Group Cruises

Whether your voyage is for business or for pleasure, there is no better way to truly experience everything cruising today has to offer than with a group of your closest friends, family, or co-workers. From rousing onboard activities to thrilling on shore excursions, a group cruise provides you with the opportunity to make precious, unforgettable memories of a lifetime, and with group cruise travel becoming more and more popular and economical for groups of all types and sizes than ever before, there has truly never been a better time to cruise!

Group Cruises - The Ideal Group Vacation Destination

A group cruise offers a fun, relaxed environment where there is an ample amount of opportunity for structured group activities, as well as plenty time and space for everyone to do all the individual things they wish to do. Cruise ships today offer a huge variety of onboard activities, events, and entertainment options for the entire family and people of all ages to enjoy. From spacious onboard swimming pools, lavish entertainment, a vast array of dining options, endless shopping, the opulent onboard spas and fitness centers, and never-ending space to take it easy and unwind, there is truly something for everyone to take advantage of while onboard. Not to mention all of the magnificent, beautiful, and exotic places all over the world that you will have the opportunity to visit!

Group Cruises - Group Cruise Deals

Group rate cruises are also often a great deal more affordable than booking individual cruises. Since with group cruises you are booking cabins in bulk, many cruise lines quite frequently offer a much lower per cabin rate than if you were booking just a single cabin. Group discounts for cruises are available throughout the year, and on a number of industry leading cruise lines including Holland America Line, Carnival Cruises, Princess Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, and many more! Give your certified Cruise Network cruise specialist a call today to find out more about all current discount group cruises being offered.

Group Cruises - Corporate and Meeting Cruises

Group cruise travel is also a great vacation option for large and small corporate groups. What better place to hold your next big business meeting than on a spectacular voyage to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world?! Corporate incentive travel is becoming increasingly popular with companies of all sizes all around the globe, and there is truly no better way to motivate and say thanks to all of your hard-working employees than with something as truly amazing and unforgettable as a group cruise vacation! Most major cruise lines today also offer large, state-of-the-art meeting rooms and conference center facilities completely equipped with everything you would ever need for any type of business meeting, including large conference rooms, projectors, sound systems, computers, and more, so you can be as productive as you want or need to be while you are enjoying your incredible, one-of-a-kind group cruise vacation!

Group Cruises - Family Reunion/Special Occassion

A group cruise is also the perfect place to celebrate a number of other special occasions such as family reunions, weddings, honeymoons, or just a weekend getaway! Group rate cruises offer an array of options and itineraries for families of all sizes and with just about any budget! Like many around the country, your family probably likes to get everyone together at least once a year to do something fun, or maybe its been years since you've all been together and you're looking for that perfect place for the big family reunion. Well, a magnificent modern cruise ship is ideal for any kind of family vacation or gathering. With a wide array of thrilling and rejuvenating onboard activity and entertainment options for people of all ages and with virtually any interest, everyone in your group is certain to have the time of their lives! Whether you are getting together with friends or family, celebrating a birthday or anniversary, honeymoon, or just simply feel like getting away, your own personal group cruise package and itinerary can be individually customized into whatever you want it to be!

Group Cruises - Christmas Group Cruises

What better way to spend the happiest and most magical time of the year than with all your closest family and loved ones aboard a spectacular cruise ship?! Imagine being able to avoid all the hassles of planning holiday get-togethers, last-minute shopping, busy stores, cranky shoppers, and most of all the freezing cold weather! Instead, come aboard a magnificent cruising vessel, and set sail for the warm tropical vacation destination of your dreams. Turn this dream into a reality aboard an incredible Christmas group cruise. In addition to all of their incomparable everyday onboard offerings, ships sailing on Christmas group cruises also provide a number of special planned events such as festive holiday parties and delicious specially prepared meals that everyone in your group will be able to enjoy! Christmas group cruises are offered on virtually every major cruise line at a number of truly amazing deals, and will surely provide your friends and family with a Christmas they will never forget!

Group Cruises - Church Group Cruises

Church group cruises are designed to not only be the physical journey of a lifetime, but a spiritual one as well. Imagine sailing to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, enjoying an immense variety of luxurious onboard features and amenities, all the while reconnecting with faith and and spirituality. A group cruise vacation is the perfect opportunity to sit back, relax, and reflect on the beautiful world that god has given you to live in, as well as all that you have been blessed with in your own life. Church group cruises are available aboard virtually all of today's major cruise lines including Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruises, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, Silversea Cruises, and more. Each individual Christian group cruise is unique, and offers a host of incredible activities from concerts and worship services, to tons of fun in the sun!

Group Cruises - Weddings at Sea

Your wedding day is probably one of the most important and special days that will ever take place in your lifetime, so why should it also be one of the most stressful, Ever consider celebrating your big day aboard a cruise ship? Why not let a knowledgeable travel or cruise professional take care of all the planning and preparations for you, while you simply sit back and enjoy all the luxuries, activities, and amenities that cruising today has to offer. All you have to do is show up! Weddings at sea are a great option for any couple looking for a unique and special way to share their big day with all of their friends and family. Your ceremony can take place at some of the most romantic and beautiful destinations in the world, simply choose the one that suites you and your special someone best. Perhaps a sunset wedding on a lush tropical beach in the Caribbean is what you're looking for, or maybe a romantic ceremony on a hill top in Greece is more your style. From Grand Cayman and St. Thomas, Honolulu and Cozumel, to a storybook ceremony at sea, the options are virtually endless, and it's all up to you! Best of all, you get to make all your decisions stress free! Group Cruises - Why Choose Cruise Network? Since Cruise Network is a major account agency with most of the industry's most popular cruise lines, we are able to help you book as much cabin space as you need! Whether you have a relatively small family or you're planning on taking over the entire ship, we have you covered! From 3, to 5, to 15 cabins or more, no family is too large, and your corporate group or family reunion cruise can also be obtained at some of the best and most competitive group cruise deals in the industry! You can choose between some of the largest and most luxurious cruise ships sailing the high seas today, as well as hundreds of exciting itineraries to some of the most spectacular destinations all around the world including the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, Hawaii, Australia, and even the Antarctic!

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