Explorer II - Travel to Antarctica

Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers an undeniably unique cruising experience aboard Explorer II to Antarctica, a stylish, yet unpretentious exploration cruise ship. Designed specifically for the icy waters of Antarctica, Regent Seven Seas Cruises Antarctica Explorer II is large enough to accommodate up to 300 guests; however, Regent Seven Seas Cruises limits her passengers to 198 to allow for the maximum amount of space per guest. Exquisite details like gleaming brass, polished wood and original works of art make Explorer II shine with refinement and luxury, amenities never before found on an Antarctica cruise.

Explorer II Antarctica - Destinations - Ushuaia

Regent Cruises offers tours of Antarctica on the Explorer II on 11-night round trip cruises out of Ushuaia, Argentina. Guests enjoy a selection of excursions before embarking out of Ushuaia. Cruise the waterways of the Beagle Channel past Bird Island, or Isla de los Pajaros where countless species of birds congregate, including a large colony of cormorants. Close to shore photo opportunities arise as the catamaran explores the waters around Sea Wolf Island, or Isla de los Lobos where the Islands rocky terrain is home to a large number of seals and sea lions. A spectacular view of Les Eclaireures and the Light House at the End of the World, or Faro del Fin del Mundo arise during this Explorer II Antarctica cruise as well.

Explorer II Antarctica - Destinations - Port Stanley

The Explorer II to Antarctica cruise makes its first stop in Port Stanley, located about 500 miles northeast of Cape Horn, in the Falklands Islands. A slightly off-the-beaten-track location, Port Stanley makes for a very interesting port of call, not to mention the intriguing history for which it is known. Years and years of takeovers, occupations, battles, and instability have made for a fascinating story. Most recently, in 1982, in fact, the islands were invaded by Argentina, and later in the year, counter-invaded by Britain and recaptured by the Falklands.

While visiting, you can take a helicopter ride out to Sea Lion Island or Four Wheel drive out to Bluff Cove Lagoon. All in all, Port Stanley is an exciting stop and an excellent warm up to the unique-style of this Antarctica Explorer II voyage.

Explorer II Antarctica - Destinations - Antarctica

Arriving in the Antarctic Peninsula gives new meaning to the word "extreme" for most people aboard the Antarctica Explorer II. With its stark, raw beauty, Antarctica holds the world's largest reservoir of fresh water yet temperatures make this land desert dry. Penguins-in the tens and even hundreds of thousands-call Antarctica home and gather in colonies that are magnificent to see from your ship. Seals and whales are also in found in abundance. Seeing giant icebergs and the dark blue sea, snowcapped mountains and vast snowfields is awe inspiring to say the least-and best enjoyed from the luxury of the Explorer II, the world's top-rated expedition ship.

Regent Cruises Antarctica Explorer II - Accommodations

Guests will find Staterooms and Suites aboard Explorer II Antarctica to be spacious, comfortable and inviting. They come equipped with a pair of binoculars for better long-shot viewing. All rooms are ocean view and suites feature private balconies. All accommodations have a private bathroom with shower, individual climate control, two music channels, a wall-mounted hairdryer and terry robes. Suites have queen size beds and include a small refrigerator and TV with VCR.
Choose from the 360 sq ft Owners Suite or the 290 sq ft Suite, both of which have spacious balconies. Or, try the Deluxe (226 sq ft), the Superior (162 sq ft), or the Double Occupancy Staterooms (140 sq ft).

Regent Cruises Antarctica Explorer II - Dining

Everything is about your choice while aboard the Explorer II Antarctica. Choose to sit where you want, with whom and when-and best of all, the dress code is "Country Club Casual," with maybe one formal farewell dinner with the Captain. House wines and all bar drinks are complimentary.

The Main Dining Room boasts large panoramic windows and an imaginative menu while the Verandah Restaurant serves breakfast and lunch buffets in a casual environment.

Regent Cruises Antarctica Explorer II - Activities & Entertainment

Days at sea can be as active or as laid back as you choose. When you're not enjoying the glorious sites of whales and glaciers, you can enjoy the gym, unwind in a sauna or pool, squeeze in a massage, catch a movie, or choose from one of the 4,000 books in one of the largest libraries at sea.

Mid-morning bouillon and afternoon tea are served daily. Have a drink in one of the bars or lounges, Shackleton or the South Cape. Chat with new found explorer friends and enjoy informal lectures. An expedition staff of respected naturalists, geologists, zoologists, historians and ornithologists are ready to escort guests out on zodiac tours.

Zodiacs are the workhorses of any Antarctica expedition. Explorer II is equipped with a fleet of ten of these rubber motorized boats. They're safe and stable rubber rafts that make it possible to explore remote Antarctic shores and cruise through the narrow channels for a close-up view of the wild.

Regent Cruises Antarctica Explorer II - Reservations

To book one of these unique cruises to Antarctica, give one of our Certified Cruise Specialists a call. They can offer friendly, information advice and help you find the cruise that's right for you.

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