Delta Queen Cruise Itineraries

If you want to discover the beauty of America's heritage, Delta Queen Cruise Itineraries are for you. Delta Cruise Itineraries are created to give passengers an intimate look at all the places and people who helped to make this nation great. You'll see where legendary battles were fought, hear lectures from history experts, and see scenic riversides like never before. From booking travelers on Delta Queen themed cruises to finding travelers a Delta Queen River Cruise discount or deal, Cruise Network is the only agency one should trust to book his or her perfect Delta Queen Cruise vacation.

Delta Queen Cruise Itineraries - The Ship

Relax in the cozy comfort of the Betty Blake Lounge. Sip tea in the Forward Cabin Lounge or wet your whistle in the Texas Lounge. You can stroll along the decks outside your wood-paneled stateroom, or walk the interior of the Delta to admire her rich woodwork, the soft glow of her stained glass transoms, her glittering crystal chandelier and antique furnishings. And you can even try playing the vintage calliope to complete the atmosphere of Delta charm.

Delta Queen Cruise Itineraries - The Theme Cruises

Six Rivers
Delta Queen Cruise Itineraries offers a fascinating 8-night journey from Birmingham to Memphis on six rivers. You'll cruise on the Black Warrior, the Tenn-Tom Waterway, the Tennessee, the Cumberland, the Ohio, and the mighty Mississippi. The onboard Riverlorian' will tell you tales of proud Indian tribes, the brutal Civil War battles, and the engineering phenomenon that is the Tenn-Tom River. For this excursion, you'd best awaken the explorer in you!

Bluegrass Jamboree
Delta Queen Cruise Itineraries offers the Bluegrass Jamboree. If you love bluegrass music, this vacation is for you. You'll be a part of a real live bluegrass jamboree replete with sounds of the Appalachian and Smoky Mountain regions. You'll be amazed by the speed at which horse bows run across fiddles, and how fast fingers pluck the strings of the mandolins and banjos.

Old-Fashioned Holidays
For Christmas, take your family for a Dickens On The Strand Vacation holiday cruise. The Delta Queen will leave from New Orleans to Galveston via the Intracoastal Waterway for an authentic Victorian Christmas vacation inclusive of costumed Dickens characters, impressive parades and plum pudding. Then ring in the New Year with a glass of champagne, yummy cuisine, and great music for dancing.

Steamboat Racing
Delta Queen Cruise Itineraries include the Steamboat Racing itinerary. The Delta Queen and the Mississippi Queen cruise from New Orleans to St. Louis in a fun-filled salute to the famous 1870 steamboat race between the Rob't E. Lee and the Natchez. On your journey, passengers and crew will compete for the much sought after Commodore's Cup by joining in the fun with the "Floozie Contest," "Captain Foghorn's Floating Follies" and much more. Then it's time for the two steamboats battle it out in a genuine speed race into St. Louis where the winner receives the Golden Antlers, steamboat racing's traditional trophy.

There is also the race between Delta Queen and Belle of Louisville. The steamboats will cruise from Memphis to Cincinnati and will feature the annual race with the Belle of Louisville. Contact Cruise Network to inquire about a Delta Queen River Cruise discount or deals.

Gardens of the River Vacations
Delta Queen Cruise Itineraries for the Gardens of the River vacations could lead you to a stopover in Stanton Hall and Rosalie in Natchez, Afton Villa and Rosedown in St. Francisville, Oak Alley in Vacherie, Houmas House in Burnside, and Longue Vue House and Gardens in New Orleans. You'll be joined on your cruise by favorite gardening show TV hosts, authors, horticulturalists and landscape artists including Cathy Barash, Felder Rushing, Brent and Becky Heath. You'll reap the benefits of their expertise and gather techniques that you can use in your own backyard.

Kentucky Derby?
When you choose to travel aboard the Delta Queen for the Kentucky Derby Vacation, you'll immerse yourself in a cruise about horse racing! The Kentucky Derby Vacation on the Delta Queen will include tickets to the Derby, of course. And plenty of mint juleps served. Contact Cruise Network for your Delta Queen River Cruise discount.

Civil War
Choose this Delta Queen Cruise Itineraries vacation if you want to learn from experts about America's most costly war. You'll get the chance to walk among the vestiges of a once ferocious battle field and hear in the soldier's own words, gripping testimonies of what life was like then for the soldiers on the front lines. Civil War historians and authors including James "Bud" Robertson, Richard McMurry, William C. "Jack" Davis, Craig Symonds and Brian Steel Wills will accompany passengers on this emotional journey back into time. Also joining all departures will be Jim Getty, a Lincoln impersonator who performs a fantastic one-man show. Come explore battlefields and experience living history demonstrations.

Fall Foliage
Delta Queen Cruise Itineraries include a scenic journey along the rivers and is the most majestic time to see fall foliage. You'll experience the colorful scenery of the Mississippi River, the undulating hills and meticulous farmland of the Ohio Valley or the tranquil loveliness of the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers.

Throughout the cruise, you'll sip and sample the fall time favorites such as apple cider and spiced pumpkin pie. You'll speak with naturalists about the foliage. And you'll be filled with so many memories that will last a lifetime.

Delta Queen Cruise Itineraries - The Cruises

The Delta Queen Cruise Itineraries for 2005 and 2006 include the following:

Delta Queen Cruise Itineraries - Booking Info

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