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Discovery Cruise Excursions abound via Discovery World Cruises, which travel to destinations and ports of call in Antarctica, Asia, the South Pacific, Mediterranean Europe, the Caribbean, North Africa, the Panama Canal, South America and the Galapagos Islands. Discovery Cruise Shore Excursions would not be possible without the grace of flexible travel itineraries which can last anywhere from two weeks to over 50 days.

With this in mind, Discovery Cruise Excursions are further enhanced by an amazing onboard experience. Offering style, comfort and grace, the MV Discovery ship is not only your passageway to distant worlds where Discovery Cruise Shore Excursions come to life but also wonderful features like elegant dining restaurants, top entertainment facilities and gracious service accommodations.

When it comes to delivering the most incredible family vacation or group outing, the one-two combination of Discovery Cruise Excursions and the MV Discovery ship is a knock-out punch throughout the entire year.

Discovery Cruise Excursions - Destinations

Passengers and guests truly do discover the world with this appropriately named cruise line! Discovery cruises are renowned for thrilling visits to some of the most romanticized cities and destinations in the world. The laundry list of these popular destinations includes but is certainly not limited to London, Barcelona, Istanbul, Barbados, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Montevideo. Discovery Cruise Shore Excursions in these destinations typically revolve around the main attractions and natural features of each specific locale. With this in mind, Discovery guests may shop on the famous Oxford Street and visit the various clubs and bars of Soho while in London's West End. Guests may also take to the water in warmer climates by engaging in snorkeling and scuba diving Discovery Cruise Excursions in Barbados.

With a variety of Discovery Cruise Excursions to choose from, the cruising experience begins to take solid shape. As an example of how stimulating and relaxing Discovery Cruise Shore Excursions truly are, here's what you may do in popular Rio de Janeiro. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Rio bustles with opportunity. Many Discovery travellers visit the famous Christ the Redeemer Statue on the top of Corcovado Mountain for some divine inspiration. Take part in the yearly Carnival celebration while in Rio and prepare yourself to have a great time. Or take to the famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, where you may just lounge in the sun all day or engage in wonderful diving and other Discovery Cruise Excursions in the inviting waters.

Discovery Cruise Excursions - 16-Night Panama Canal and Galapagos Cruise

Some of the most exciting Discovery Cruise Shore Excursions take place on the 16-night Panama Canal and Galapagos Islands cruise. This cruise will first require prospective guests to depart from the United States of America by air and then land in Quito, Ecuador. After settling down and spending two days in Quito, guests will take to the air once again, this time to the Galapagos Islands. From here, the MV Discovery will travel to San Cristobal before sailing the Pacific Ocean and visiting San Jose Island on Panama's Pearl Islands. After visiting Fort Amador, the MV Discovery vessel will transit the Panama Canal and then hit up the San Blas Islands. After three days in Panama and a visit to Puerto Limon, Costa Rica, this cruise will move about the Caribbean Sea, visiting Belize City and then ending in Nassau in the Bahamas.

The capital of Ecuador, Quito bustles with color and many Discovery Cruise Shore Excursions. Climb high into the Andes Mountain while viewing the elaborate churches with bell towers and steeples and then take a trip to the Quito Art School, which has been lauded for its innovative paintings and baroque styles. Travel to various city markets and buy a poncho as a reminder of time well spent engaging in different Discovery Cruise Excursions.

After sightseeing in Quito, Discovery Cruise Shore Excursions really pick up in San Cristobal in the Galapagos Islands. Seek out and observe some of the most exotic animal species in the world while in San Cristobal. Did you know that the Chatham mockingbird can only be found on this island Grab your binoculars as you observe red-footed boobies in the early morning and then visit the rocks on the coast, where sea lions, giant lizards and sea turtles often frolic.

Sitting on the Pearl Islands, the San Jose Island is located some 40 miles off the coast of Panama. Be amazed by the natural beauty of this island as you replenish yourself in its turquoise waters and relax on its sandy beaches via Discovery Cruise Shore Excursions. After travelling through the Canal, an experience in itself, settle down in the San Blas Islands. Get to know the interesting Cuna people and learn about their Indian society. Relax on palm tree-lined beaches and then come face-to-face with exotic marine life when snorkeling near the coral reef in San Blas, the site of many Panama Canal Discovery Cruise Excursions.

The capital of Costa Rica, Puerto Limon bustles with lush green hills and rainforests housing howler monkeys. Venture up to nearby San Jose and be captivated by the aroma of coffee beans emanating from the many plantations. While in Belize, visit the Mayan ruins of Tikal, which are located just over the border of Guatemala. Tikal is not only famous for its five pyramids but also is renowned for inspiring Star Wars creator George Lucas and his image of the rebel base in those movies.

This Discovery cruise to the Panama Canal wraps up in Nassau in the Bahamas. Bask in old attractions like Fort Fincastle and new resorts and hotels in Nassau before returning back to the United States via plane.

Discovery Cruise Excursions - Discounts

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