Discovery Galapagos Cruise

Book a Discovery cruise to the Galapagos Islands and discover a region that shaped Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. This adventurous Discovery cruise to the Galapagos starts in Quito, Ecuador, where Discovery Galapagos cruise guests can visit beautiful churches and wonderful museums that include classic masters and modern art. There, you can also see the breathtaking Andes and the shadow of the volcanic Mt. Pichincha. Cruisers will also sail to the Bahamas by way of the Panama Canal. This great cruise tour also stops in Costa Rica and Belize, where active cruisers will enjoy exploring lush rainforests.

Discovery Galapagos Cruise - The Galapagos Islands

Many destinations promise to give cruisers a chance to step back into history. A Discovery Galapagos cruise is the best example of this promise, as you travel to a place that shaped one of the world's leading scientific doctrines, Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Discovery World Cruises appreciates the delicate ecological balance of the Galapagos. That's why only 500 passengers are allowed for each itinerary of the Discovery cruise to the Galapagos tours.

Many of the Galapagos creatures that you will see during a Discovery cruise to the Galapagos do not exist anywhere else on earth. Explore this living laboratory of adaptation during a Discovery cruise to the Galapagos and see the islands' huge tortoises that bear the Galapagos name, as well as giant iguanas.

Visit San Cristobal during a Discovery cruise to the Galapagos. San Cristobal is a charming island that is home to the capital of the island chain, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. There, you might spot the Chatham mockingbird and the red-footed booby. Discovery Galapagos cruise guests will have days to leisurely explore the island for a chance to see sea lions, marine lizards as well as other rare birds and marine creatures.

Discovery Galapagos Cruise - MV Discovery

The MV Discovery is marked by classic and elegant design. This beautiful ship combines the modern comforts of a luxurious hotel with a sleek exterior inspired by the classic liners of yesteryear.

Enjoy great views during a day at sea aboard a Discovery Galapagos cruise, whether you're hanging out in one of the ship's bars or lounges, working out in the gym or getting pampered in the beauty salon. The MV Discovery also includes open-air Jacuzzis on the Sun Deck as well as the Waves bar and pool on the Riviera Deck for to enjoy during a Discovery cruise to the Galapagos. The Lido Deck has an all-weather sunroof that retracts and disappears, leaving the pool amidships to bathe in the sun and tables ready for a wonderful dining experience with an al fresco lunch during a Discovery Galapagos cruise.

Discovery Galapagos Cruise - Ship Facts

For more info to book a Discovery cruise to the Galapagos. Our knowledgeable cruise specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days of week to help you plan a great Discovery Galapagos cruise vacation!

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