Cruise West Food (Cruise West Menu)

Forget ostentatious elephantine restaurants dripping with decorative excess and stifling you with assigned seating. Don't bother packing that multicolored sequined nightmare of a cocktail dress and assure your husband that the top hat and tails can remain at home, perhaps better suited for storage in his Halloween costume trove. Vanquish visions of endless buffet lines and tune out the thought of yet another uncomfortable dinner with strangers. You are about to indulge yourself in the casual ambiance of Cruise West dining.

Cruise West Food (Cruise West Menu) - Dining among Friends

Cruise West epitomizes casual living; a line where guests are relieved of the inconvenience of black tie dinners, assigned seating, and the unpleasant realization that each is merely another face in the crowd. Aboard the Cruise West line, guests become family; the intimate atmosphere facilitates the forging of friendships. Diners are not obligated to sit in predetermined seats, but often choose to share their table with a new friend.

Cruise West Food (Cruise West Menu) - Casual Atmosphere

Cruise West food is served in a relaxed environment where the high quality of the cuisine is not dependent on the artificial enhancement of a pretentious atmosphere. Resort casual attire is appropriate and open seatings are offered at all meals. Breakfasts and lunches are open seating during set hours. Dinner is served with open seating and at one designated time, allowing for a friendly, casual dining experience.

Cruise West Food (Cruise West Menu) - Cuisine

Throughout your voyage, you will enjoy the highest quality of continental and regional cuisine. Additionally, there is the option of dining off the premises on select cruises. For instance, thanks to recent partnerships with local vineyards, private dining in winery settings is now available on some California Wine Country cruises.

Cruise West Food (Cruise West Menu) - Special Accommodations

Special accommodations can be made for passengers with dietary restrictions, though it is highly recommended that you note this when placing your reservations. There will be a number of Cruise West food options onboard and the kitchen will do their best to ensure that all special accommodations are met, provided that advance notice has been given.

Cruise West Food (Cruise West Menu) - Summary

So, prepare yourself for a dining experience unlike any other previously enjoyed (or abhorred) on a larger cruise line. Cruise West Food promises to tantalize in a casual atmosphere, providing a sophisticated experience without the suffocating airs. Sit back and take in the marvelous view afforded by the large picture windows in both the main dining room and the lounges and enjoy the delectable cuisine served onboard the ships of the Cruise West line.

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