Cruise West Cruise Ships

Discard all previously held notions of the cruising experience. Cast aside visions of floating shopping malls, gargantuan dining halls with assigned seating, and ostentatious productions that attempt to mimic Broadway shows. Discover Cruise West Line ships. You are the type of traveler more interested in sidling up to the side of the ship as it navigates a narrow channel, the individual who embraces the sensation of the ocean breeze against your cheek, the taste of the salt air, the wonder in seeing the graceful arc of a humpback whale surface and return to the water. You are the quintessential candidate for the wondrous small-ship experience aboard the Cruise West Cruise Ships.

Cruise West Cruise Ships - Destinations

Cruise West Cruise ships traverse the globe; the small size of the vessels allowing for more intimate exploration of smaller channels. With itineraries to Alaska, Costa Rica & Panama, Baja Mexico's Sea of Cortes, Japan, South Pacific, California Wine Country, Columbia & Snake Rivers, and British Columbia, Cruise West Cruise ships offer some of the more popular destinations while navigating other areas inaccessible to larger ships.

An 11-day Gold Rush Inside Passage tour on one of the Cruise West Line ships explores the finer points of Alaska, with stops in Ketchikan, Petersburg, Frederick Sound and Tracey Arm, Sitka, Skagway, Haines, and Juneau, and scenic cruising through Glacier Bay and Northern British Columbia. The 12-day Island Sanctuaries tour on one of the Cruise West Line ships sails through the South Pacific with round-trip service to and from Tahiti and stops in Bora Bora and Taha'a, Society Islands; Tikehau, Takapoto, and Fakarava, Tuamotu Islands; and Motu Oa, Hiva Oa, and Fatu Hiva (say that ten times fast) in the Marquesas. These are carefully selected itineraries, as the Cruise West Cruise ships cruise into tiny passages that larger cruise ships are unable to transport you to. This is just the beginning of the Cruise West experience.

Cruise West Cruise Ships - The Fleet

Each of the Cruise West cruise ships has her own distinctive personality, is sized to navigate small channels, and focuses more on destination-oriented itineraries than onboard amenities. Cruise West Line ships are the perfect vessels for people who love the outdoors. The Spirit of Oceanus is the flagship; at 295 feet, she accommodates up to 120 guests in seven different stateroom categories and features a game room and a library. The 217-foot Spirit of Endeavor features etched glass and light wood accents, accommodating up to 102 guests in four different stateroom categories.

The early 20th century d'or of the Spirit of '98 landed her a starring role in the feature film Wyatt Earp; she is 192 feet in length and accommodates up to 96 guests. The 143-foot Spirit of Columbia is a tiny vessel perfect for cruising Prince William Sound and accommodates up to 76 passengers. Equipped for beach landing on remote shores, the 185-foot Pacific Explorer accommodates up to 100 guests while the 143-foot Spirit of Alaska accommodates up to 78 guests. Ample outdoor space is available on the popular 166-foot Spirit of Discovery which transports up to 84 guests while the smallest of the Cruise West Line ships, the 90-foot Sheltered Seas is designed exclusively for day trips and transports up to 70 guests.

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