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Only when you're lazing out in the white sands of Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, or Acapulco completely stretched out and relaxed from the sun rays and the fresh Riviera breeze, can you feel the true beauty of Mexico. Mexico is a traveler's paradise, and it's easy to see why. And there's no better way to get there than Cruise West Mexico Cruises.

Teeming with warm sun, desert oases, breathtaking beaches, and ruins of civilizations past, Mexico is virtual tourist mecca. Now, you can experience the wonders of this great country through an exciting Cruise West Mexico cruise. Let the signature small ships of Cruise West take you on an adventure across the Riviera, or on a unique eye-opening journey in the Sea of Cortes, a part of the rich and romantic Mexican Riviera. You'll be sure that if you go to Mexico on a Cruise West Cruise Mexico cruise, you'll have memories for a lifetime.

Cruise West Mexico Cruises - About Cruise West

For years, Cruise West has defined itself by an unconventional and unique approach to luxury cruising. The small-ships of the Cruise West's fleet are able to navigate through rivers and waterways of the world that other cruise lines' larger cruise ships cannot, thus taking guests to beautifully rich and unspoiled locations. The size also accounts for a distinctly charming and intimate atmosphere aboard a Cruise West cruise to Mexico that will make passengers feel right at home. This combination makes for truly enriching experience anytime a lucky traveler steps onboard one of these small, yet inviting vessels. Now let's get a glimpse of one of their most popular journeys, Cruise West Mexico cruises.

Cruise West Mexico Cruises - Destinations and Itineraries

The vistas and sights of Mexico are more than an enticing reason to visit this beautiful country. A traveler on a Cruise West Cruise Mexico voyage can see these and more on the country's beautiful Pacific coast. The chain of rich port towns on this coast, which include Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, and Zihuatanejo, is known as the Riviera, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Anyone who travels aboard a Cruise West Cruise Mexico cruise through the Riviera is bound to see some incomparable sights, such as towering cliffs jutting against the crashing waters of the Pacific, a backdrop of majestic brown mountains, and flora and fauna of all kinds (including the mysterious). It's all part of the laid-back pace and great scenery of friendly and authentically-Mexican villages.

Another popular destination on a Cruise West Cruise Mexico cruise is the Sea of Cortes, otherwise known as the Gulf of California. This body of water is an extension of the Riviera, and home to some of the most diverse array of wildlife and scenery in Mexico, and also many beautiful islands also full of picturesque landscapes. Bordering the Baja California peninsula on the west and the Mexican mainland on the West, the coast of the Sea of Cortes is abundant with white sandy beaches, rocky sea cliffs, and arid deserts further inland. But, this is the right type of environment for plenty or species of birds, plants, and marine life to flourish. Travelers on a Cruise West cruise to Mexico can expect to a plethora of wildlife including sea lions, sea eagles, and a variety of colorful fish, including Angelfish, Pompanos, and Puffers. It's clear to see from this, that a journey to the Sea of Cortes can be a stirring visual delight, and even more so with a Cruise West Cruise Mexico adventure.

A Cruise West Cruise Mexico journey is a great way to explore the best of the Riviera and the Sea of Cortes, all through the privacy of a luxury stateroom or suite! Brace yourself for a stunning adventure that can take you through narrow waterways of the Gulf of California and speed across the mammoth Pacific Ocean, yet still provide the pleasant and most comfortable cruising experience, and something altogether special. Cruise West's fleet of ships cruise several times a year to several locations along the Mexico's Pacific Coast and offer a great combination of luxury cruising and exciting excursions. Here's a list of their 2006 Cruise West Cruise Mexico itineraries:

The Spirit of Endeavour vessel will travel on several Cruise West Mexico cruises throughout the year. The vessel departs every Saturday from January to March, and again in December. The trip is a seven-night round-trip tour from Cabo San Lucas that calls at Isla Espiritu Santo (Bonanza Beach), Baja California Sur, Loreto, and La Paz. One day is also solely dedicated to spotting the enigmatic "ballena jorobada" (the humpback whale)! This Cruise West Cruise Mexico cruise is a great way to see the nightlights of the Baja and the Riviera.

Cruise West Mexico Cruises - Points of Interest

Cabo San Lucas is the staging area for all Cruise West Mexico cruises. This port city has always been a draw for travelers for a variety of reasons. Being a center for sport-fishing, especially in the Marlin Alley region, there several competitions and events throughout the year that draw a lot of crowds and fanfare; and because if this, you can also be assured that the seafood at the restaurants here is also some of the finest along the Riviera.

For those in a less sporting mood on their Cruise West cruise to Mexico, there are a variety of fine, cozy white beaches to stretch out upon to relax against the warm sun, cool breeze, and rolling ocean waves. And, for a little bit of a cultured affair, head down to town to the Casa de Cultura, where you can observe an interesting collection of artifacts that resonate the history of the Baja California region. There is also the old lighthouse of Faro Viejo, now abandoned, but a still a pleasant walk-to and offering some of the best views of the city. With all these range of options, it's easy to see why Cabo San Lucas is the top attraction along the Sea of Cortes Cruise West cruise to Mexico route.

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