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The old adage of "more is better" has never rung truer than with Crystal Cruise Line's even larger offering of a wide array of exciting and enriching Crystal Cruise excursions. With over 1,300 different excursions to their 180 world destinations, there's never a shortage of Crystal Cruise excursions for whatever your tastes are. Anyone from adventurous thrill-seekers to cultured arts aficionados to family-oriented vacationers can take advantage of this fine range of inland activities. And, with what other cruise line could offer that chance to you explore age-old Caribbean shipwrecks in your scuba-gear, travel on the legendary Orient Express, explore the once-isolated 'Shangri-la' or Tibet, or learn how to make authentic French cuisine outside Monaco No other cruise line than Crystal Cruise line.

Crystal Cruise Excursions - Destinations and Activities

The Crystal Cruise excursions are as varied as their destinations. Crystal Cruise Line offers a number of Crystal Cruise excursions to their port destinations on their stately cruises. These shore excursions offer an exciting and innovative way to truly absorb the culture and the experience of one of Crystal Cruise's destinations. And to top it off, there is even a greater range of different types of excursions that never had existed before in the cruise industry.

If you were a cruiser five or six years ago, you would have never thought your cruise itinerary would offer the opportunity to hike through the rain forests of R'nion Island in the Indian Ocean, kayak through the serene inlets and sounds of "Mangrove Valley" around Antigua, scuba-dive the Mediterranean waters off the coast of Sicily, or head out on a safari in the Peninsula Vald National Conservation in Argentina. Now any of these types of exciting and stimulating activities are possible through Crystal Cruise Line shore excursions. Just choose a desired destination and take your pick.

If journey takes you across of the wildly diverse and colorful portions of southern Africa, be assured you'll get a taste of the panoply of exciting and mind-numbing activities. Take a awe-inspiring helicopter ride over the 'Mother City' of Cape Town, South Africa and get a viewing of the finest African wine country; venture through the uncharted wilderness on a Mala Mala safari, where you never know what you'll expect to see; explore the mammoth Ngorongoro Crater outside of Zanzibar Tanzania, over nine miles wide and 2,500 feet deep; or, explore the diverse range of flora and fauna on Silhouette Island in the Seychelles. There's a bountiful range of activities to ensure your African adventure.

Now, let's say you'd rather go further 'down under' for your expedition, then there something just right for you. There are several exciting Crystal cruise excursions that explore the rugged and adventurous terrain of Australia and New Zealand. Get a chance to climb the Australia's Aires Rock; take a flight around the snow-capped peaks of Mount Cook, New Zealand; get involved in a grown Aussie tradition and climb Sydney's famous Harbour Bridge; or, skirt through New Zealand's unbelievable fjords. Whatever you do, your Crystal Cruise excursion is bound to be incredibly enthralling.

From there, Crystal Cruise Line shore excursions travel further up the Pacific to the exotic and charming Polynesian and Micronesian Islands and enjoy yourself on lots of thrilling South Pacific excursions. A day in and around one of this idyllic destination could include snorkeling with the stingrays around Bora Bora; take a drive through Easter Island and learn about the story of the 'moais' , or statues; or, get an aerial view of the one of the South Pacific's most cherished treasures, the island of Rarotonga. You certainly be amazed at the display for different lush tropical eddy of hues that you will encounter on your South Pacific Crystal Cruises excursion.

Head on one of the Crystal Cruise Line shore excursions due east and run straight into South America, and its magnificent mountains, exotic jungles, and rich cultures that make it a traveler's paradise. Here, a Crystal cruise excursion could lead you into treks into the might and mysterious Amazon rainforest; a bird's-eye view of Argentina's matchless Igaz Falls, which can even make the Niagara Falls look petite; embrace the true majesty exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru; or, explore the vineyards at in Uruguay's finest wineries in Montevideo. You'd thought you'd never see South America like this, but now you can.

If your tour the ever-popular Caribbean, you can expect a whole slew of Crystal Cruise excursions that will certainly lead you 'off the beaten path'. You can unique boat aboard a Rhino Rider inflatable craft and ride around Aruba's Barcardera Channel see some of the Caribbean's most spectacular coral reef; or, discover why lies underneath the waters Turk and Caicos in a scuba tour; finally, take a helicopter ride around to view the lush landscape of St. Lucia. It's all possible on of the many Caribbean Crystal Cruise Line shore excursions.

Exploring the old-world charm of Canada and New England has gotten much more exciting with several Crystal Cruise Line shore excursions aboard for a new year. Go whale watching in Boston, conquer the rugged Canadian terrain near Halifax in a stylish Hummer, see the beauties of French Canada with a Qu'ec helicopter tour, or take an exhilarating kayaking journey along the Bar Harbour coast. Exploring this rustic heartland of our pioneers just got a whole lot more fun.

Finally, who could forget the elegance and stateliness of Europe and the Mediterranean Crystal Cruise Line certainly hasn't forgotten. Whether you want to experience a stately wine tasting, or an adventurous scuba journey underwater, Crystal has something to offer you on your European & Mediterranean journey through its European Crystal Cruise Line shore excursions. Explore the Tuscan countryside around lovely villa of San Gimignano in Italy; conduct first-class exploration of the French Riviera with a helicopter tour of C'e d'Azur; sample the best wine and cheese of Monte Carlo; or, take a tour of the legendary Marrakech, the former capital of Morocco. You can make your journey through the Europe and the Mediterranean whatever you want it to be: romantic, adventurous, enlightening; take your pick with a fabulous Crystal cruise excursion.

This is just a sample of the Crystal cruise line shore excursions available. There are many more available at these destinations and on in other packages such as Panama Canal Cruises, North Africa Cruises, Asia Cruises, World Voyages, and Holiday Cruises. Whatever your traveling preference and wherever you destination, you'll find the right excursion activity for you. Now that's something that's "crystal clear".

Crystal Cruise Excursions - How to Choose

There are so many options when choosing one of the Crystal Cruise Line shore excursions that are right for you, so make sure to keep in mind a few things before making a decision. First, think about how much you can afford for your excursion. You want something that your and your whole family can enjoy, and at the same time something that can reasonably fit into your budget. Tours can be as cheap for a $10 sea kayak rental to something as high-brown and grandiose as a $1300 dinner with the widow of former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat in a plush restaurant in Cairo. Think about what you want, and if you can afford it.

Also, keep in mind the type of activity you would want to do. Shore excursions include many sightseeing activities, cultural shows, inland excursions, adventure traveling, or just simply getting off the ship and swimming in the water. You have to ask yourself what you want out of the shore excursion: culture, relaxation, exercise, or a combination of all of these. Finally, make sure to enjoy yourself in whatever event you partake in, because this is your vacation, and you need to make the most out of it.

Crystal Cruise Excursions - How to Book

It's very apparent this wide array of Crystal Cruse excursions would satisfy even the choosiest traveler. For any information regarding a Crystal cruise, ships, destination, or shore excursion, Please contact one of's experienced and friendly cruise specialists. They are always here to assist you in providing information, answering any question you may have, and booking your reservation. Take a wild ride of adventure with Crystal Cruise Line today!

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