Crystal Transatlantic Cruise

For those who expect the best in luxury, who relish fine attention to detail, a transatlantic Crystal cruise is an ideal option. Voted number one by "Travel + Leisure" magazine ten years consecutively, each Crystal Cruise ship holds itself to a six star ideal and promises fantastic vacations.

Crystal Transatlantic Cruise - Wining and Dining

A transatlantic Crystal cruise knows that food is important on such a voyage, so the Crystal transatlantic cruise strives to make their dining options sumptuous and diverse. From burgers to multi-course gourmet meals, there is something for every one indulge in afternoon tea; enjoy a luxurious five course meal from the comfort of your own suite; enjoy various types of cuisine from regional, to Italian, to Asian fusion. Your transatlantic Crystal cruise ensures you eat well and in style.

Also, wine lovers will marvel at the selection aboard the transatlantic Crystal cruises, from vintage years of first-growth Bordeaux and California cult Cabernets, to excellent value wines from countries like Spain and Australia

Crystal Transatlantic Cruise - Entertainment & Programs

The onboard entertainment and programs available on a cruise are never more important than when a ship's itinerary includes multiple days at sea. Recognizing this, each transatlantic Crystal cruise offers numerous activities making for a thrilling, well- rounded vacation. Guests of the transatlantic Crystal cruise can attend classes and lectures on topics ranging from Jazz to soap opera writing, from astronomy to Broadway shows. Cruisers looking to give their minds a rest can practice their golf swing, try some yoga, or simply luxuriate in Crystal's spa.

Crystal Transatlantic Cruise - A Historical Voyage

The transatlantic crystal cruise voyage is more steeped in history than any other type of cruise. This fact seems to be reflected in the type of itineraries offered by Crystal as each attempts to capture the historical significance of the ship?s route and the spirit of feeling free when all one can see is ocean from horizon to horizon.

Crystal Transatlantic Cruise - Route of the Vikings

The first transatlantic cruise offered by Crystal harkens back to the earliest days of such journeys, tracing the voyage of the earliest Viking seafarers.

This Crystal transatlantic cruise sets sail from Dover, England, following the British coast to Edinburgh and Invergordon in Scotland. From there you?ll voyage to the Faroe Islands in Denmark, then head northeast, across the open Atlantic, to Reykjavik, Iceland and Nuuk, Greenland. From Greenland, cruisers head to their final destination, New York, New York.

Crystal Transatlantic Cruise - "New World" Voyage

If the "Viking route" doesn't sound appealing, cruisers can choose instead to follow a more southerly route in the steps of Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci Columbus.

This ten day transatlantic Crystal cruise takes cruisers from the Portuguese capital of Lisbon to Miami, Florida, with stops make on the exotic isle of Ponta Delgada in the Azores as well as Bermuda.

Crystal Transatlantic Cruise - "Classic" Atlantic Crossing

The final cruise option offered by Crystal is a eastbound trip that maximizes the time passengers spend on the open ocean. This is Crystal's "Classic" Atlantic crossing, which leaves port from Miami, in Florida, and cruises straight through until it reaches its destination of Lisbon.

Crystal Transatlantic Cruise & Cruise Network

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