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With diverse travel itineraries to the South Pacific and Japan lasting anywhere from two week to 17 day trips, Cruise West spends extensive time in these ancient lands of great history, culture and beauty. Cruise West Japan ships often sail from Kobe to Niigata during the months of March and October. After being transferred from Osaka Airport to Kobe for a night in a luxury hotel, guests on a Cruise West Japan vacation set sail to Japanese ports of call which have played a vital role in world trade for hundreds of years. Such popular port destinations include Nagasaki, Okayama, Nigata, Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima.

Cruise West's - Japan Unveiled - cruises provide the finest excursions as well, with visits to Shinto shrines and Buddhist landmarks as examples. Offering the comforts of small ship cruising, Cruise West Japan voyages mark a travel experience unlike any other. With top destinations, a pleasant dining experience and exciting shore excursions led by friendly and knowledgeable exploration leaders, Cruise West is an intriguing option when planning a group vacation to Japan.

Cruise West Japan - Japan Unveiled - Cruise

Cruise West guests can choose 14 or 17 day Japan Unveiled cruises while also selecting northbound or southbound trips. With this in mind, the 14 day northbound Cruise West Japan cruise provides a great feel for the extensive nature of these traveling experiences.

Day One of this trip involves departing from an airport in America and beginning the flight to Japan. After arriving at the Osaka airport on the second day, guests are transferred to Kobe, where they can make themselves comfortable during a relaxing night at the luxurious Kobe Meriken Park Oriental. The following day, guests can explore a historic attraction like the Himeji Castle in Kobe, one of the first cities to open its ports for trade following Japan's two and half centuries of isolation. Cruise West passengers then gear up for their cruise later that evening when boarding the Spirit of Oceanus ship.

This Cruise West Japan vacation first sails to the port city Okayama, famous for its Zen-meditation gardens like the Korakuen Garden, before visiting Kurashiki. After a brief stop in Takamatsu, the fifth day of this cruise is spent enjoying the crystal green waters and various islands on the Inland Sea, which has been designated as a Japanese National Park. Day six involves a visit to Hiroshima's Atomic Bomb Dome and respective Peace Museum and Park.

After an emotional visit in Hiroshima, this Cruise West Japan trip sails to Beppu for a day before visiting Nagasaki on day eight. Just like Hiroshima, Nagasaki was destroyed by an atomic bomb during World War II. This city offers many activities from visiting another Atomic Bomb Museum to touring Oura Catholic Church. From here, the next two days of this cruise are spent traveling to the city ports of Pusan, Kyongju and Hagi before embarking to Izuma Taisha and the largest Shinto shrine on day 11.

After a day spent exploring the silk industry in Kanazawa, this Cruise West Japan voyage winds down by disembarking in Nigata, a destination in which passengers can catch a bullet train to Tokyo. Cruise West visitors can then spend what's left of this day touring this marvelous city. Visitors then transfer to Tokyo's Nakita Airport on day 14 for the return flight home.

Cruise West also offers the 17 day Japan Unveiled cruise which includes stops in Japan's capital city Kyoto and also Nara. Described by native Japanese people as the heart of Japan, Kyoto is a breathtaking city famous for the Buddhist Kyomizu Temple and a rich artistic and cultural heritage. A popular excursion in Kyoto involves visiting the Otowa no taki (Sound of Feathers) Waterfall, where pilgrims often drink the water which is believed to cure illnesses.

Cruise West Japan - The Spirit of Oceanus

Cruise West's visits to Japan often take place on the Spirit of Oceanus ship, the line's first ever ocean-going vessel. With a maximum capacity for 120 guests, the Spirit of Oceanus offers the finest in small ship cruising. This ship creates a relaxed atmosphere onboard with casual dress and open meals. Unlike larger cruise lines, Cruise West places heavy emphasis on the destination rather than onboard amenities or entertainment. Thus, this ship lacks casinos, swimming pools or exercise facilities.

However, the Spirit of Oceanus is noted for elegant staterooms and an inviting library for guests to page through different books on Japanese cities and cultures. Most importantly, this vessel allows more privacy and flexibility with a potential to cruise to more isolated ports via different Japanese waterways.

Cruise West Japan - Exploration Leaders

Cruise West Japan trips are led by friendly exploration leaders with vast knowledge of the specific destination at hand. Exploration leaders serve various roles, from giving presentations at certain points of interest to providing information, stories and insights on the destination. With vast experience in these foreign lands, Cruise West exploration leaders aim to provide the most satisfying cruise vacation by offering wonderful information and genuine hospitality to passengers.

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