Delta Queen

To cruise aboard the Delta Queen cruise ship is truly a time traveling adventure, and a discovery of our American past. This legendary steamboat is an official National Historic Landmark and has called the Mississippi River system home since 1947. Lovingly maintained, she stands as a well- preserved echo from the Great Steamboat Era as her paddlewheel gracefully ply the rivers. Admire her rich woodwork, the soft glow of her stained glass transoms, her glittering crystal chandelier and antique furnishings. Enjoy her open-arm hospitality and share in the camaraderie of the Steamboat in family who cherish her legacy.

Delta Queen Accommodations

All staterooms and suites of the Delta Queen cruise ship feature large mirrors, wall to wall carpet, ample storage space and private bathroom with shower. Delta Queen?s outside luxury suites are the best in steamboat accommodations. Richly furnished, these suites have several large windows and an extra sitting area as well as a private bathroom with shower and tub. Outside superior suites are similar to the luxury suites but only have one window and offer only a shower in the private bath. Outside luxury, superior outside select and outside standard staterooms feature an expansive river view window and private bathroom with shower. Standard staterooms on the Delta Queen cruise ship offer bunk beds only and luxury staterooms feature antique furnishings as well as stained glass around the window.

Delta Queen Dining

With all this talk of history and America there has to be time in between to relax and reflect that's what the Delta Queen cruise ship lounges are for! Relax in the cozy comfort of the Betty Blake Lounge. Sip tea in the Forward Cabin Lounge or join in the fun that never seems to end in the Texas Lounge. Stroll the decks of the riverboat and admire the gorgeous riverside view or gaze up at the stars at night.

From the sumptuous American river cuisine to lively showboat? entertainment, not only are the joys of the Delta Queen onboard the ship but she takes you to adventures are around every bend in the river!

Delta Queen Activities and Entertainment

Families will enjoy the Delta Queen Riverventure cruises which are geared toward rediscovering America and bring families closer. Mingle with famous Americans like Martha Washington, Patrick Henry, and Mark Twain on board the Delta Queen cruise ship as they help to bring history to life. Guests are charmed by tales of life on the river stories of both today and the past. Explore creative ways to get everyone involved in history by researching and recording your own unique genealogy. Featuring some of the best family entertainment in the country, your family will enjoy original shows celebrating the music of America with elaborate costumes and lots of laughs.

On shore, discover the difference in the lifestyle of the Cajuns in Louisiana and the Amish in Wisconsin. Tour the restored USS Kidd in Baton Rouge and learn what it was like to serve a tour of duty on a World War II destroyer. Visit Mark Twain's hometown of Hannibal, Missouri, where you can board a tram with Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher, pan for gems and 'whitewash the fence' just like Tom had to do years ago.

Several themed sailings are available throughout the year. Explore the battlefields of the soldiers in blue and gray. Admire the vibrant colors of autumn during a fall foliage cruise. Enjoy a 'moonlight serenade' on the river as you dance to those great sounds from the Big Band era. The opportunities are endless on the Delta Queen cruise ship.

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