorer cruise ship sails you to the panoramic views of verdant landscape, exotic flora and beautiful species of fauna. You can choose from the Between Two Sea, Coast to Canal, Gems of Costa Rica and Family Adventure itineraries.

The Between the Two Seas Cruise West Cruise Package will take you to see the Spanish ruins, white-face capuchin monkeys, native Ember villages, and allow you to go snorkeling at the Isla de Coiba. The Gems of Costa Rica itinerary offers the Corcovado National Park and Manual Antonio National Park. For 7 days travel on the Pacific Explorer on the Family Adventure itinerary. You and yours could learn the art of kayaking and waterskiing, or go snorkeling with schools of fish off the coast of Tortuga Island. What a great list of Cruise West Cruise Packages!

Cruise West Cruise Packages - Baja Mexico's Sea of Cortes

The Baja Mexico's Sea of Cort - Cruise West cruise vacation itinerary includes the Whales & Wildlife cruise itinerary. On this cruise you explore hundreds of species of birds, fish, and marine animals. You'll get the chance to take pictures of the dozens of dolphins that swim up to the boat's hull. You'll observe sea lions playfully frolicking in the water. There are so many great things to see on this cruise destination.

Cruise West Cruise Packages - Japan

Cruise West Cruise Packages to Japan includes an exploration of rich cultural history that inhabits the islands. Come and explore the places wehre cheiftans and samuaris lived. Discover the beauty of the Shinto shrine. Discover how the Japanese cities possess both an old-world charm and a modern metropolis feel at the very the same time.

Cruise West Cruise Packages - South Pacific

Four great Cruise West Cruise Packages itineraries can be found when you decide to sail the South Pacific. Let your worries take a holiday as you set for your own aboard the Spirit of Oceanus. Take this 114-passenger cruise ship on the Holidays in Paradise itinerary to see the spectacular island of Bora Bora and Kiribati's immaculate coral reefs. Or choose the Island Sanctuaries itinerary and sail to the beautiful Society Islands. When you go, you can view fantastic paintings at the extraordinary Paul Gauguin Museum located there. See the impressive volcanoes and endangered turtles too.

It's time for Polynesian culture if you pick the Pearls of Polynesia cruise itinerary. You'll visit the National Park of American Samoa. You'll see breathtaking gushing waterfalls, well-preserved rainforests and spectacular wildlife.

The Legend of the Pacific Cruise Cruise West cruise vacation itinerary affords you the opportunity to explore the ruins of the 'Venice of the South Pacific.' And it gives you the chance to visit the Solomon Islands and Guam for a viewing of the World War II sites. And you also get the chance to tour the marine and bird reserves and sanctuaries.

Cruise West Cruise Packages - California Wine Country

Take the Cruise West Cruise Package that heads for California Wine Country. Choose either the Vintner's Choice or the Culture of the Vine cruise itinerary aboard the Spirit of Endeavour. Either one of the Cruise West Cruise Packages sails you along the bay to see bright California lights, Alcatraz and Angel island. You'll explore the estates of the fertile Napa Valley, Sonoma and Carneros. Tour architectural masterpieces and feast on delicious cuisine. And of course you'll have many drinks of many fine wines.

Cruise West Cruise Packages - Columbia & Snake Rivers

The Columbia and Snake River Cruise West Cruise Package includes the Voyage of Discovery itinerary. Take this itinerary if you're ready for history and beauty. You can see theatrical waterfalls pouring into the Columbia River Gorge while preparing to a visit to a historic fort built of logs. A Columbia and Snake River cruise allows you to view the picturesque Hells canyon. It also has special attractions such as the Maryhill Museum, which contains a Lewis and Clark exhibit, and the Columbia River Maritime Museum, which features an in depth lecture about Columbia River canneries.

Cruise West Cruise Packages - British Columbia

The Coastal Wilderness Cruise West Cruise vacation itinerary is a great way to see British Columbia. Watch from your ship as killer whales feast on salmon. And then you can go inside the Whale Museum to learn more info about these beautiful orcas. Back outdoors are high granite cliffs that absolutely add to the breathtaking landscape. In addition to observing the magical landscape, you'll be face to face with a ton of British Columbia history.

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