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Cruise West and its fleet of eight small ships often travel to such South Pacific destinations as Tahiti, Bora Bora, Polynesia, Fiji, American Samoa, Guam and Honolulu. For example, Cruise West provides four different cruises to the South Pacific. A Cruise West Hawaii vacation is best experienced on the Holidays in Paradise trip, which tours the magical Hawaiian Islands and surrounding regions in December. Cruise West's Pearls of Polynesia, Legends of the Pacific, and Island Sanctuaries cruises also offer top excursions in the crystal clear waters of the South Pacific coast. With travel itineraries lasting anywhere from 12 days to almost three weeks and geared to visit many ports of call, Cruise West Hawaii vacations provide a nice break from the stresses of everyday life by taking its passengers to paradise.

Cruise West Hawaii - Holidays in Paradise Cruise

Cruise West's Holidays in Paradise Cruise sails for 14 days across 2,000 miles of the South Pacific to a variety of remote islands. Setting sail on the Spirit of Oceanus ship, this cruise sets sail from Honolulu to Hilo, home of Volcanoes National Park. After spending this day observing the world's most active and largest volcano in Kilauea and Mauna Loa, respectively, this cruise sails the Pacific Ocean for two days before reaching Palmyra Atoll.

After spending December 24th on Palmyra Atoll, Christmas Day is spent on Christmas Island, a destination which Captain Cook once visited in 1777. The next five days are then spent on a variety of islands, including Starbuck, Vostok and Flint. Day 12 of this cruise marks New Year's Eve and Cruise West has got the perfect destination for its guests in Bora Bora. Popular excursions in Bora Bora include taking a glass bottom boat tour, swimming with stingrays and watching wild sharks getting fed. Guests can then ring in the New Year in Bora Bora's main village named Vaitape.

New Year's Day is then spent in Huahine in the Society Islands before finishing the trip in Tahiti, where guests can visit the city of Papeete before departing to an airport at night to fly back to America. This Cruise West Hawaii royal vacation is also noted for a special passenger, Dick West, the chairman of Cruise West who spent his holidays with his family on these islands.

Cruise West Hawaii - Island Sanctuaries Cruise

The "Island Sanctuaries" Cruise is a 12 day roundtrip from Papeete in Tahiti. After spending the first two days enjoying the botanical gardens and beautiful scenery in Tahiti, this cruise will start in Bora Bora, described by many people as the most beautiful place in the world. After spending some time at the Hibiscus Foundation Turtle Reserve in Bora Bora, this cruise takes its guests to a variety of islands over the next nine days. Destinations include Tikehau and Takapoto in the Tuamotu Islands and Motu Oa, Hiva Oa and Fatu Hiva in the Marquesas. On the twelfth day, this cruise disembarks in Tahiti, its original starting point. In 2006, this cruise will set sail in the month of January.

Cruise West Hawaii - Pearls of Polynesia Cruise

The Pearls of Polynesia cruise is a 14 day excursion from Papeete to Fiji. After spending the first two days in Tahiti, this vacation cruise sets sail to Huahine in the Society Islands and Atiu and Palmerston in the Cook Islands before reaching American Samoa on day eight. Created in 1988, the National Park of Samoa will be visited via an inflatable craft. After visiting American Samoa, this cruise picks up the following day on Savai'i, which is one of the largest Polynesian Islands. From here, this trip visits Tonga before spending a day at sea.

The final three days of this cruise are spent in different areas of Fiji. While in Taveuni, Cruise West travelers can explore the many splendid waterfalls in the Bouma National Heritage Park. Cruise West passengers can view an actual fire walking ceremony in Beqa. This cruise then winds down in Viti Levu, Fiji where guests disembark and return home by flight. The Pearls of Polynesia cruise is set to sail during February 2006.

Cruise West Hawaii - Legends of the Pacific Cruise

The Legends of the Pacific Cruise is a grand 19 day excursion which sails to destinations in Fiji, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Chuuk, Yap and Guam. Besides visiting some of the most remote islands in the Pacific, popular activities on this cruise include touring World War II sites in Guam and the Solomon Islands and exploring the ruins of Nan Madol, which has been described as the "Venice of the South Pacific." Like the Pearls of the Polynesia cruise, this grand expedition has a departure date of February 2006.

Cruise West Hawaii - Spirit of Oceanus

These various cruises involve life aboard Cruise West's Spirit of Oceanus. With a maximum capacity for 114 guests, the Spirit of Oceanus offers the finest in small ship cruising. This ship creates a relaxed atmosphere onboard with casual dress and open meals. Unlike larger cruise lines, Cruise West places heavy emphasis on the destination rather than onboard amenities and entertainment. Thus, this ship lacks casinos, swimming pools or exercise facilities. However, the Spirit of Oceanus is noted for elegant staterooms and an inviting library for travelers to read up on different South Pacific cultures. Most importantly, this vessel allows more privacy and flexibility with a potential to cruise to more Hawaiian and South Pacific destinations.

Cruise West Hawaii - Discounts

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