Delta Queen Cruise Review

The Delta Queen Cruise Review suggests that a voyage on Delta Queen is a journey back into America?s yesteryear. Accentuated by the sounds of a whistling calliope as she shoves off from dock, the Delta Queen is a real live, authentic American antique on the seas. And the onboard service is redolent of the past too, complete with good manners and old-fashioned hospitality delivered from the crew. The good news, you?ll get the atmospheric touches of history in every Delta Queen cruise without having to forgo the modernity of your cabins and the exquisiteness of the ship?s cuisine. Book a Delta Queen Cruise vacation with Cruise Network today by calling 888.267.1232.

Delta Queen Cruise Review - The ship

You won?t find televisions and cabin phones in the staterooms on the Delta Queen. And room service orders are done via writing on a chalkboard in the lobby. If you need a wake up ?call,? you have to drop by the Purser?s office to request one. But it isn?t a call at all, it?s actually a knock on the door accompanied by a kind voice yet firm voice telling you to rise and shine.

The interior d'or of the ship is replete with tiffany lamps, antique furniture, hardwood paneling, brass fittings, Siamese ironwood floor, and a Grand Staircase crowned by a crystal chandelier.

Ship Facts
Size: Small (Up to 500 passengers)
Gross Tonnage: 3,360
Entered service: 1927/1998
Passenger capacity: 174
Decks: 4

Delta Queen Cruise Review - The Atmosphere

The atmosphere on the Delta Cruise is causal. Sporty shorts, jeans and the like are appropriate daytime wear. However, two evenings on the ship you?ll need to business attire. For the captain?s cocktail reception and a special dinner, men should wear a coat and tie and women should wear dresses.

Although the atmosphere onboard is causal, it isn?t particularly tailored for children. You won?t find things like kiddie pools and organized children?s programs on board. There?s actually no pool at all. But activities like calliope lessons and kite flying off the stern may prove to fun for all. Nor is the atmosphere really aimed at the young honeymoon couple even though you?ll find some couples on the ship. The vast majority of the cruises seem to be the ideal situation for Americans seeking a tranquil, nostalgic vacation and who have the time to spend leisurely days on the river.

Delta Queen Cruise Review - Cabins

All of Delta Queen's 87 staterooms have ocean views. And all the staterooms feature wall-to-wall carpet, private bath with shower, large mirror, lots of storage space. The staterooms are found on the Sun Deck, Texas Deck and Cabin Deck.

Delta Queen Cruise Review - Dining

According to the Delta Queen Cruise Review, the cuisine on Delta Queen can only be described as hearty southern delicacies. Expect to find on your menu items such as steak, prime rib, southern-style barbecue ribs and chicken, fried catfish, soups, green salads, delicious pastries and ice cream desserts. You can order Cajun and Creole dishes as well, and other regional dishes. And vegetarian and heart-healthy meals are offered at every lunch and dinner. Grilled chicken breast with steamed vegetables and baked potato is available every night as another light selection.

There are breakfast and lunch buffets as well as menu selections. The Continental breakfast is served in the Forward Lounge. It begins early in the morning and runs late into the afternoon. And if after your breakfast, lunch and dinner you are still hungry, there?s a Moonlight buffet at 10:15 p.m. that is heavy with desserts.

Delta Queen Cruise Review - Entertainment

The Entertainment on Delta Queen is just what one would expect. From the Dixieland jazz and show tunes to fantastic shows presented after dinner in the Orleans Room, the ship is riddled with nostalgic remnants of eras past. Jeff Lashway plays the keyboard in the Texas Lounge, and during dinner he accompanies the band in the dining room. And the musical stylings of Annie Lebeaux will provide exciting entertainment too.

Delta Queen Cruise Review - Activities

The activities on board include lectures on history, port information and river life all provided by the 'Riverlorian.' The main activities on board Delta Queen are movies, mainly classics, bingo, card games, trivia contests, kite flying, and a wheelhouse tour while in ports.

Delta Queen Cruise Review - Tipping

Suggested tips are as follows:
$4.50 per person, per day for your cabin attendant
$4.50 per person, per day for your dining room server
$3.25 per person, per day for your bus person
$5.75 per couple, per cruise for the ma're d'

In addition, porters charge $5 per bag, which includes both embarkation and disembarkation service.

Delta Queen Cruise Review - Booking Information

To book a cruise on Delta Queen, or to learn more about available itineraries, please call one of our friendly and knowledgeable Cruise Network Cruise Specialists.

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