Discovery Panama Canal Cruise

A Discovery Panama Canal Cruise is often combined with trips to fascinating destinations like the Galapagos Islands, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Belize and the Bahamas. As an example, a Discovery Cruise to the Panama Canal and the Galapagos often involves 16-night travel itineraries which provide top notch shore excursions in ports of call like Quito, Belize City, Puerto Limon, San Cristobal and Nassau. This cruise line does offer a grand 53-day Discovery Panama Canal Cruise which additionally and extensively tours the South Pacific region. Sailing on the remarkable MV Discovery ship, a Panama Canal voyage is marked by a luxury onboard experience featuring exquisite dining restaurants, elegant entertainment settings and gracious service accommodations.

When it comes to cruising to one of the most important man-made creations of all time, it is truly hard to envision a better experience for a family vacation or group outing than what Discovery World Cruises has to offer!

Discovery Panama Canal Cruise - Review of Panama Canal and Galapagos

The Panama Canal is a 51 mile (82 km) canal which cuts through the Isthmus of Panama and connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean in Central America. While it is speculated that the groundwork for building the Canal began in the 1500s, the Panama Canal was not officially opened until August 15, 1914. Not only does the Panama Canal save some 18,000 miles at sea from a trip to San Francisco to New York, but it also affords ships the luxury of not having to sail the dangerous route between the Drake Passage and Cape Horn in South America. Servicing over 12,000 ships per year, the Panama Canal has seen an approximate 800,000 ships pass through it since its completion.

Famous for the unique animals that move about its shores, the Galapagos Islands were also the testing spot for Charles Darwin and his theories of evolution. Straddling the equator on the Pacific Ocean, the Galapagos are comprised of 19 islands and a variety of islets and volcanic rocks that combine to cover some 20,000 square miles of sea. The population of the Galapagos is about 17,000 people, with most of its inhabitants residing on San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Isabela and Floreana. While the language of the islands is Spanish, English is fluently spoken by tour guides. Citizens from the United States of America must present a valid passport for entry.

Discovery Panama Canal Cruise - 16-Day Panama Canal and Galapagos Trip

The 16-day Discovery Cruise to the Panama Canal and the Galapagos Islands will require prospective guests to depart from the United States of America by air and then land in Quito, Ecuador. After settling down and spending two days in Quito, guests will take to the air once again, this time to the Galapagos Islands. From here, this Discovery Panama Canal Cruise will spend two days in San Cristobal before sailing the Pacific Ocean and visiting San Jose Island on Panama's Pearl Islands. After visiting Fort Amador, this Discovery Cruise to the Panama Canal will transit the Canal and then hit up the San Blas Islands. After three days in Panama and a visit to Puerto Limon, Costa Rica, this Discovery Panama Canal Cruise will move about the Caribbean Sea, visiting Belize City and then ending in Nassau, Bahamas.

The capital of Ecuador, Quito bustles with color and many activities during a Discovery Cruise to the Panama Canal. Climb high into the Andes Mountain while viewing the elaborate churches with bell towers and steeples and then take a trip to the Quito Art School, which has been lauded for its innovative paintings and baroque styles. Travel to various city markets and buy a poncho as a reminder of your Discovery Cruise to the Panama Canal.

After sightseeing in Quito, the fun picks up in San Cristobal in the Galapagos Islands during your Discovery Panama Canal Cruise. Seek out and observe some of the most exotic animal species in the world while in San Cristobal. Did you know that the Chatham mockingbird can only be found on this island, Grab your binoculars as you observe red-footed boobies in the early morning and then visit the rocks on the coast, where sea lions, giant lizards and sea turtles often frolic.

Sitting on the Pearl Islands, the San Jose Island is located some 40 miles off the coast of Panama. Be amazed by the natural beauty of this island as you replenish yourself in its turquoise waters and relax on its sandy beaches during your Discovery Cruise to the Panama Canal. After traveling through the Canal, an experience in itself, settle down in the San Blas Islands. Get to know the interesting Cuna people and learn about their Indian society. Relax on palm tree-lined beaches and then come face-to-face with exotic marine life when snorkeling near the coral reef in San Blas, via this wonderful Discovery Panama Canal Cruise.

The capital of Costa Rica, Puerto Limon bustles with lush green hills and rainforests housing howler monkeys. Venture up to nearby San Jose and be captivated by the aroma of coffee beans emanating from the many plantations. While in Belize, visit the Mayan ruins of Tikal, which are located just over the border of Guatemala. Tikal is not only famous for its five pyramids but also is renowned for inspiring Star Wars creator George Lucas and his image of the rebel base in those movies. This Discovery Cruise to the Panama Canal wraps up in Nassau in the Bahamas. Bask in old attractions like Fort Fincastle and new resorts and hotels in Nassau before returning back to the United States via plane.

This Discovery Panama Canal Cruise has set sail in late April through early May on the MV Discovery ship. With air fare in mind, Discovery guests may set up flights through this cruise line. Utilizing the world's major airlines, Discovery is often able to get free and low cost air add-ons for its guests as they prepare for this wonderful Discovery Cruise to the Panama Canal.

Discovery Panama Canal Cruise - MV Discovery Ship

A Discovery Panama Canal Cruise involves life onboard the MV Discovery ship. In accordance with the ecological needs of the Galapagos, this specific Discovery Cruise to the Panama Canal and these exotic islands will accommodate a maximum of 500 guests. Offering old world comfort with modern perks, the MV Discovery is an incredible vessel that provides spacious open areas and eight passenger decks. Cruising at a speed of 18 knots, the MV Discovery will take you to these destinations in no time.

The 553-foot MV Discovery features a variety of entertainment and dining options for its guests. Enjoy some of the finest cuisine available at such restaurants as the Seven Continents, the Yacht Club and the Lido Buffet, which utilizes a retractable roof to add to its already-wonderful ambience. Maintain your exercise routine at the Gymnasium Health and Beauty Centre and then hit up one of its two Jacuzzis. Immerse yourself in the heated waters of the swimming pool on the Lido Deck or take your exploits to the swimming pool on the Riviera Deck. Enjoy lectures, church services and movies at the Discovery Theatre and watch live acts at the Carousel Show Lounge. Test lady luck at the Monte Carlo Casino & The Nightclub and then kick back, enjoy a cold one and shoot the breeze at one of the ship's five bars.

As for accommodations, the MV Discovery offers a variety of cabins with different letter categories. All cabins have private facilities, air conditioning and a television, hair dryer and safe. While all cabins have showers, those cabins on the Bridge and Promenade decks also have a bath. Via two windows or portholes, outside cabins provide wonderful views of the various sights of the Caribbean Sea during this Discovery Panama Canal Cruise. All cabins have two lower beds or a double bed while specific cabins will have an additional sofa bed. When it comes to offering privacy and intimacy, the cabins on the MV Discovery ship certainly are up to the task.

Discovery Panama Canal Cruise - Discounts

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