Cunard Mediterranean Cruise

Experience a fascinating destination with a Mediterranean Cunard Cruise! Cunard cruises let you travel in style to other great destinations, including South America, Africa and transatlantic voyages.

Cunard Mediterranean Cruise - Athens, Greece

Discover during a Cunard Mediterranean Cruise the city that launched the "Golden Age." Athens is a fascinating city that features rich history, culture and cosmopolitan activities. Experience during a Mediterranean Cunard Cruise history open before you as you ascend the Acropolis. Look down from the sacred citadel to see the famous theatres of the Greeks and Romans. Visit the Parthenon, the world's most perfect example of classical architecture. See the Olympic Stadium and the former Royal Palace with its colorful Evzone guards.

Cunard Mediterranean Cruise - Rome, Italy

The legendary city of Rome holds endless possibilities for fun, discovery, sightseeing and adventure during a Cunard Mediterranean Cruise. Explore during a Mediterranean Cunard Cruise the vast collections of the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica, the ancient Forum and the Colosseum.

Cruisers can also witness during a Mediterranean Cunard Cruise the scenic beauty of the Roman Castle Wine Villages in the nearby countryside. These beautiful vineyards, valleys and lakes of the Castelli Romani district hold many tales of the noble Roman families of old. Stroll during a Mediterranean Cunard Cruise in the village of Castelgandolfo past the palatial summer residence of the Pope. See the charming town of Nemi, known for wild strawberries. Learn about wonderful wines and 16th century villas in Frascati on the slopes facing Rome. Stop at a local country restaurant for a light lunch, complemented by a local vintage.

Cunard Mediterranean Cruise - Naples, Italy

Enjoy one of the most beautiful bays in the world in Naples, Italy during a Mediterranean Cunard Cruise. Discover San Carlo Opera House and San Janarious Cathedral.

You can also take a great boat tour during a Mediterranean Cunard Cruise around Capri, to reach the dramatic shores of this idyllic "Island of Love." From Marina Grande, ascend to the mountaintop town of Anacapri. After a short walking tour, you'll be welcomed to Villa San Michele, home of Swedish writer Dr. Axel Munthe, or offered the opportunity to ride a chair lift to the island's highest point. In Capri town, have a light lunch of local specialties and stroll with your guide along the piazzetta. The cobbled streets lead to Augustus Gardens, where a monastery and panoramic views delight the eyes.

Cunard Mediterranean Cruise - The Fleet

Enjoy the ultimate experience of luxury aboard a Cunard Mediterranean Cruise. The Cunard cruise line has two beautiful, elegant ships, the Queen Elizabeth 2 and the Queen Mary 2. Board either of these great ships, where the rich and famous have been known to stroll of gleaming teak decks while enjoying the earth?s most dramatic panoramas.

Cunard Mediterranean Cruise - Ship Facts

Weight: 70,327 to 150,000 tons
Length: 963 to 1,132 feet
Guest capacity: 1,791 to 2,620

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