Cunard Cruise Food

Prepare your senses for the incredible Cunard Cruise Food listed on the extensive Cunard Cruise Menu. From Italian to Asian to American fare, your Cunard dining experiences are sure to satisfy the most discriminate of palates. Cunard Cruise Food has a distinctive taste that leaves you wanting more long after you've left the table. To experience Cunard Cruise Food, call Cruise Network and speak to a Cruise Specialist.

Cunard Cruise Food - Cunard's Main Dining

Not unlike the Chef prepared dishes you'd find in a fine restaurant ashore, the Cunard Cruise food served in Queen Mary's and Queen Elizabeth's main dining rooms is a feast for the senses. Culinary creations are brought out from the kitchen, by unobtrusive yet attentive waiters, and placed on your lavishly decorated table top. Dining on this ocean liner exceeds all your expectations. And your quest for great dining is not limited to the main dining rooms.

Regardless of where your stateroom is located on the ocean liner, you'll be assigned to dine in a fancy restaurant that offers a diverse Cunard Cruise Menu. And you can rest assured that your meal is prepared under the best conditions because it's being prepared under the guidance of culinary expert Chef Daniel Boulud.

Dining rooms are assigned by cabin cost, and each QM2 and QE2 stateroom is matched with a reserved table at a sea-view restaurant. The passengers staying in the Q categories cabins have the top cabins on the ship and dine in the Queens Grill. P categories Passengers are in the next level of cabins, and they dine in the Princess Grill. Both of these categories of cabins share the Queens Grill Lounge.

Britannia Restaurant
The Britannia Restaurant is a 3-story, opulent dining room complete with a grand sweeping staircase and exquisite decor. A collage of flavors creates your Cunard Cruise Food, and the recipes are culled from cuisines all over the world.

Princess & Queens Grill Restaurant
The Cunard Cruise Menu in Cunard Grill restaurants garners wide acclaim by food critics everywhere. And dining on Cunard Cruise Food in the Grill Restaurants is said to be one of the finest meal experiences you'll ever have at sea. Expect tableside cooking, impeccable service and more.

Cunard Cruise Food - More QM2 Dining Options

Additional Queen Mary 2 restaurants include the Kings Court which is a buffet area broken up into four different areas:
- La Piazza offers regular breakfast; lunch and dinner has Italian choices
- Lotus also has regular breakfast; lunch and dinner has Asian choices
- The Carvery serves a regular breakfast; lunch and dinner has Roast Beef and other items
- The Chef's Galley is a buffet plus it makes individually cooked eggs; for lunch it does hamburgers and hot dogs; there's a $30 charge for dinner but includes wine. Expect a new Cunard Cruise menu each night and for the chef to prepare the food right in front of you.

Also, there is a Todd English restaurant on the ship that is open for lunch ($20 pp charge) and dinner ($30 pp charge). Or don't dine out at all. Just call up 24-hour room service and let the exquisite Cunard Cruise Food be brought right to your door.

Cunard Cruise Food - More QE2 Dining Options

Your dining rooms assignments are given out based on the cost of your cabin. Thus, those passengers who have the priciest accommodations dine in the Queen's Grill. Those assigned in the next priciest accommodations dine in the Princess Grill and Britannia Grill. Those passengers booked in smaller outside cabins are assigned to the Caronia Restaurant. And the passengers in the remaining cabins dine in the Mauretania Restaurant. The Lido is open for buffet breakfast and lunch. The Lido offers themed dinners such as French, Italian, American and Indian. New additions to the QE2 are the Golden Lion Pub and The Funnel Bar. Both serve the usual pub fare and light grilled meals. QE2 also offers a full afternoon tea in a number of venues. In the Queen's Room, white gloved stewards serve tea along with tasty sandwiches and sweets. The Lido offers a tea buffet too.

Room service is offered 24 hours a day, but only penthouse passengers can order off his or her restaurant's menu. There is the traditional midnight buffet. And QE2 serves Children's Tea, which is a supper served between 5:30 and 6 p.m. in the Pavilion.

Cunard Cruise Food - Information

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