Cruise West of Seattle

Cruise West of Seattle, a cruise line based in Seattle, offers you the opportunity to choose your destination - North America, Central America and South America and to travel there onboard a ship with a cozy environment. Passengers will enjoy the abundant activities in the various destinations when they add excursions to their cruise package. Cruises on Cruise West of Seattle are full of adventure. Diversify your cruise itinerary. Cruise West of Seattle has nourished excellent relationships with local innkeepers, port directors and local storytellers. You will have access to the best experiences in each port city. And in every Cruise West destination, at least one shore excursion or highlight is included in each port of call when you purchase your cruise tickets.

Cruise West of Seattle

This cruise line features ships that are ideally suited to an up-close, casual and personal style of cruising. Passengers on Cruise West ships will have access to places that those on more conventional ships can only dream of. Cruise West of Seattle differs from large cruise ships in that there are not a lot of artificial amusements such as dance clubs and casinos. Instead you will be entertained by the marvels and wonders of Nature. From the privacy of your stateroom, you can get a spectacular view of the beautiful scenery. Moreover, your experience will be personally enriching because of the on-board narratives and lectures delivered by local guests and the extensive selection of books in the libraries provided on every ship. All of your senses will be engaged on a Cruise West of Seattle cruise vacation.

Cruise West of Seattle - Destinations & Excursions

Travel to spectacular destinations where adventures abound. Discover the hidden natural treasures in various exotic destinations. Cruise West of Seattle Cruise Lines takes you to places where you can stroll on the beaches, walk on glaciers, kayak in the Caribbean Sea, or hike in a rain forest. Up-close travel focuses on the scenery, wildlife, natural history and culture of your destination. The following list details possible excursions in various destinations in Alaska, Costa Rica & Panama, Baja Mexico's Sea of Cortes, Japan, South Pacific, California Wine Country, Columbia & Snake River:


Costa Rica & Panama

Baja Mexico's Sea of Cortes


South Pacific

California Wine Country

Columbia & Snake River

British Columbia

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