Cunard Cruises Mediterranean

Cunard cruises to the Mediterranean give passengers the chance to retrace the paths of ancient civilizations and see cities built on the dust of crumbled empires. But the Mediterranean is anything but dead and forgotten; it is alive with culture, art, and romance. This area of the world is truly like no other place on earth. For beauty, storied history, and good food (of course), the Mediterranean is a sure bet. And you get to do it all with the cruise line that was there since the beginning. Taking one of the Cunard cruises to the Mediterranean allows you to experience the epitome of luxury and style onboard the ship and some of the most interesting and enjoyable destinations around.

Cunard Cruises Mediterranean Ports of Call

The Cunard cruises to the Mediterranean set off on roundtrip voyages out of Southampton, England. Each of the Cunard cruises to the Mediterranean is based around a specific theme, in which travelers are fully immersed in the history, landscape, and people of that part of the world.

Try the 15-day Mediterranean Adventure with Queen Elizabeth 2, a voyage with one of the most unique itineraries of all the Cunard cruises to the Mediterranean. Sail to Vigo, Spain; Gibraltar; Naples, Italy; Athens, Greece; Zakynthos, Greece; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Cagliari, Italy; and Lisbon, Portugal.

The 12-day Mediterranean Explorer on Queen Mary 2 visits Lisbon, Portugal; sails through the Strait of Gibraltar; goes to the ancient city of Rome; and then heads to Florence, Italy; Cannes, France; and Vigo Spain. This is a great cruise because you get an ample time to just enjoy being at sea, as well as plenty of shore excursion options.

The longest of the Cunard cruises to the Mediterranean is the 16-day Mediterranean Delights, a properly named itinerary if ever there was one. This cruise takes you to places from where men ruled the world and gods were created and honored. Set sail from Southampton to Lisbon, Portugal; Malaga, Spain; Palmero, Sicily; Alexandria, Egypt; Kusadasi, Turkey; Athens, Greece; and Rome, Italy.

There are dozens of other Cunard cruises to the Mediterranean available; feel free to search for more options.

Cunard Cruises Mediterranean Cruise Ships

Not only are the itineraries of the Cunard cruises to the Mediterranean special, but so are the cruise ships. Both the Queen Elizabeth 2 and the Queen Mary 2 will take you from port to port with the grace and style of the British ocean liners of the past. But they also have the most modern comforts and amenities of any cruise ship. The Cunard cruises to the Mediterranean are the perfect combination of modern comfort and golden era style.

Cunard Cruises Mediterranean Booking Your Cruise

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