Eastern Caribbean Cruises

Eastern Caribbean cruises and vacation have more options for cruising than any other region in the world. Nearly every cruise line, regardless of size, offers some type of itinerary that either concentrates on the region or at least touches a port or two. This means that regardless of your budget, there are Eastern Caribbean cruise vacations out there for you.

Eastern Caribbean cruises and vacations are so popular that out of necessity these voyages have a large number of diverse jumping-off points - from Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale to Charleston, S.C. and New York City.

Eastern Caribbean Cruises and Vacations - Port Stops on Caribbean East Cruises

Caribbean East cruises travel among the British and American Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and St. Martin. Also included are the Bahamas - though technically not a part of the Caribbean - because stops there are such a major part of every itinerary in the region.

Eastern Caribbean Cruises - When to take Caribbean East Cruises

The busy season for Caribbean East cruises begins in December and runs through April - mostly Americans and Canadians looking to flee the winter cold. The only real difference between winter and summer in the Eastern Caribbean is a slightly warmer average temperature. During fall and summer months prospective cruisers will find the best bargains, however that this is hurricane season would be an obvious deterrent to planning Eastern Caribbean cruises during that time.

Eastern Caribbean Cruises and Vacations - Which Itinerary do I Choose?

Because when it comes to Eastern Caribbean cruises and vacations, virtually all the cruise lines are competing year-round for your vacation dollars, there are many, many different types of itineraries and excursions from which to choose.

Several cruise companies, the more family-friendly lines like Disney and Carnival, offer shorter, three night Caribbean East cruises. Out of necessity, these Eastern Caribbean Cruises and vacations visit few ports of call, typically a combination of the following: the Bahamas, St. Thomas, San Juan, and St. Maarten.

More traditional, seven-day Eastern Caribbean cruise vacations visit more ports, and passengers are able to spend more time ashore. In addition to those ports visited by the shorter trips, the longer itineraries can include: Casa de Camp, Jost Van Dyke, St. Croix, St. John, St. Martin, Tortola, and Virgin Gorda.

Eastern Caribbean Cruises and Vacations - Versatile Caribbean East Cruises

Another benefit of Eastern Caribbean cruises is that there is enough activity and amenity options to accommodate every potential cruiser:

-Most cruise lines offer a wide variety of family-oriented activities on board and in port.
-Cruisers looking to remain active on Eastern Caribbean cruise vacations will find their ships equipped with fitness centers and sport pools - plus snorkeling, scuba, parasailing, hiking and rock climbing available in port.
-Those looking to relax on Eastern Caribbean cruises and vacations will likely find more soothing amenities aboard like spas and libraries, then tranquil, sandy beaches on virtually every port of call.

Eastern Caribbean Cruises and Vacations - Cruise Network

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