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Cruise West reviews are consistently glowing, but the only way to experience Cruise West is to come aboard.  With a fleet of eight unique ships which can accommodate anywhere from 70 to 120 passengers, Cruise West epitomizes small ship cruising. Cruise West uses its small ships to its advantage by taking visitors to distant places via narrow waterways which larger cruise lines could never navigate. With such capabilities, these smaller luxury cruises are able to provide top shore excursions and adventure activities by visiting tucked away ports of call which are only accessible by air or sea.

For example, Cruise West Alaska Cruise Reviews of ships have detailed exhilarating excursions deep into the narrow and icy straits of Alaskan waters.

With diverse travel itineraries to worldwide destinations like Alaska, Costa Rica, the Panama Canal, the Caribbean Sea, Baja Mexico, Japan, British Columbia and the South Pacific, Cruise West tackles the same popular vacation spots as its big line competitors. However, instead of focusing on the onboard experience, Cruise West places its entire focus on the destination at hand. In turn, this special focus leads to more comprehensive and flexible tours for its guests during this excellent vacation time with Cruise West.

Cruise West Reviews - Cruise West Alaska Cruise Reviews Ship Details

Cruise West sails with a fleet of eight ships which lack the entertainment facilities of large cruise vessels. For example, Cruise West's Spirit of '98 ship and Spirit of Discovery vessel do not contain casinos, swimming pools or spas because these features are not part of this line's cruising mission. With accommodations for 70 guests, the Sheltered Seas is Cruise West's smallest ship while its largest vessel is the Spirit of Oceanus, which can sail with 120 cruisers to Alaska. The Pacific Splendour, the Spirit of Endeavor, the Spirit of Columbia and the Spirit of Alaska are Cruise West's other four ships.

Cruise West Reviews - Cruise West Alaska Cruise Reviews Atmosphere

While cruising to Alaska, Cruise West voyages convey a relaxed onboard atmosphere with casual dress, open meals and heavy emphasis on the destination. With this in mind, Cruise West affords itself more flexible itineraries. As an example, this cruise line is more likely to extend whale watching trips and other activities while also taking travelers deeper into narrow straits of Alaska's icy waters with its smaller and more mobile clippers!

Cruise West Reviews - Cruise West Alaska Cruise Reviews Advantages

Besides being able to navigate narrow waterways, Cruise West's small ships afford much more privacy and flexibility during their cruises. While many large cruise lines will stick to regimented schedules and travel frequently populated shipping lanes, Cruise West purposely navigates narrow channels. As a result, Cruise West's royal customers are brought up close and personal to the natural beauty of Alaska, as an example. Furthermore, Cruise West exploration leaders are not set on such routines. In other words, if passengers are enjoying one particular place, Cruise West will make no bones about staying at this destination for an extended amount of time, especially when nature's beauty is in its finest form.

Cruise West Reviews - Cruise West Alaska Cruise Reviews Leaders

Cruise West trips are led by friendly exploration leaders with vast knowledge and expertise of Alaska and the specific destination at hand. Exploration leaders serve various roles, from giving presentations at certain points of interest to providing information, stories and insights on the destination. Cruise West exploration leaders also recommend guests to converse with and ask questions of them. With vast experience in these foreign lands, Cruise West exploration leaders aim to provide the most satisfying cruise family vacation possible by offering wonderful information and genuine hospitality to passengers.

Cruise West Reviews - Cruise West Alaska Cruise Reviews Excursions

By traveling to more intimate places and providing knowledgeable exploration leaders, Cruise West opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to shore excursions. As an example, many cruise lines travel past the glaciers of the Inside Passage in Alaska. However, not many cover so much territory as Cruise West's Coastal Odyssey, a 1,600-mile expedition which explores the entire Inside Passage between British Columbia and Glacier Bay National Park. With odysseys covering so much ground and traveling to unheralded ports and tiny cities, Cruise West cruises burst with possibility.

Cruise West Reviews - Cruise West Alaska Cruise Reviews

Cruise West provides four extensive cruises to Alaska. Often sailing from departure ports in Juneau, Anchorage or Vancouver, British Columbia, Cruise West offers anywhere from 4 day to spectacular 25 night voyages to such popular Alaskan destinations as the Inside Passage and Bering Sea. The line offers four different cruising styles: grand voyages, explorations of the Inside Passage, daylight yacht touring and discoveries of the waterways of Prince William Sound. Cruise West's various Alaskan itineraries provide such popular excursions as whale watching on the Bering Sea and salmon fishing on hidden rivers while always presenting a different side and view of Alaska's wilderness.

Cruise West Reviews - Japan

Cruise West's Japan Unveiled trip extensively visits Japanese ports of call which were once the home of samurais and chieftains while also serving as important points of interest for world trade. From visiting Shinto shrines to Buddhist landmarks, the Japan Unveiled cruise lives up to its name by delving deep into this land of great history, culture and splendor.

Cruise West Reviews - Columbia and Snake Rivers

Small ships thrive on river cruising. With this in mind, Cruise West ships follow in the wake of Lewis and Clark on the Columbia and Snake Rivers in the Pacific Northwest. Covering more than 800 miles and twice navigating eight major locks and damns, Cruise West's Columbia and Snake Rivers cruises truly are expeditions.

Cruise West Reviews - California Wine Country

Cruise West provides unique excursions into California Wine Country. While it's likely Cruise West's guests have had some Napa Valley wine before, how many of them have traveled down this river? The California Wine Country cruise includes moving up the Napa River while offering unique sights of Alcatraz and Angel Island and also providing presentations from wine makers and connoisseurs.

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