Holland America Cruise Bahamas

Those searching for an unparalleled, top luxury cruise experience to the Bahamas-or anywhere else for that matter-need look no further than a Holland America Bahamas cruise, where guests are given the royal treatment.

Holland America is considered one of the world's foremost affordable premium cruise lines for the amenities available on each of the twelve luxury liners in Holland America's fleet; their entertainment, accommodations, dining, and activities are all first rate. However, where a Holland America Bahamas cruise really stands apart from the crowd is with its diverse option for shore excursions.

Holland America Cruise Bahamas - Shore Excursions

A Holland America cruise to the Bahamas offers various shore excursions that are bound to make any vacation more memorable. A Holland America Bahamas cruise has different packages available to satisfy the interest of every traveler-from city tours to shopping outings, athletic expeditions to cultural activities.

Holland America's shore excursions are the perfect compliment to the award-winning service and accommodations guests will while sailing the seas onboard a Holland America Bahamas cruise ship.

Holland America Cruise Bahamas - Signature of Excellence

In 2003 Holland America unveiled its "Signature of Excellence," a $255-million initiative significantly raising the already high standard in premium cruising. The initiative oversaw improvements in Holland America's sophisticated five-star dining; gracious, unobtrusive service; extensive enrichment programs and activities, and compelling worldwide itineraries.

The centerpiece of "Signature of Excellence," however, is Holland America's Half Moon Cay, the company's own private port.

Holland America Cruise Bahamas - Half Moon Cay

One of the reasons the Holland America Bahamas cruise offers the best Bahamas cruise experience is simply this: Holland America owns part of the island chain. So dedicated to is Holland America to providing their guests with the best Bahamian experience, they purchased the entire island Half Moon Cay. Half Moon Cay is actually situated on 55 acres of the 2,400-acre isle of Little San Salvador, an international bird sanctuary (only two percent of Little San Salvador is developed).

Half Moon Cay has been rated "Best Private Island" by "Porthole Cruise Magazine for four consecutive years and offers a myriad of different activities

Holland America Cruise Bahamas - What to do on Half Moon Cay

Perhaps nowhere else that Holland America sails offers as diverse options for shore activities. Here's just a sample of what guests aboard a Holland America Bahamas cruise:

-Tour this Bahamian island on one of Holland America's horses, which are specially trained to swim in the ocean.

-Swim with the tame, curious stingrays in Half Moon's 700 acre secluded lagoon.

-Take a guide personal watercraft tour along the Bahamian coastline.

-The Holland America Bahamas cruise is a family friendly premium cruise line. When on Half Moon Cay, take the kids to their own private fun-filled water park.

Holland America Cruise Bahamas - Even More to do!

Holland America Cruise Bahamas is like no other adventure. Look at what else is available on Half Moon:

An aqua-sports center, a fully-equipped Club HAL children's playground, beach chairs, volleyball, shuffleboard, basketball, a network of nature trails and a designated wild bird reserve. Guests can also rent an air-conditioned, private beachfront cabana, have a beachside massage and then enjoy a barbecue.

Plus, there is plenty of room to relax peacefully on the beach!

Holland America Cruise Bahamas & Cruise Network

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